Monday, January 2, 2012

2012-01-02 "Occupy Oakland Labor Focuses on Support for ILWU"

from "Labor Notes":
In response to a call from Occupy Longview (WA), Occupy Oakland is organizing a caravan to go to Longview to support ILWU Local 21 members who are fighting the giant grain corporation EGT for survival of their union and contract.  An EGT grain ship is expected in early-to-mid-January.  ILWU members are committed to prevent it from being loaded at the Longview, WA port. 
Occupy Oakland's Labor Solidarity Committee is recruiting volunteers who are willing to join the caravan whenever the ship arrives.  (There may be as little as 3 days advance notice and a minimum commitment of 3-4 days is required.)  Additional details will be forthcoming.  Anyone interested in participating should contact []. 
Occupy movements in Portland and Seattle are also expected to mobilize for this action.    

Resolution Endorsing Solidarity Caravan to Longview, WA in Support of ILWU Local 21
San Francisco Labor Council Resolution - adopted Dec. 12, 2011:
Whereas, EGT Development, a joint venture of multinational corporations Bunge, Itochu and STX Pan Ocean agreed to hire union Longshoremen when accepting millions in taxpayer funds to build a massive grain exporting terminal at the Port of Longview, and once the terminal was built has tried to void its contract and has refused to hire ILWU labor, and
Whereas, with the use of police and courts and the 220 arrests in the 225 member ILWU Local 21, EGT has managed to get enough grain across ILWU picket lines and into the terminal that EGT appears poised to load a ship soon in violation of their agreement with the Port of Longview, and
Whereas, an ILWU-Local 10-endorsed solidarity caravan of union members and community activists from the Bay Area is being organized to bolster our brothers and sisters of ILWU Local 21 in Longview WA for an emergency mass protest when requested to do so, therefore
Be It Resolved that the San Francisco Labor Council endorses the solidarity caravan, will spread the word about the caravan to its membership and constituency groups, and encourage their participation.
S.F. Labor Council earlier passed a Resolution in Support of ILWU Local 21 in the Struggle Against EGT for Jurisdiction at the Longview Washington Grain Terminal [Sept. 26, 2011]. Click this link for the resolution: []

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