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Science & Futurism

* "Epic Russian-made hoverbike like something out of Star Wars" (2017-02-17, [], photo caption: The bike retails at US$150,000.


* "New method uses heat flow to levitate variety of objects Two UChicago undergraduates lead breakthrough work" (2017-02-14, [], photo caption: UChicago researchers achieved levitation of macroscopic objects between warm and cold plates in a vacuum chamber.


* "Learning how to fine-tune nanofabrication" (2017-02-15, SPX Newswire) []

* "Now you can "build your own" bio-bot" (2017-02-10, []

* "Will androids dream of quantum sheep? CQT researchers find that quantum 'replicants' could be more efficient than classical models" (2017-02-13, []

* "Large groups of individual photons now available on demand – an equivalent of photonic ‘integrated circuit’ " (2017-02-08, []

* "A new technique for creation of entangled photon states developed" (2017-02-14, []

* "Empa-PSU team studies mobility of single molecule; Measuring entropy: A scanning tunneling microscope (STM), used to study changes in the shape of a single molecule at the atomic scale, impacts the ability of that molecule to make these changes; the entropy of the molecule is changed and, in turn, can be measured. The study led by Empa physicists is published in the current issue of 'Nature Communications' " (2017-02-14, [], photo montage caption:
Two weeks of probing a single molecule – with picometer precision -
Images of a single molecule of dibutyl sulfide captured by a scanning tunneling microscope (STM) at temperatures ranging from 5.41 to 16.03 Kelvin (K). As the temperature increases, the molecule changes shape more quickly resulting in an image that captures multiple configurations of the molecule.


* "Zealandia: Study confirms Earth has hidden continent" (2017-02-16, []

* "Scientists want to 'de-extinct' the woolly mammoth" (2017-02-17, []

* "Geneticists reveal how parenting rewires the beetle brain; 'It is exciting science when you take a step toward predicting the genetic changes involved in a behavior as complicated as parental care,' researcher Allen Moore said" (2017-02-14, UPI Newswire) []

* "Would you delete traumatic memories? Scientists have discovered how" (2017-02-19, []

* "New, flexible brain probes to improve long-term neural recording" (2017-02-15, UPI Newswire) []

* "Squishy supercapacitors bathed in green tea could power wearable electronics" (2017-02-15, American Chemical Society, []

* "Is a stretchable smart tablet in our future? " (2017-02-15, []

* "Ant treadmill could be a game changer for mini robots, seriously" (2017-02-18, []

* "50,000yo microbes discovered in Mexican cave" (2017-02-18, []


Space News

* "Possibility of Silicon-Based Life Grows" (2017-02-14, by Charles Q. Choi for Astrobiology Magazine) []
* "Researchers take small step toward silicon-based life" (2016-03-16, []

* "Dwarf planet Ceres could harbor life, NASA mission finds" (2017-02-17, []: NASA’s Dawn mission to the dwarf planet Ceres has discovered evidence of organic material on the mysterious icy world which could be signs of microbial life.
Ceres is the largest object in the asteroid belt and lies between Earth’s closest planetary neighbor, Mars, and gas giant Jupiter. The organic material was detected on the dwarf planet’s northern hemisphere in and around a crater known as Ernunet.
Such organic compounds are, according to NASA, “necessary, though not sufficient, components,” of life on Earth.
Scientists studied data detected by Dawn’s Visual and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer (VIR), making Ceres the latest cosmic body to test positive for organic material, after similar material was found on a number of asteroids and meteorites.
Ceres is seen as a special case because the organic material is thought to be local, meaning it has always been there and has not been deposited by a passing comet or asteroid. “The organics discovery adds to Ceres' attributes associated with ingredients and conditions for life in the distant past,” NASA said in a statement [].
"This is the first clear detection of organic molecules from orbit on a main belt body," said lead study author, Maria Cristina De Sanctis, of Rome’s National Institute of Astrophysics.
“The combined presence on Ceres of ammonia-bearing hydrated minerals, water ice, carbonates, salts, and organic material indicates a very complex chemical environment, suggesting favorable environments to prebiotic chemistry,” the study [], published in the journal Science, says.
“This discovery adds to our understanding of the possible origins of water and organics on Earth,” added Julie Castillo-Rogez, Dawn project scientist based at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.
The scientists believe that Ceres, Jupiter’s moon Europa, Saturn’s moon Enceladus and Mars, could all have the right ingredients for life. Ceres, along with the two gas giant moons, could even have liquid water hiding beneath their rocky exteriors.
These are exciting times for the mission, which reached the ball of rock and ice back in 2015 having previously studied the giant asteroid Vesta [].
On February 23, the spacecraft will take up a new position, orbiting at a distance of 20,000 kilometers, in order to study Ceres with the sun at its back in the hope that the illuminated world will give up more of its secrets.

* "Localized aliphatic organic material on the surface of Ceres" (2017-02-17, []

* "The Banyan trees of Mars: Sir Arthur C. Clarke's minority view" (2001-12, by Nicole Foulke, Popular Science magazine) [], also archived at []
"I'm now convinced that Mars is inhabited by a race of demented landscape gardeners," Sir Arthur C. Clarke announced recently.
The author of 2001: A Space Odyssey was only half-joking. He claims that an image produced by the Mars Global Surveyor satellite shows "large areas of vegetation . . . like banyan trees." Most experts dismiss the idea. But Popular Science loves a free thinker, especially one as talented and charming as Sir Arthur. We questioned him in Sri Lanka via e-mail.
- [Popular Science]: What makes you so confident there is life on Mars?
- [Arthur C. Clarke]: The image is so striking that there is no need to say anything about it -- it's obviously vegetation to any unbiased eye.
- [PS]: What about animal life?
- [AC]: If there is vegetation, it seems probable there are other life-forms as well.
- [PS]: Few experts agree with you.
- [AC]: Remember how a certain Astronomer Royal said that space flight was 'utter bilge'? [Indeed, Richard van der Reit Wooley said so in 1956 -- Ed.] But they are right to be cautious -- we still don't have 100 percent proof. I think it's in the high nineties!
- [PS]: Why are you so passionate about this?
- [AC]: Because nothing could be more important than the discovery of other life-forms. It's getting lonely down here.
Photo caption: Clarke believes plants row in the Red Planet's southern hemisphere

* "A.C. Clarke's Trees" (2001, []
* "Defrosting Polar Dunes - 'They Look Like Bushes!' " (1999-08-10, []

* "A forest on Mars" (2005, by Mirko Elviro) [] [begin excerpt]:
The possibility of existence of life forms on other planets has always charmed men. But only in fairly recent times the means with which we can explore celestial bodies in a scientific manner have become available. Countless probes have been launched toward planets belonging to our solar system, to study their characteristics and to understand if any form of life may have developed on them. Among planets, Mars is still the more studied planet, both for the proximity to the Earth and mainly because it is the most Earth-similar celestial body and maybe it's able to receive any type of living organism.
There's an opinion shared among scientists by now that says that if we'll find life on Mars, it surely won't have an evolutionary stage higher than the one of a bacterium. It's an opinion that has become a dogma with the passing of time, supported even in the presence of photographic documents, still without explanation, that could invalidate it.
It's the case of a photo taken by MOC (Mars Orbiter Camera), a satellite for photographical mapping of Mars that, at latitude -82.02°, longitude 284.38° (near to the Martian south pole) has filmed something totally incredible, but still neglected: it's some form of vegetation on Mars.
The photo number is M0804688 [] (via, full size image [].
Detail of photo M0804688 taken by MOC satellite that depicts the Mars surface (6.79 m/pixel)

As one can see in the image, shapes very similar to big trees (with branches) seen by above are visible.
For example, let's compare the MOC shot with this other photo, that portrays a terrestrial tree: there are really many similarities.

Here's the complete "strip" taken by MOC, that shows plants becoming more and more thick, actually creating a forest. A geological phenomenon vaguely similar to this doesn't quite exists. The high resolution photo is visible by clicking here (259Kb) [].
But then, what is the explanation? The simplest explanation is that some vegetable life forms (perhaps dating back to times when water was abundant on Mars) continue to grow on the planet, probably sinking their roots in a partially frozen water layer and able to bear strong changes in temperature.
In regard to their size, the biggest trees visible in the image have a diameter of about 1 kilometer. It obviously may seem too much, if it's compared with a terrestrial tree. But if we consider that:
1. atmosphere is more rarefied than the terrestrial one
2. gravity is only a third of the one of our planet
3. probably there are no parasites that can attack them
4. it's an alien species, surely unknown to us, with a different metabolism,
then their huge dimensions become more acceptable. Anyway in the photo we can see also more "normal-sized" trees.
Unfortunately no scientist accurately studied this document, because the "official science" says we cannot find trees there. Stop. But the "Martian forest" continue to grow regardless.
Link to the MOC official photo M0804688 (via [] [].
This isn't the only evidence of vegetable life on the red planet, other images taken by MOC exist which show what could be brushes grown among dunes (E05-760, 2001-06-08).

Let's compare it with this satellite photo showing a desertic area of Australia:

In this image of the martian surface we can observe what is resembling a wood seen from above (MOC2-166) []:

Here we see what really seems to be a lake (photo MOC m0901354, 2.75m/pixel) []:

Here too (MOC m0902042) []:

And in these photos too (click to view): e0801033 [], e0900020 [], e0900304 [] (this one at a 3.5 m/pixel resolution).
The following picture was acquired by the Opportunity probe on December, 19 2004 and it needs no comments (to the right there is a zoom of the yellow box). The original photo is visible by clicking HERE [].

Here we have two other meaningful images which show the growth of vegetation on the red planet (MOC m1001442):

Click here for another photo showing vegetation on Mars (646 Kb) [].
It must be noted that unfortunately the Mars Global Surveyor has a camera (MOC) that shows only the red and the blue color, but not the green. It's probably the only camera ever constructed that has this feature, and I leave to your imagination what may be the reason for this technological choice....
Final note: probably not all people know that a certain amount of methane has been found in the Martian atmosphere (it was detected by Mars Express, by NASA's Infrared Telescope Facility in Hawaii, by International Gemini South observatory in Chile, by Mars Express Planetary Fourier Spectrometer (PFS) etc...).
Methane is not a stable molecule in the atmosphere, it vanishes after a few hundred years. Then if it's still present, it must be regenerated in some way. Two are the possibilities: either volcanic activity or bacterial production.
It exists a third hypotesis too: methane may be generated by the impact of a comet on Mars, but nobody found any recent sign of collision on the surface, and anyway it couldn't have produced long-lasting effects.
It's difficult to support the first hypothesis, because the TES on Mars Global Surveyor and the Themis on Mars Odyssey (thermical sensors with a resolution of 100 meters) never detected any volcanic activity on Mars.
Then the second hyphotesis is the most likely, there seems to be some sort of biologic activity on Mars.
UPDATE October, 6th 2006: currently there is the actual possibility to observe forests and lakes in color and with great detail, the proof is the photo taken from orbit by Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter that shows perfectly the Opportunity probe on the red planet surface [], and even the tracks that its wheels left on the sand. At this point one question arises: what is NASA waiting for before taking pictures of the most interesting zones and finally solving some mysteries?

* " 'Trees' on Mars?" (by S. Holland) []

* Mars Global Surveyor pictures:
- M0804688 [], photo []

- M0804874 [], photo [], closeup A [], B []
- M0401220 [], photo [], closeup A [], B []
- E0500762 [], photo [], closeup C [], D []
- M0801095 [], photo [], closeup A [], B []
- M0804580 [], photo [], closeup []
- M0902042 [], photo [], closeup A [], B []
- M053408 [], photo [], closeup A [], B []
- M008405 [], photo [], closeup A [], B [], C []
- M0307336 [], photo [], closeup A [], B [], C []
- M0701643 [], photo [], closeup A [], B [], C []
- M09-01354 [], photo []
- M0305635 [], photo []
- M0402115 [], photo []
- M1000205 [], photo []
- M1001442 (via [], photo []; (via [], photo []:

* Comparison chart showing growth within 9 months during the transition form winter to summer on Mars:

* comment (2004-11-10): has lots of images, mainly (as the name suggests) of features with a "spidery" appearance, but also a lot which I would classify as "tree-like", as well as "dalmatian dunes".
There are some interesting things in there, for instance [], if you didn't know better you might swear that this was a tree-lined highway and railway line running along the side of a lake studded with small islands. And [], don't those look like piers sticking out into a harbour?

But I don't think anybody is saying that there are actual Banyan trees on Mars, similar, if not identical to, the Banyans of Earth. I think practically everybody realises that Mars is too cold for that. The claim is that tree-like appearance is evidence of tree-like growth, which suggests (but does not prove conclusively) that the phenomenon is biological in nature.
And before anyone starts accusing, no I'm not saying that there are actual highways or railway lines or docks on Mars. Only that there are a lot of very strange phenomena, and we have only just begun to scratch the surface. There was once a site (I think it was which did claim that the things which look like lakes in the middle of forests really are lakes in the middle of forests, and that furthermore the lakes are connected together by building-lined channels. The site seems to have gone now, which is unfortunate because it had a lot of the best "forest-like" images all together in one place, as well as lots of other interesting anomalies.

Don't humans naturally see what we are accustomed to recognizing?
* "Life-on-Mars, the smoking gun: Herd life forms", posted at [], photo montage [], showing geological formations in patterns resembling the herding activity of animals from Earth, posted as part of a trolling effort to help researchers recognize their own bias when seeing the "Forests of Mars".

Aren't the "lakes" really elevated plateaus called mesas?
* "Happy Valentine's Day From Mars!" (2000-02-11, Mars Global Surveyor, Malin Space Science Systems, []
Happy St. Valentine's Day from the Red Planet! The Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) captured this unique view of a bright, heart-shaped mesa in the south polar region on November 26, 1999. This feature is located in the Promethei Rupes region near 79.6°S, 298.3°W. Sunlight illuminates the scene from the lower left. The heart is about 255 meters (279 yards) across. The presence of this mesa indicates that the darker, rough terrain that surrounds it was once covered by a layer of the bright material.
Earlier in 1999, MGS MOC saw another valentine heart, but instead of a mesa, the feature was expressed as a pit.
If the heart looks to you like it is a pit (negative relief) rather than a mesa (positive relief), that is because there are two effects that make this a challenging object to see. Sunlight illuminates the heart from the lower left, thus the lower left wall of the heart looks bright because it is reflecting this sunlight. The problem here is frost. Some very small amounts of residual frost are seen on the slopes facing away from the sunlight (toward the lower right and toward the top). MOC images in the martian polar regions can sometimes fool the eye because a frosted slope might at first glance seem to be a sunlit slope. This picture was taken in late southern spring in a region that spends each winter and most of each spring completely buried in bright frost.

* " 'Happy Face' Crater Greets MGS at the Start of the Mapping Mission" (1999-03-11, []


* " ‘Are We Alone in the Universe?’ Churchill’s lost essay on alien life uncovered" (2017-02-16, []

* "Astronomers Propose a Cell Phone Search for Galactic Fast Radio Bursts" (2017-02-14, []

* "NASA to reveal new discovery 'from beyond our solar system' " (2017-02-21, []


Ancient News

* "Study rewrites early history of corn in corn country" (2017-02-14, []

* "A ‘Stonehenge,’ and a Mystery, in the Amazon" (2016-12-14, [], photo caption: Lailson Camelo da Silva, the caretaker of Amapá’s megalithic observatory.


* "Ancient jars reveal Earth's magnetic field is fluctuating, not diminishing; According to new evidence presented by Tel Aviv University, Hebrew U. and UC San Diego researchers, geomagnetic force "spiked" in 8th century BCE" (2017-02-14, []

* "Aztec ‘Black Death’ may have been caused by salmonella – research" (2017-02-17, []

* "Empire of Tolerance", book review for "GENGHIS KHAN AND THE QUEST FOR GOD: How the World’s Greatest Conqueror Gave Us Religious Freedom" (2016-12-09, [], illustration caption: Genghis Khan seated on his throne with his wife, as depicted in a 15th-century Persian work.


* "Students brew beer using 5,000-year-old recipe from China" (2017-02-08, UPI Newswire) []

* "Baltic hunter-gatherers adopted farming without influence of mass migration, ancient DNA suggests; Ancient DNA analyses show that – unlike elsewhere in Europe – farmers from the Near East did not overtake hunter-gatherer populations in the Baltic. The findings also suggest that the Balto-Slavic branch of the Indo-European language family originated in the Steppe grasslands of the East" (2017-02-02, []


Miscellany & Errata

* "Brain tumor triggers visions of Virgin Mary & hyper-religiosity for Spanish woman" (2017-02-17, []

* "US Navy confirms Trident II test off California coast, puts end to ‘UFO glow’ speculations" (2017-02-15, []

The Far Side of the Moon -
- The first photo is from the 1994 Clementine 1 Mission (Naval Research Lab - DOD - NASA - JPL) [] []
- The 2nd photo is from the 1972 Apollo 16 Mission (NASA - JPL - NSSDC) [] []

The two photos are presented in a set [] [] [] attached to an article documenting the discrepancies [].



* "The Idealist View of Consciousness After Death" (2017-02-08, []

* "Navigating Your States of Consciousness" (2017-02-08, []

* "Honeybees love to ‘whoop’: Scientists discover vibrational signal is expression of surprise" (2017-02-14, []

* "Enormous pit of melting carbon the size of Mexico discovered under US" (2017-02-14, []


Feb. 23rd, 2017, Northbay Uprising Radio News

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* "No DAPL! Sonoma Solidarity with Standing Rock Calls for Day of Action February 24" (2017-02-14, nativeresistance@)
Sonoma Solidarity with Standing Rock is calling for a mass action at SPO Partners in Mill Valley, CA on Friday, Feb. 24 from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM. See The Sonoma Solidarity group continues to hear reports of escalating, unrelenting police brutality.
On 11/29/2016, the Guardian reported: “A litany of munitions, including water cannons, combined with ambiguous government leadership and misleading police statements, have resulted in mass arrests, serious injuries and a deeply sown atmosphere of fear and distrust on the banks of the Missouri river … “They seem to have almost an infinite arsenal of different types of weapons,” said Rachel Lederman, attorney for the National Lawyers Guild (NLG). “I don’t think local law enforcement understands how dangerous they are.” … Police have acknowledged using sponge rounds, bean bag rounds, stinger rounds, teargas grenades, pepper spray, Mace, Tasers and a sound weapon. The explosive teargas grenades in use at Standing Rock have been banned by some US law enforcement agencies because they indiscriminately spray people … North Dakota law enforcement officials have released misleading or blatantly inaccurate statements about protest actions while using charged language to paint peaceful demonstrators as violent threats to public safety … Studies have also found that police kill Native Americans at higher rates than any other racial group … Police violence against Standing Rock protesters in North Dakota has risen to extraordinary levels, and activists and observers fear that … the worst is yet to come.”
On December 4, when an estimated 2000 veterans arrived at Standing Rock to act as a human shield for the Water Protectors, the Army Corps of Engineers publicly announced they would conduct an environmental impact statement (EIS), thus appearing to give in to public pressure. This tactic averted a potential nationwide PR bonfire if law enforcement were to attack veterans defending Native Americans. It also turned out to be a setback, as this tactic also caused many to think the fight was over, that the battle was won. Many who were following the events at Standing Rock stopped paying attention, including mainstream media. Meanwhile, police brutality has intensified. But this is nothing new to Native Americans, who have endured this and worse for centuries. Under the new administration, it is likely that government-sanctioned genocidal acts will escalate. Worse, incoming allies who are militant, aggressive individuals are often not at all aware or committed to Standing Rock’s peaceful, non-violent protest, and will likely escalate any confrontation. We fear an even worse tragedy is looming, now that the easement has been granted and drilling has begun again. DAPL is going ahead without the EIS, even though that is illegal.
“We have picked SPO Partners as our target because they are the largest investor in Oasis Petroleum, that is one of nine companies supplying oil to DAPL. We will inform SPO Partners that this pipeline is part of a long-term policy of genocide against the Lakota people at Standing Rock. Energy Transfer Partners has already destroyed Standing Rock sacred sites and more will be destroyed if the pipeline is completed. And if the pipeline is ever started, it endangers the water supply (by oil spills) of the Standing Rock tribe by going under the Missouri River and Lake Oahe. Without water, the people will perish. This is genocide.” – Patrick O'Connell, Civil Resistance Works
Just as tensions at Standing Rock are escalating, passionate local support for Standing Rock is flourishing. To name just two examples: On Nov. 6, 2016, 688 people clicked via the Facebook event page to indicate they were attending a Standing Rock benefit, and another 1200 clicked to express interest in the event. On January 29, due to Trump and the devastating changes he is making, thousands flocked to the Northbay Community Engagement Fair in Sonoma County, which brought together potential volunteers with a wide variety of community and activist organizations. The conference space was packed and abuzz with activity all day. Our group alone received a prodigious 427 sign- ups on our mailing list for updates on Standing Rock and upcoming actions.
In a related Jan. 30, 2017 article, Fortune Magazine advised investors to steer clear of the KXL: “Public opposition to the project is so vast as to guarantee interminable litigation and the sort of costly headline civil disobedience that has worked so effectively against completion of the similarly financially rickety Dakota Access Pipeline.” We plan to continue to grow this movement to resist DAPL and fossil fuel infrastructure which imperils us all. [] [] [sonoma.solidarity@)]

* "Vallejo Community Townhall – Environmental & Economic Justice" event page []:
Vallejo community town hall: Rally with neighbors fighting the Orcem cement plant. Hear from local/regional organizations on how to protect ourselves from asthma and cancer, save the environment and Save Sperry Mill. Breakout sessions and community Q&A.
Confirmed speakers: Fresh Air Vallejo, Voices of Vallejo, Napa2050, Stop Syar Expansion, CA Assembly District 14 Delegates Hakeem Brown and Morgan Hannigan, Diaz & Loera Centro Latino, Mare Island Preserve, Migrante International (Global alliance of Overseas Filipino Workers and their families); and representatives from the Public Health Club at Touro University California, Pediatrics Club at Touro University California, American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians at Touro University California, and California Health Professional Student Alliance at Touro University California.
Co-hosts Fresh Air Vallejo & Voices of Vallejo will outline what to expect from the City of Vallejo hearing process.
#VisitVallejo #Greenwashing #NoCementVallejo #EnvironmentalRacism


Black Power! Revive the Community! Defend the Nation!
National News [] [] []

* (2017-02-18, BRLP) []:
All comrades and supporters - Please Donate Funds to the Movement - Support the Newspaper - click - []
BLACK RIDERS-New Generation Black Panther Party for Self-Defense! Black Power! All Power to the People! RBG 4 LIFE! Join Now! Please share this! To join, inbox or email us at [blackriders1996@)]

* (2017-02-15) [], photos [] []: Chairwoman Krystal Muhammad of the N.B.P.P. for Self-Defense meets up with... Black Riders in Los Angeles... General T.A.C.O., Minister of Justice Khalifa, Sgt. E.J. - It is TIME for all Panther Formations to Unite! Black Power! All Power to the People! RBG 4 LIFE!


Is this Black Power? Naw, it's snitch power for the Ku Klux Klan!
* "Blacks For Trump getting an early start; media tried hard to ignore group’s fantastic force at Florida rally" (2017-02-19, []

* " ‘Blacks for Trump’: Meet the serial criminal and conspiracy theorist Trump uses to manufacture racial diversity at rallies" (2017-02-19, []

* "The ‘Blacks for Trump’ Guy Is a Former Member of a Murderous Cult Who Thinks Obama Is the Devil" (2016-10-26, []

* Blacks For Trump homepages include ( [], ( [], and ( []. Their Leader is Maurice Symonette, referred to as "Boss".

* "About Maurice Symonette" (retrieved 2017-02-19, []
* Maurice's flyer []
* "Maurice Symonette: President of Boss Group Ministries, non-profit organization management" (retrieved 2017-02-19, []
Hi, I'm Maurice Symonette. Welcome to my profile!
MAURICE SYMONETTE'S BIO: I Throw parties every sunday for the community. Manage a non-Profit Organization called Boss Group Ministries.
MAURICE SYMONETTE'S INTERESTS & ACTIVITIES: Throwing the party. Going to events.
* Fliers for the Sunday Free Jet Ski Party [] [] [] [] []
* "Full Gospel Of Christ Fellowship Inc, Boss Group Ministries Inc in Miami, Florida (FL)" (2017-02-19, []
* "BOSS GROUP MINISTRIES, INC" (retrieved 2017-02-19, []
* Boss Group Ministries operates out of a "murder house". "Cops frustrated by '400 uncooperative guests' in hunt for house party shooter" (2016-03-21, [], more information on the incident [] []
* "Boss Group Ministries, Miami, FL" (2016-08-04, []:
On August 1, 2016, an agent from this office confirmed by direction finding techniques that radio signals on frequency 102.3 MHz were emanating from a residence in Miami, Florida
* Court documents and legal troubles (retrieved 2017-02-19, []

* "Tea Partiers Heart Black People" (2010-09-13, [] [begin excerpt]: A bunch of African-American guys from Boss Group Ministries had come up from Florida and were handing out flyers that said, "SAVE BLACK PEOPLE FROM DEMOCRATS WHO STARTED THE KKK." The flyers reminded readers in very small print that the late Sen. Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.), who endorsed Obama, had been the Grand Cyclops of the KKK. The men were wearing "God's Tea Party is Not Racist" T-shirts, but the tea partiers were still eyeing them as if they might well be those nasty New Black Panthers Glenn Beck warned might be around to cause big-time trouble. To be sure, one guy in aviator sunglasses and Afro did look like a vintage 1970's black nationalist. But once people saw "KKK" and "Democrats" in the same sentence, they warmed up to him. He told me he was there because the tea party wasn't racist and because his group just wanted to see black and white people come together. And what better place to do that than a big tea party rally in DC? [end excerpt]

* "Yahweh ben Yahweh vindicated" (retrieved 2017-02-19, [], attached video []: Maurice/Michael explains Yahweh Ben Yahweh is Innocent and was Persecuted by Arab, East Indian, Ishmaelites. & U.S. Prosecutor Richard Shruggs was an Ishmaelite Arab Jew who Prosecuted Yahweh Ben Caiaphas was an Ishmaelite Arab Jew who Prosecuted Jesus Christ (Matthew 26:57). The Ishmaelites have always been the Persecutors of the Black Man and the White Man. Every President and Leader of America that was assassinated Black or White was Assassinated by an Arab, East Indian Ishmaelite google this. Oswald or Castro who were both East Indian or Arabs from the West INDIAN Islands are called Coolies. The guys who shot Martin Luther King & Malcom X.... were all Arab, East Indian (Ishmaelites). Egyptian Slave Masters were Ishmaelites and Canaanites called the Hyksos over the Black Hebrews up until this day Psalms 83:1-6. PS US prosecutor Richard Scruggs was found guilty of Purgery and Fraud for prosecuting Black leaders in Miami.


Documenting human-rights abuse by domestic security agencies
[] [] [] []

* "Alabama church wants to set up its own police" (2017-02-17, [] [begin excerpt]:
A request by a Birmingham church to establish its own police force has advanced through the Public Safety Committee of the Alabama legislature. Some lawmakers are concerned about what they call a potentially dangerous precedent.
The Briarwood Presbyterian Church requested to establish its own police department in order to “create a safer campus in a fallen world,” WBMA reported []. The church has a campus in Jefferson County and runs a high school in Shelby County.
Representative Arnold Mooney (R-Shelby County) has sponsored the bill (.pdf) [] that would allow Briarwood to create its own police department. The House Public Safety Committee approved it on Wednesday.
Some Democratic lawmakers were alarmed by what they said was an unprecedented proposal.
“What do we do when other church affiliates come and ask for the same thing?” Representative Mary Moore (D-Birmingham) asked during the committee debate on Wednesday. “They're not a college. They're a church and they're a church asking for police jurisdiction.”
Representative Connie Rowe (R- Jasper), a former police chief who supports the bill, said she would be open to requests from other churches.
“They will conduct their own investigations,” she told Moore on Wednesday, according to WBMA. “They will conduct their own security. They will make their own arrests and – instead of calling on the local law enforcement agency to take over the particular situation they're trying to control, they will do that themselves. All they will utilize from their other law enforcement agencies is their lock-up facilities.”
“Who do the officers answer to?” asked Rep. Chris England (D- Tuscaloosa). To the church leadership, he was told. [end excerpt]

* "Taser’s new AI-powered body cams can recognize everyone" (2017-02-18, [] [begin excerpt]:
Half of all US adults are already on an unregulated law enforcement facial recognition database without even knowing it, and soon, police will be able to search through thousands of hours of footage in minutes to find anyone or anything.
Following its acquisition of tech start-ups Misfit and Dextro, Taser announced last week that it was launching an AI division named Axon AI. Its aim is to help manage and improve its cloud storage site, which houses US law enforcement body cam footage, while also developing the Axon AI platform. [...]
Now under one roof at Axon, the combined team will develop machine learning algorithms that parse footage both in real time and retrospectively while also capable of discerning objects, individual people, and actions such as a traffic stop or a foot chase. All footage can be tagged, classified and then searched when needed. [end excerpt]

Fascinating how ideology trumps security in the USA...
* "British Muslim math teacher removed from US-bound flight & dumped in Iceland" (2017-02-21, []

* "US Intelligence Community starts to revolt against Trump – report; The US intelligence community has “ample grounds for concern” about an ability of the White House to keep secrets" (2017-02-14, []
* "CNN admits existence of ‘War on Trump’, declares victory after Flynn resignation" (2017-02-14, []


NORTHBAY COPWATCH International Security Agencies, the Five-Eyes, and transnational partners

* "Merkel ‘presumed’ Berlin didn’t spy on allies, she tells investigators of German surveillance" (2017-02-17, []

* "4,000 police for 1,500 protesters: Anti-NATO activists rally at Munich Security Conference" (2017-02-18, [], attached video []

* "Italian senators mull making ‘fake news’ a crime punishable by fines & jail" (2017-02-18, [] [begin excerpt]:
A cross-party bill in the Italian Senate proposes heavy fines and even jail time for individuals or media outlets who “undermine” democracy and publish “false, exaggerated or biased” news online and refuse to amend copy within 24 hours.
“There have always been 'fake news' or hoaxes, but they have never been spread at the rate we see today. Because of this, it is no longer possible to put off the debate,” said a statement prefacing the legislation, submitted by Adele Gambaro, a member of the small centrist Liberal Popular Alliance, whose initiative has the support of the bigger parties.
Ordinary ‘fake news’ reporting would merit a fine of €5,000 ($5,300), while “hate campaigns against individuals” or stories “aimed at undermining the democratic process” could result in €10,000 ($10,614) penalties. News items that would “cause alarm to the public” or “damage the public interest” will be punishable by up to one year in jail.
Traditional media outlets – newspapers and TV – would be exempt from the legislation. [end excerpt]


articles recommended by the 
Campaigns, info, and more []. Science []. []

* "Tell the City of San Francisco to Stop Killing California Red-Legged Frogs" (2017-02-16, Michael Starkey, Save The Frogs):
Today we need your help to speak up for and protect California's State Amphibian: The California Red-Legged Frog!
The San Francisco Board of Supervisors recently took actions to approve a long term management plan that includes spending taxpayer dollars to drain the Sharp Park Wetlands. The City of San Francisco has a documented history of harming, killing and harassing federally protected California Red-Legged Frogs (Rana draytonii) when they drain this rare wetland ecosystem. Their reason to drain the wetlands: to create dry land for a money-losing golf course.
SAVE THE FROGS! partners have appealed the Board's actions and an appeal hearing will take place February 28th, 2017. Click here (.pdf) [] to see the letter submitted to the SF Board of Supervisors by SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger on February 15th, 2017. Right now we need your help to ensure the City knows there is widespread opposition to their frog-killing plans.
Please email the SF Board of Supervisors today and tell them you oppose the proposed Significant Natural Resource Areas Management Plan until and unless the Sharp Park Golf Course redevelopment is removed from the plan! You can use the sample email below.
Sample Email (Please sign your name at the bottom of it):
Subject: Please protect wetlands and reject any SNRAMP that includes golf course redevelopment -
Dear San Francisco Board of Supervisors:
I am writing to urge you to reject the Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) for the proposed Significant Natural Resource Areas Management Plan (SNRAMP), unless and until the Sharp Park Golf Course redevelopment is removed from the plan. The vast majority of California's wetlands have been drained, degraded and destroyed. Sharp Park is home to federally protected, endangered California Red-Legged Frogs (Rana draytonii), California's official state amphibian. The Board of Supervisors should work to protect, rather than to kill, harm and harass these frogs, which is what happens when the City pumps the Sharp Park Wetlands out to sea, causing the frogs' egg masses to be stranded on dry land. I wholeheartedly oppose any usage of taxpayer funds that results in the destruction of rare wetland ecosystems or the degradation of important wildlife habitat. Using taxpayer dollars to drain wetlands for non-essential purposes is thoroughly unethical. As such, I again request that you not approve any version of a Significant Natural Resource Areas Management Plan that condones or funds such activities. Please see for more info, and remember that there are over 1,000 other golf courses in California.


* " 'Strange black soot' blankets Nigeria's oil hub" (2017-02-14, AFP Newswire) []


articles recommended by the 
NO NUKES! campaign
[] [] [] []; National Radiation Map [], depicting environmental radiation levels across the USA, updated in real time every minute.

* "Pentagon Admits It Used Depleted Uranium Munitions in Syria" (2017-02-17, []
* "US Pentagon confirms it used depleted uranium in Syria; Depleted uranium munitions have been criticised for posing health risks to soldiers who fire them and to civilian populations" (2017-02-16, []
* "Pentagon confirms its forces used depleted uranium in Syria, Iraq" (2017-02-15, []
* "Pentagon confirms usage of projectiles with depleted uranium in Syria; The Central Command of the US Armed Forces has confirmed the fact of usage of ammunition with depleted uranium during military operations in Syria" (2017-02-17, []
* "US admits using toxic depleted uranium against ISIS in Syria" (2017-02-14, [], attached video []
* "The United States Used Depleted Uranium in Syria; The airstrikes on oil trucks in Islamic State-controlled areas employed the toxic material, which has been accused of causing cancer and birth defects" (2017-02-14, []


articles recommended by the 
[] []

* "Newly engineered material can cool roofs, structures with zero energy consumption" (2017-02-09, []

* "Scientists use soybean to make world’s strongest material graphene" (2017-02-17, []

* "Academics build ultimate solar-powered water purifier; The device could aid people lacking drinking water and those affected by natural disasters" (2017-01-30, []

* "100% renewable energy sources require overcapacity; To switch electricity supply from nuclear to wind and solar power is not so simple" (2017-01-24, []

* "Printable solar cells just got a little closer" (2017-02-16, []

* "Just Press Print: 3-D Printing At Home Saves Cash" (2017-02-13, []

* "Four-Stroke Engine Cycle Produces Hydrogen from Methane and Captures CO2" (2017-02, [] [begin excerpt]: When is an internal combustion engine not an internal combustion engine? When it’s been transformed into a modular reforming reactor that could make hydrogen available to power fuel cells wherever there’s a natural gas supply available.
By adding a catalyst, a hydrogen separating membrane and carbon dioxide sorbent to the century-old four-stroke engine cycle, researchers have demonstrated a laboratory-scale hydrogen reforming system that produces the green fuel at relatively low temperature in a process that can be scaled up or down to meet specific needs. The process could provide hydrogen at the point of use for residential fuel cells or neighborhood power plants, electricity and power production in natural-gas powered vehicles, fueling of municipal buses or other hydrogen-based vehicles, and supplementing intermittent renewable energy sources such as photovoltaics.
Known as the CO2/H2 Active Membrane Piston (CHAMP) reactor, the device operates at temperatures much lower than conventional steam reforming processes, consumes substantially less water and could also operate on other fuels such as methanol or bio-derived feedstock. It also captures and concentrates carbon dioxide emissions, a by-product that now lacks a secondary use – though that could change in the future. [end excerpt]

* "Michigan meets renewable energy targets" (2017-02-16, UPI Newswire) []



* "This Week in Psychedelics" (2017-02-03, []


Documenting the process of fascism and for whom it benefits. [[] []

The private bureaucracies use other people's money to invest into schemes that are independent of those who have deposited their money with these bureaucracies...
* "Multi-billion dollar investors urge bankers to divest from #DAPL" (2017-02-18, [] [begin excerpt]:
More than 120 investors with over $650 billion in assets in banks financing the Dakota Access Pipeline have called on the financial institutes to support the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s call to have the pipeline rerouted from Native American land.
Citigroup, Wells Fargo, SunTrust Bank and BNP Paribas are among the 17 banks targeted in a letter signed by pension funds, asset management companies, and organizations.
The signatories have a total of $653 billion in assets under their control. [end excerpt]

President Donald Trump's regime -

* "Constitutional crisis and the specter of American authoritarianism; What if Donald Trump really starts to act like a populist, spitting on the procedural formalities and deciding to end the constitutional crisis by addressing himself directly to the people, relying on the law enforcement agencies?" (2017-02-15, by Dmitry Drobnitsky, translated by Alice Decker) []

* " ‘Trump runs US like large corporation’ – Russian participant of intl meeting with Trump to RT" (2017-02-21, []

* "President Trump taps General H.R. McMaster as national security adviser" (2017-02-20, [] [begin excerpt]: President Donald Trump has selected General HR McMaster as his National Security Adviser. Trump has also selected Keith Kellogg as his chief of staff for the National Security Council. Kellogg was serving as acting adviser.
Trump made the announcement during a brief press conference on Monday in Florida, calling McMaster “a man of tremendous talent and tremendous experience.”
The White House said Trump had been considering several candidates for the position since Gen. Michael Flynn resigned from the post last Tuesday over a scandal concerning phone conversations with the Russian ambassador. Among the candidates were Kellogg; former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton; McMaster; and the superintendent of West Point, Lt. Gen. Robert Caslen.
“I'm grateful to you for that opportunity, and I look forward to joining the national security team and doing everything that I can to advance and protect the interests of the American people," McMaster said at President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort on Monday.
The national security adviser is an independent aide to the president and, as such, does not require confirmation by the US Senate. McMaster will be expected to attend National Security Council meetings along with the heads of the State Department, the Department of Defense and key security agencies.
Gen. McMaster is a currently serving career Army officer. He served in the Persian Gulf War and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and has the nickname, “The Iconoclast General.”
In 1997, McMaster wrote a book entitled “Dereliction of Duty,” which was critical of military officers in the Vietnam War for not challenging President Lyndon Johnson and Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara over the White House’s Vietnam strategy. It was considered a seminal book on the principle of military responsibility to confront civilian bosses when a war strategy isn’t working. [end excerpt]
Photo: General HR McMaster.

* "Dictators get started by suppressing media: McCain blasts Trump’s war on press" (2017-02-19, []
* " ‘Without MSM fake news filter’: Trump briefs Florida rally on US security, NATO & Syria safe zones" (2017-02-19, [], photo caption: U.S. President Donald Trump at Orlando Melbourne International Airport in Melbourne, Florida, U.S. February 18, 2017.

* "US delegation ushers out media as Tillerson starts talking to Lavrov at G20" (2017-02-16, []
* "A Jewish Reporter Got to Ask Trump a Question. It Didn’t Go Well" (2017-02-17, [] [begin excerpt]:
Jake Turx is a newly minted White House correspondent for a publication that has never before had a seat in the White House press corps: Ami Magazine, an Orthodox Jewish weekly based in Brooklyn. He is a singular presence in the briefing room: a young Hasidic Jew with side curls tucked behind his ears and a skullcap embroidered with his Twitter handle.
When President Trump called on him at a news conference on Thursday, saying he was looking for a “friendly reporter,” Mr. Turx was prepared. He had spent an hour crafting a question about a recent surge of anti-Semitism, with a preamble that he hoped would convey his supportive disposition toward Mr. Trump.
But the exchange did not go the way he expected.
His editor, Rabbi Yitzchok Frankfurter, watched aghast from the magazine’s offices as his young correspondent received a tongue-lashing from the president: “It was a very disheartening moment for us, to watch him being berated.”
The exchange began with Mr. Turx standing up from his third-row seat and gesturing slightly toward his fellow reporters:
“Despite what some of my colleagues may have been reporting, I haven’t seen anybody in my community accuse either yourself or anyone on your staff of being anti-Semitic. We understand that you have Jewish grandchildren. You are their zayde,” which is Yiddish for “grandfather” and often a word of great affection.
At that Mr. Trump nodded slightly, and said, “thank you.”
“However,” Mr. Turx continued, “what we are concerned about and what we haven’t really heard being addressed is an uptick in anti-Semitism and how the government is planning to take care of it. There’s been a report out that 48 bomb threats have been made against Jewish centers all across the country in the last couple of weeks. There are people committing anti-Semitic acts or threatening to——”
At that, Mr. Trump interrupted, saying it was “not a fair question.”
“Sit down,” the president commanded. “I understand the rest of your question.”
As Mr. Turx took his seat, Mr. Trump said, “So here’s the story, folks. No. 1, I am the least anti-Semitic person that you’ve ever seen in your entire life. No. 2, racism, the least racist person.”
Mr. Turx tried to interject, realizing how the encounter had turned. He said he had wanted to clarify that he in no way meant to accuse Mr. Trump of anti-Semitism but instead intended to ask what his administration could do to stop the anti-Semitic incidents.
But Mr. Trump would not let him speak again, saying, “Quiet, quiet, quiet.” As Mr. Turx shook his head with an incredulous look on his face, Mr. Trump accused him of having lied that his question would be straight and simple.
Mr. Trump said, “I find it repulsive. I hate even the question because people that know me. …”
He went on to say that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, during his visit to the United States on Wednesday, had vouched for Mr. Trump as a good friend of Israel and the Jewish people and no anti-Semite.
Mr. Trump concluded that Mr. Turx should have relied on Mr. Netanyahu’s endorsement, “instead of having to get up and ask a very insulting question like that.”
“Just shows you about the press, but that’s the way the press is,” Mr. Trump said.
At the news conference, Mr. Turx was referring to a rash of incidents that have shaken many American Jews since Mr. Trump was elected. On three separate days in January, Jewish synagogues, community centers and schools across the country received what seemed to be a coordinated wave of telephone bomb threats that led to evacuations and F.B.I. investigations. Other Jewish institutions have seen an uptick in vandalism and graffiti in the last few months.
It was the second time in two days that Mr. Trump was asked to denounce anti-Semitism and offer American Jews a dose of reassurance. In his joint news conference with Mr. Netanyahu, Mr. Trump responded to a question about anti-Semitism by breezily recounting the size of his Electoral College victory and then reminding the reporters that his daughter, Ivanka, his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and their three children — Mr. Trump’s grandchildren — are all Jewish.
The Anti-Defamation League issued a statement on Thursday that said, “It is mind-boggling why President Trump prefers to shout down a reporter or brush this off as a political distraction.” [end excerpt]
How our favorite human being replied to a reporter's question regarding the White House's plan to address the increase in anti-Semitic hate crimes since the beginning of this administration:
"See he said he was going to ask a very simple question and it's not. It's not a simple or fair question. Sit down, I understand the rest of your question. So here's the story folks, number one, I'm the least anti-Semitic person you've ever seen in your entire life. Number two, racism, the least racist person. In fact we did very well relative to other people running as a Republican. (To reporter, trying to ask follow-up) Quiet, quiet, quiet.
"See he lied that he'd get up and ask a very simple question, so you know, welcome to the world of the media. Let me tell you something, that I hate the charge, I find it repulsive, because people that know me - and you heard Prime Minister Betanyahu (sic) yesterday. Did you hear him? Bibi. 'I've known Donald Trump for a long time,' and he said, 'Forget it.' So you should take that before you get up and ask a very insulting question like that."

* "Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos triggers social media backlash after ‘defending’ pedophilia" (2017-02-20, []
* "Breitbart editor's pedophilia comments cost him book deal, CPAC speaking slot" (2017-02-21, []

* "Potential Conflicts Around the Globe for Trump, the Businessman President" (2016-11-26, [] [begin excerpt]:
On Thanksgiving Day, a Philippine developer named Jose E. B. Antonio hosted a company anniversary bash at one of Manila’s poshest hotels. He had much to be thankful for.
In October, he had quietly been named a special envoy to the United States by the Philippine president, Rodrigo Duterte. Mr. Antonio was nearly finished building a $150 million tower in Manila’s financial district — a 57-story symbol of affluence and capitalism, which bluntly promotes itself with the slogan “Live Above the Rest.” And now his partner on the project, Donald J. Trump, had just been elected president of the United States.
After the election, Mr. Antonio flew to New York for a private meeting at Trump Tower with the president-elect’s children, who have been involved in the Manila project from the beginning, as have Mr. Antonio’s children. The Trumps and Antonios have other ventures in the works, including Trump-branded resorts in the Philippines, Mr. Antonio’s son Robbie Antonio said. [...]
Mr. Antonio’s combination of jobs — he is a business partner with Mr. Trump, while also representing the Philippines in its relationship with the United States and the president-elect — is hardly inconsequential, given some of the weighty issues on the diplomatic table. [end excerpt]
Map caption: The Trump Brand - Around the World Donald J. Trump has business interests in at least 20 countries, in addition to extensive hotel and real estate holdings in the United States, according to an analysis of his financial disclosure report. Each dot represents a city where he has at least one enterprise.

"Indian Business Partners Hope to Exploit Their Ties to Donald Trump" (2016-11-20, []

* "Trump family’s elaborate lifestyle is a ‘logistical nightmare’ — at taxpayer expense" (2017-02-16, []
* (2017-02-17, []:
At this pace, the Trumps are on track to waste $1.2 BILLION in four years on off-site travel and housing. In contrast, Obama-related travel expenses totaled just $97 million over EIGHT YEARS.

* "In Scotland, Trump Built a Wall. Then He Sent Residents the Bill" (2016-11-25, [] [begin excerpt]: President-elect Donald J. Trump has already built a wall — not on the border with Mexico, but on the border of his exclusive golf course in northeastern Scotland, blocking the sea view of local residents who refused to sell their homes.
And then he sent them the bill. [...]
As many Americans are trying to figure out what kind of president they have just elected, the people of Balmedie, a small village outside the once oil-rich city of Aberdeen, say they have a pretty good idea. In the 10 years since Mr. Trump first visited, vowing to build “the world’s greatest golf course” on an environmentally protected site featuring 4,000-year-old sand dunes, they have seen him lash out at anyone standing in his way. They say they watched him win public support for his golf course with grand promises, then watched him break them one by one.
A promised $1.25 billion investment has shrunk to what his opponents say is at most $50 million. Six thousand jobs have dwindled to 95. Two golf courses to one. An eight-story, 450-room luxury hotel never materialized, nor did 950 time-share apartments. Instead, an existing manor house was converted into a 16-room boutique hotel. Trump International Golf Links, which opened in 2012, lost $1.36 million last year, according to public accounts. [end excerpt]
* "Tiny Snail Defeats Donald Trump in Battle Over Irish Sea Wall" (2016-12-07, []

* "Top intel officials say allegations of Trump campaign link to Russia 'complete garbage' – Priebus" (2017-02-19, []


USA FASCISM: Military State

* "US Army loses drone worth $1. 5 million during tests; The US Army has lost the RQ-7Bv2 Shadow unmanned aerial vehicle during a training mission at Fort Huachuca" (2017-02-14, []

Private militaries are utilized to stop-loss among active combat personnel. In many theaters across the world during this New Cold War, the USA's private mercenaries are said to die by the dozens every week. Imagine if instead of mercenaries, these casualties were USA combat soldiers? The public relations fallout would be tremendous...
* "Fighting ISIS with mercenaries is bad idea, says private military expert" (2017-02-21, []


Documenting the global economic dictatorship

* "Justice for Berta Caceres: How to get justice in the most repressive, corrupt country in the Americas? One year later, there has been no investigation of the intellectual authors, the ones who planned and ordered her assassination on March 3, 2016, in La Esperanza, Honduras; One year later, the “international community” continues with economic and military ‘business as usual’ with the repressive, corrupted Honduran regime" (2017-02-15, []

* "Are Guatemalan Kaibiles Hired Guns for Canadian Mining? During the country's 36-year civil war and genocide, the U.S.-trained Kaibil special forces committed some of the very worst atrocities and war crimes" (2017-02-07, by Grahame Russell, via []


information collected by the  
[], for justice, dignity and human rights in accordance with the 1966 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (.pdf) [], and an end to the USA's endless wars, in harmony with Principle 1 & 6 of International Law [], the 5 protocols of the Convention on Conventional Weapons (CCW) [], and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights [].

Feb. 27 &28: Occupy Beale, STOP KILLING OUR MUSLIM SISTERS & BROTHERS (2017-02-18, Toby Blome, Bay Area CODEPINK.....RESIST!):
This month we have an accomplished journalist from the East Coast, Eyal Press, who is flying out to join us at Beale!  Help us make this one of the biggest stands against drone warfare at Beale yet!
Won't you please come and bring friends to Occupy Beale AFB, February 27 & 28
Please sign up on FB and share [].

- Monday, February 27
  Vigil 3:00 to 5:00 PM, Main Gate, 4675 N. Beale Rd.
  Pot luck and Peace Encampment at Main Gate afterwards.
- Tuesday, February 28
  Vigil 6:00 to 8:00 AM, Main Gate, 4675 N. Beale Rd.
  Optional Breakfast, Debriefing and Planning in Marysville afterwards
Join us in the Circle of Life! We will stand in defense of the right of our muslim brothers and sisters to live safe from the harm of U.S. hellfire drone missiles, perpetual wars, and Navy Seals raids! This month we'll hold life-sized cardboard silohuottes of the 15 Afghan CIVILIAN men who were massacred by hellfire missiles while sleeping in their beds on Sept. 27, 2016. We will also memorialize and humanize the lives of the 9 Yemeni children under the age of 13 who were massacred with their families in last month's brutal Navy Seal debacle that also sacrificed one Navy Seal member and a $45 million dollar aircraft. ENOUGH! Join us in being a protector of life and demand that President Trump not continue the illegal drone legacy that Obama handed him. NO GROUND TROOPS IN SYRIA, YEMEN or ANYWHERE! NO MORE WARS!  Money for Human Needs!

* "URGENT APPEAL: Stop Poroshenko! Save the people of Donbass!" (2017-02-15,
Tens of thousands of people in Donetsk and Lugansk, the former areas of eastern Ukraine that declared independence after a U.S.-backed coup in 2014, have signed a petition to the leaders of the United States, Germany and the Russian Federation, demanding they put a stop to Ukraine’s recent escalation of war in the region. Now the petition campaign is going international.
A report released by Donetsk officials on Feb. 14 notes that 96 people have been wounded since Jan. 1, 2017 – half of them civilians, including six children. Since Feb. 3, 45 people have been killed by Ukrainian bombs. Since late January, Ukrainian forces have shelled homes, schools, hospitals, mines and vital infrastructure at a rate not seen in two years – leaving people in villages and cities without water, heat or electricity in the dead of winter. Nearly 10,000 people have died since the war began three years ago, according to the UN.
The International Action Center urges you to add your voice to the international campaign. The Ukrainian government and neo-fascist armed groups at war with Donetsk and Lugansk have received massive funding and military training from Washington. It’s especially important for opponents of war, fascism and racism in the United States to show solidarity at this time, when the Donald Trump regime is threatening new wars around the globe and rapidly backing away from campaign promises to de-escalate conflict with Russia.
To add your endorsement, email your name / organization, affiliation, city and country to
The presidents of the People’s Councils of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, Denis Pushilin and Vladimir Degtyarenko, have organized an appeal and the collection of signatures among the residents of the republics to denounce the serious situation in the cities of Donbass subjected to bombardments by the Ukrainian army.
The situation threatens to become a real humanitarian disaster.
This call will be delivered to the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, President of the United States Donald Trump and Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany Angela Merkel.
Solidarity with Novorossiya & Antifascists in Ukraine!

* "Declaration of the Presidents of the People’s Councils of LNR and DNR Vladimir Degtyarenko and Denis Pushilin" []:
The Ukrainian authorities continue the genocide of the population of Donbass.
Attacks and bombings continue on the line of contact, having damaged a number of social, industrial and residential buildings. At the end of 2016, as a result of sabotage by the Kiev army, 80% of the LPR was left without electricity. It is located under the continuing threat of sabotage of the hydraulic system and gas for heating.
Several times there have been attempts by the Ukrainians to stop the flow of water from the Petrovsky filtration plant ( “Carbon” industrial site) in the territory of the LPR.
Because of that, some 400,000 people have been affected by a shortage of drinking water in the cities of Lugansk, Alchevsk, Stakhanov, Bryanka, Pervomaisk and a number of other settlements.
The districts of the DPR had to connect to the power supply of the city of Yasinovataya and many surrounding settlements are still without water.
Part of Makeyevka is still dry. The water pumping structure on the Kalmius River was subjected to artillery fire. Pervomaysk is disconnected from the gas supply network. The failure of these structures endangers more than 500,000 residents.
The Ukrainian army has deliberately chosen to target civilian industrial facilities whose destruction could cause an ecological disaster in the region.
The Donetsk filtering system, where hazardous chemicals are stored, is under constant artillery fire. More than 500,000 people live in the districts adjacent to the Ukrainian border.
The situation is similar, because of potentially dangerous substances in the installation of “phenol” Dzerzhinsk, near the village of Novgorod and the “Styrene” plant near the city of Gorlovka.
In addition, Ukraine has done nothing to restore the banking system, so there is no possibility for the transfer of money. Citizens of the Republics do not receive their pensions and social benefits. This restriction affects mainly pensioners and the most socially vulnerable groups — about 30% of the population.
We ask you to intervene with the President of Ukraine, Poroshenko, to stop the criminal activities against the people of Donbass.
Stop firing on civilians!
Stop the economic blockade!
This must be done before it’s too late!
We still have time to stop the environmental and humanitarian disaster!
Stop Poroshenko! Save the people of Donbass!
* "DPR residents sign Donbass peace petition" ( 77,000 []... 100,000 []... 124,000 []... 156,000 []... 162,000 []... 180,000 []...
* "15,000 DPR coalminers/energy workers sign Donbass petition to world leaders" (2017-02-20, []

* "U.S. condemns ‘Russian aggression’ as Ukraine escalates war against Donbass" (2017-02-09, []

* "No need to include US in Ukraine peace talks, German FM says" (2017-02-19, []

* " ‘Time running out’: 1.4 million children could die from famine in Africa & Yemen, says UNICEF" (2017-02-21, []
* "FAO: it is unacceptable deaths of millions of starvation in 21st century" (2017-02-17, []
* "Humanitarian disaster in Yemen as devastating as in Syria: Russian Deputy Foreign Minister" (2017-02-15, []: Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov said humanitarian disaster in Yemen is as devastating as in Syria, warning of a tragic catastrophe in Yemen.
"Tragic events are taking place in Yemen," Gatilov said at the opening of an annual student conference in Moscow on Tuesday.
"The fight against terrorism is underway in Yemen, and there is the intra-Yemeni conflict, which is a very serious humanitarian disaster," he said.
He said that about 80 percent of the Yemeni population is affected by the humanitarian crisis. "Some of our colleagues, especially Western, do not speak so openly and emotionally about that, probably because they are more focused on what is happening in Syria," Gatilov said.
"But the humanitarian disaster in Yemen is no less devastating," he said, adding that "a solution should be found."

* "Saudi arms imports triple amid Yemen campaign, US & Europe top suppliers to Mid East – report" (2017-02-20, []
* "Britain’s Royal Air Force trained Saudi Arabia how to use smart bombs" (2017-02-20, []

* "Massive Introduction of Nuclear Strategic Assets into S. Korea Warned" (2017-02-14, KCNA Newswire) []:
The US is massively introducing various types of lethal weapons including nuclear strategic assets into south Korea from the outset of the year under the absurd pretext of "nuclear and missile threat" from the DPRK.
The US plans to stage the largest-ever Key Resolve and Foal Eagle joint military drills with the south Korean puppet forces in upcoming March. To this end, it is going to deploy huge war hardware including the triad strategic weapons of its air force B-52, B-1B and B-2, and F-22s. Also, a nuclear submarine and an Aegis destroyer and aircraft carrier Carl Vinson patrolling Asia-Pacific are expected to be involved in the projected sabre-rattling.
US nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines had been involved in the war rehearsals staged so far but it is something unusual that deployment of additional strategic assets is under discussion, arousing deep concern of the international community.
Against this backdrop, the US seeks to round off the deployment of THAAD in south Korea and the latest stealth destroyer Zumwalt in the waters off the Korean peninsula within this year.
All facts go to prove that the US threat of aggression to violate the sovereignty and vital rights of the DPRK is imminent.
It is none other than the US that is increasing the tension on the Korean peninsula through its aggressive moves to carry out "pro-active deterrence strategy" and "strategy of massive retaliatory punishment", hyping "threat from the north" and "unpredictable provocation."
There is no reason for the DPRK to be exposed to the US nuclear war threat and blackmail.
The US is running wild to inflict a nuclear disaster upon the Korean people, not content with its unprecedented moves to isolate the DPRK politically, blockade its economy and pressurize it by force of arms for the mere reason that its ideology and social system are different from the former's and it has not yielded to the former.
The DPRK has bolstered its capabilities for self-defence with a death-defying will and determination to put a definite end to the ceaseless nuclear threat and blackmail of the US and has emerged a full-fledged nuclear power.
It has striven hard to defend its sovereignty and dignity and preserve regional peace and stability by its own efforts from the hostile forces' nuclear threat and war moves. There is no reason for anyone to doubt it.
The DPRK's strategic position has changed. The US had better think twice about unimaginably catastrophic consequences to be entailed by its nuclear threat and blackmail at the doorstep of the DPRK.
The best way for Washington to escape the nuclear strike of the DPRK is to refrain from violating its dignity and security and behave itself with self-control.

* "Turkish PM to be met with a protest demonstration in Germany; Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım will be met with a mass demonstration on his arrival in Oberhausen city of Germany on Saturday for a rally before April's referendum" (2017-02-16, []



* "Bring European Finance Ministries kicking and screaming into Geopolitics" (2017-02-17, [], because, rather than respecting sovereignty, a suprnational state union must be incorporated into the USA's Cold War against the EEU & SCO, and prevented from conducting centralized state economic decisions in cooperation with the EEU & SCO.

* "US will hold Russia accountable over Ukraine while searching for common ground – Pence" (2017-02-18, []

* " ‘Year of kicking Russia in the ass’: US Senator Graham urges more Russia sanctions" (2017-02-19, []

* "Powers to strip human rights abusers of their London assets approved by MPs" (2017-02-21, [], beholden, of course, to foreign policy dictates established in coordination with the USA.

* "A Back-Channel Plan for Ukraine and Russia, Courtesy of Trump Associates" (2017-02-19, [] [begin excerpt]:
A week before Michael T. Flynn resigned as national security adviser, a sealed proposal was hand-delivered to his office, outlining a way for President Trump to lift sanctions against Russia.
Mr. Flynn is gone, having been caught lying about his own discussion of sanctions with the Russian ambassador. But the proposal, a peace plan for Ukraine and Russia, remains, along with those pushing it: Michael D. Cohen, the president’s personal lawyer, who delivered the document; Felix H. Sater, a business associate who helped Mr. Trump scout deals in Russia; and a Ukrainian lawmaker trying to rise in a political opposition movement shaped in part by Mr. Trump’s former campaign manager Paul D. Manafort.
At a time when Mr. Trump’s ties to Russia, and the people connected to him, are under heightened scrutiny — with investigations by American intelligence agencies, the F.B.I. and Congress — some of his associates remain willing and eager to wade into Russia-related efforts behind the scenes.
Mr. Trump has confounded Democrats and Republicans alike with his repeated praise for the Russian president, Vladimir V. Putin, and his desire to forge an American-Russian alliance. While there is nothing illegal about such unofficial efforts, a proposal that seems to tip toward Russian interests may set off alarms.
The amateur diplomats say their goal is simply to help settle a grueling, three-year conflict that has cost 10,000 lives. “Who doesn’t want to help bring about peace?” Mr. Cohen asked.
But the proposal contains more than just a peace plan. Andrii V. Artemenko, the Ukrainian lawmaker, who sees himself as a Trump-style leader of a future Ukraine, claims to have evidence — “names of companies, wire transfers” — showing corruption by the Ukrainian president, Petro O. Poroshenko, that could help oust him. And Mr. Artemenko said he had received encouragement for his plans from top aides to Mr. Putin.
“A lot of people will call me a Russian agent, a U.S. agent, a C.I.A. agent,” Mr. Artemenko said. “But how can you find a good solution between our countries if we do not talk?”
Mr. Cohen and Mr. Sater said they had not spoken to Mr. Trump about the proposal, and have no experience in foreign policy. Mr. Cohen is one of several Trump associates under scrutiny in an F.B.I. counterintelligence examination of links with Russia, according to law enforcement officials; he has denied any illicit connections.
The two others involved in the effort have somewhat questionable pasts: Mr. Sater, 50, a Russian-American, pleaded guilty to a role in a stock manipulation scheme decades ago that involved the Mafia. Mr. Artemenko spent two and a half years in jail in Kiev in the early 2000s on embezzlement charges, later dropped, which he said had been politically motivated. [...]
Donald Trump’s Connections in Ukraine -
- Andrii V. Artemenko: Ukrainian politician with a peace plan for Ukraine and a file alleging that its president is corrupt.

- Felix H. Sater: Russian-American businessman with longstanding ties to the Trump Organization.

[end excerpt]

* "Oh My God, Shut Up About Russia! Americans have real problems they should be focusing on instead of carrying water for the Deep State's psywar" (2017-01-17, Caitlin Johnstone, []
#ColdWar #RedBaiting #Russia #RedUnderTheBed #McCarthyism
It’s time to move on, Democrats. Seriously. I can understand why the Deep State cares about Russia [], I can understand why Trump’s political opponents care about Russia [], but we all know you don’t really care about Russia. Come on. You don’t. You know you don’t. You know damn well you hardly ever thought about that icy potato patch until the people who lied to you about WMDs in Iraq started telling you they were helping the obnoxious Republican win. You don’t really care about Russia. You care that your team lost. [...]
You care about Russia because you were told to care about Russia. In 2013 the US government gave itself the legal right to use psy-ops on American citizens [], and they’ve been using the deliberately-constructed liberal echo chamber [] to pummel your consciousness into adopting the establishment narrative about Russia ever since the lady who was promising to start a war with Russia [] [] [] failed to win the presidential election.

* "Stop chasing ghosts! RT responds to US Congressman's accusations of interference in US elections" (2017-02-18, []

* " ‘Post-truth’ & ‘post-fake’ crossroads: Russian FM’s top quotes at Munich Security Conference" (2017-02-19, []

* " ‘Fake news recycling’: Russian Embassy calls out UK media over ‘Montenegro coup plot’ report" (2017-02-20, [], attached video []

* "Extremists Turn to a Leader to Protect Western Values: Vladimir Putin" (2016-12-03, []

* "Russia & Turkey-brokered Syria ceasefire has more chances than any other – UN Syria envoy" (2017-02-19, []

It wasn't murder... "it was a diplomat!"
* "Russian prominent diplomat Churkin passes away" (2017-02-20, []
* "Diplomats shocked by sudden death of Russian UN envoy Churkin" (2017-02-20, []

* "Tokyo bets on lighter frigates, plans to double E. China Sea naval build-up – reports" (2017-02-18, []



NATO Watch

* "US patience 'won't endure forever': Pence tells NATO to spend more, or else" (2017-02-20, []

* " ‘NATO should adapt to various challenges like Russia & ISIS’ – alliance’s ex-chief Rasmussen to RT" (2017-02-19, []

* "US dispatches 49 military helicopters to Europe to confront Russia; Forty nine military helicopters have been dispatched by the US to Germany in order to confront Russia" (2017-02-15, []

* "US troops deployed to Bulgaria as NATO boosts Eastern European presence" (2017-02-15, []

* "Germany vows to increase defense budget & meet NATO obligations in long term" (2017-02-18, []

* "Role of Charles de Gaulle nuclear aircraft carrier in operations of French military in Middle East; The Charles de Gaulle nuclear aircraft carrier was one of the most important instruments of the French Armed Forces in the country’s operations abroad" (2017-02-14, []

* "Four NATO powers prefer Russia to the US, Gallup poll shows" (2017-02-18, []

* "Lavrov: NATO expansion led to tension in Europe unprecedented in last 30 years" (2017-02-18, []

NATO Watch - Articles reflecting the views of war planners
( []

* "Super Hornets, eh? Canadian airpower falls short on North American defense" (2017-02-17, by Gary Schaub, jr. And Richard Shimooka, [] [begin excerpt]: When Canadian Minister of Defence Harjit Sajjan met with U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis last Monday, he likely countered concerns over Canadian defense spending by pointing towards Ottawa’s recent decision to acquire 18 F/A-18E/Fs Super Hornets from Boeing. Last November, Sajjan announced that Canada would immediately close a “capability gap” that might prevent it from fulfilling its defense and alliance obligations.  First, Canada would begin negotiations with Boeing to acquire an “interim” fleet of 18 Super Hornets to supplement its 76 ageing CF-18 Hornets.  Second, Canada would initiate an “an open and transparent competition” to consider a replacement aircraft for the entire CF-18 fleet, reaching a decision in five years’ time. Finally, Canada would remain part of the Joint Strike Fighter program, otherwise known as the F-35, to keep abreast of developments. Overall, the announcement had the qualities of reasonable action and stewardship of Canadian national security. [end excerpt]


World Context & Events 
Including information on Institutions of Self-Government not recognized by the United Nations, as defined by the USA State Dept.'s legal statement supporting unilateral declarations of independence (2009-07) (.pdf) [], and by the UN International Court (2010-07-22) [], recognizing the jurisdictions of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) (.pdf) [] including EEZ territorial boundaries [], the Antarctic Treaty System (ATS) []. Notes on Diplomatic Recognition [].
Evaluated by Bay Area MPD Committees, serving as a 5th World News service [], more news sites: [] [] [] [ [

* "Biggest gasoline glut in 27 years could crash oil markets" (2017-02-21, []

* "Future of Humankind Is Guaranteed under Socialism" (2011-11-03, KCNA Newswire) []:
Socialism is greeting a new heyday after dealing a heavy blow to capitalism.
Historical turn has been made in which the scheme of the imperialists and reactionaries to stamp out socialism ended in smoke and socialism was revived and strengthened.
The red flag of socialism is firmly defended in Asian and Latin American countries including China, Vietnam, Laos and Cuba despite the imperialists' vicious challenge and disturbance.
More than 270 political parties have struggled to defend and advance the socialist cause under the banner of the Pyongyang Declaration.
Social conversion from capitalism to socialism is taking place in Latin America which suffered much more damage from the U.S.-style "globalization" than any other region.
Progressive parties and personages have won in the elections to take power as they call for priority to the interests of the popular masses, not to those of a handful of the privileged circle, and independent development of their countries.
This is a political tendency rampant in not only Latin American countries such as Venezuela, Brazil, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru but the rest of the world.
Shortly ago, Bolivian President Evo Morales said that capitalism is not able to solve the problems facing the mankind and the new century belongs to the peoples.
According to a poll made public by BBC of the UK, the majority of the respondents complained of the capitalist system based on free market economy while supporting the socialist idea.
Citizens of 15 countries involved in the poll demanded the nationalization of big businesses and the state control over the most of the stocks. This opinion was expressed most strongly by inhabitants in those countries where capitalism was restored, by 77% in Russia and 75% in Ukraine.
At a forum on "Future of capitalism" cosponsored by Japan's newspaper Asahi Shimbun and Tokyo University, Katsuto Iwai, professor of the Economy Faculty of Tokyo University, said: Socialism is no longer foe of capitalism. New foe is laissez-faire, the ideological viewpoint of capitalism.
Even though bourgeois reactionaries and their servants have got hell-bent on crackdown on the "Occupy Wall Street" demos by mobilizing mounted police and helicopters, the fighting spirit of the peoples in the demos to get rid of exploitation and oppression by capital is running higher.
The reality goes to prove that the more capitalism reveals its reactionary nature and weakness, the deeper the world people's trust in socialism grows.
Socialism gained rich experience and lessons in the course of going through painful setbacks and trials and is advancing full of vigor and energy on a broader and more solid class basis.
All the forces are aspiring after socialism, the forces that are opposed to war of aggression and advocate world peace, democracy, freedom, equality and justice and the forces that love countries and struggle to protect rights and interests of their peoples.
The present era is that of historical turn in which the world people are dynamically advancing toward independence and socialism while capitalism is nearing its end.
Future of humankind depends on socialism as a science.


Space Race: The Partitioning of Planets
The Outer Space Treaty (OST) []; Space Law []; USA Space Property Law [] , USA space mining law [] [] [] []

* "Billionaires funding the space race will be real stars of Space Symposium in Colorado Springs" (2016-04-12, []


United States of Mexico 

* "The 12 Jailed Mexicali Activists Have Been Freed!: Report on the February 13 Repression in Mexicali" (2017-02-14):
Dear comrades in struggle:
From Baja California, Mexico, please receive our most grateful thanks for your prompt response of solidarity and support to the 12 comrades who were jailed on February 13 in the city of Mexicali, the state capital.
Thanks to the widespread outcry against the detention of these 12 activists at the national and international level, the comrades were released from jail. Only with the solidarity and the struggle of the peoples and workers in each country and internationally can we secure justice for all our working class sisters and brothers.
The offices of the Municipal government in Mexicali were occupied beginning Sunday, February 12 by hundreds of activists, who were protesting the abuses and mismanagement of the mayor, Gustavo Sánchez. Sánchez prioritized organizing the repression against these 12 comrades, with an excess of violence. The activists were detained without having been read their rights or without any legal reasons to justify the repression.
These comrades are representatives of the resistance movement against the increase in gasoline prices, the structural reforms, and the privatization of water, imposed by the governments of Mexican President Enrique Peña in Mexico, and Baja California Governor Francisco Vega de Lamadrid.
We call upon you to follow developments in Mexico - and particular in Baja California - closely is still on a mobilization footing against any protest actions and have sent Navy personnel to intimidate the demonstrators.
Withdraw all charges against the 12 comrades of Mexicali!
No more repression!
Down with the "gasolinazo" (gas price increase) and the structural reforms!
No to the privatization of water!
[signed] Luis Carlos Haro, People's and Workers' Organization (OPT)
In Baja California, Mexico


Republic of El Salvador (ALBA Affiliate)

* "Over 70 garment workers fired, demand factory accountability now!" (2017-02-15,
On January 20th, the Salvadoran garment manufacturer TEXOPS arbitrarily fired more than 70 workers at its plant in Opico, El Salvador, blaming the mass firing on the minimum wage increase approved by El Salvador’s government at the end of last year. That same day, the company also unilaterally lowered the production bonuses offered to workers and applied the new, reduced amount retroactively. TEXOPS makes clothes for multinational brands including REI, Lulu Lemon, Castelli Cycling, Reebok, Dick's Sporting Goods, and Academy Sports.
According to the SITRASACOSI garment worker union, the move was a “political ploy” to send a message to government officials and punish the workers and unions that tirelessly organized to achieve the historic wage increase, which increased wages by nearly 40% in the garment manufacturing sector. Among those fired were a number of pregnant women, individuals close to retirement, and the entire maintenance department, which had been denouncing inadequate safety equipment for workers and demanding the factory come into compliance with workplace safety laws.
The fired workers, many of whom are SITRASACOSI union members, are fighting back! They have rallied outside of the plant [], as well as brought the case to the Ministry of Labor and to the National Legislative Assembly []. And now they are calling on CISPES and other international allies for support.
Last month’s firings represent a blatant violation of an agreement between the factory, the SITRASACOSI union, and the Fair Labor Association (FLA), but the factory continues to boast having the FLA’s seal of approval as proof of good working conditions. The union has filed an official complaint with the FLA, demanding they intervene and ensure TEXOPS comply with its own agreement.
The anti-sweatshop movement has long criticized the FLA for providing cover to multinational clothing brands that consistently violate workers’ rights.
According to Estela Ramírez, the Secretary General of the SITRASACOSI garment workers union, "We will continue fighting and resisting [the factory management's] threats against the workers and against our right to organize our union; and we are inviting our international allies to join the fight."
Will you join them to fight this injustice?
Take action in solidarity with the wronfully fired workers now!
Speak up now in solidarity with the wrongfully fired workers!
Echo the demands of the workers, and push the FLA to take immediate action!
Will you tell the FLA to put its money where its mouth is and hold its affiliate TEXOPS accountable?
Send an email to the Fair Labor Association today!
Take Action Now, here [].


Republic of Ecuador (ALBA member)

* "Moreno beating Lasso in 1st round of Ecuador’s presidential election" (2017-02-20, []: The Ecuadorian ruling party candidate Lenin Moreno is beating his rival and conservative opposition candidate Guillermo Lasso in the first round. With 50 percent of the votes counted it is still unclear if a runoff is required to decide the new president.
With almost 80 percent of the ballots counted, Moreno, a disabled former vice president, secured some 38.83 percent of the vote, compared to around 28.63 percent cast for Lasso. A candidate is required to gain over 40 percent of the vote and a 10-percentage-point difference to avoid the second round of polls on April 2.
A nominee for the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize, Moreno served as Vice President of the country from 2007 to 2013, under President Rafael Correa. It was Correa, serving his third presidential term, who had nominated Morena to run for Alianza País, the socialist political movement in Ecuador.
Morena ran on a promise to continue Correa’s policies and gained votes by promising benefits for the disabled, single mothers and the elderly.
His opponent conservative businessman Lasso, who already lost in the 2013 presidential race against Correa, campaigned on a platform to revive the oil-dependent economy.
The Conservative vowed to create a million jobs if elected president and promised to expel WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange from the nation’s embassy in London.


[NewAfricaPeace.blogspot.comAn overview of Africa and the Diapora, with the Green Charter Committee, towards Pan-Afrikan Solidarity and Liberation!

* "Ethiopia dam causes Kenya water shortage: rights group" (2017-02-14, AFP Newswire) []

* "S. Sudan army says general who quit was 'deeply' corrupt" (2017-02-14, AFP Newswire) []

* "Eltek to provide solar power for 104 Hospitals in Zimbabwe under UNDP program" (2017-01-24, []


Jurisdiction of Libya

* " ‘West must be held accountable for Libya, apologize & leave it alone’ – Gaddafi’s cousin" (2017-02-21, [], attached video []


European Union (EU) / NATO
Documenting economic and political trends across the EU jurisdictions, and international operations.
Maps: Homeland and overseas territories [], global Exclusive Economic Zone []

* "EU shows US flag with 51 stars instead of 50 during Pence’s visit to Brussels" (2017-02-21, [], photo caption: European Council President Donald Tusk (R) welcomes U.S. Vice President Mike Pence in Brussels, Belgium, Feb. 20, 2017.


* "EU could demand Britain pay multibillion-euro ‘Brexit bill’ to leave" (2017-02-21, []

* "Police search Le Pen’s National Front HQ over alleged misuse of EU funds" (2017-02-21, []

Capital investors based in the European Union (or who are using financial instruments primarily denominated in Euros) want billion-Euro trade transactions with the Eurasian Union...
* "Russian automaker kickstarts sales in Germany" (2017-02-21, []

Capitalist-oriented nationalist parties are implementing protectionist economic policies...
* "Austria to reward businesses for employing locals" (2017-02-21, []


United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (UKGB) (EU Member), including Wales, and relations with The "British" Commonwealth member states, the European Union, the USA, and NATO
Map []

* " ‘Eccentric’ House of Lords takes perks but contributes ‘nothing’ - former Lord Speaker" (2017-02-21, []


Republic of France (EU Member)

* "Emmanuel Macron – Rothschild’s choice for President of France" (2017-02-09,, translated by []


* " ‘Won’t cover myself up:’ Le Pen refuses headscarf, cancels on Lebanese Grand Mufti" (2017-02-21, []

* "Police use tear gas during anti-cop violence protest in Paris" (2017-02-18, [], attached video []


Republic of Ukraine (EU / NATO associate state)
[] []

* "Scuffles between police and protesters in downtown Kiev during Maidan anniversary rally" (2017-02-19, []


The People's Republics of Novorossiya in the Donbass region
For more info, with maps, and link, visit []; More news [] []

* "DPR, LPR announce start of humanitarian programme for occupied Donbass" (2017-02-17, []
* "Aid programme for Kiev-occupied part of Donbass pursues humanitarian goals – DPR foreign ministry" (2017-02-17, []
* "DPR to ease checkpoint procedure for residents of Kiev-occupied part of Donbass" (2017-02-17, []

* "DPR, LPR to set up service centres for humanitarian programme participants" (2017-02-21, []
* "DPR, LPR to provide free medical services to patients from Kiev-controlled Donbass areas" (2017-02-21, []

* "30 DPR, LPR institutions to provide free education for residents of Kiev-occupied part of Donbass" (2017-02-21, []

* "Ukraine’s war-torn Donetsk commemorates 2nd ‘anniversary’ of Minsk agreements" (2017-02-19, []
* "Minsk political subgroup in crisis since 2015 because of Ukraine – DPR diplomat" (2017-02-16, []
* "Steinmeier’s formula caught in vicious circle due to Kiev’s position at Minsk talks – DPR Ministry" (2017-02-15, []
* "Intl law commits DPR to resisting Kiev’s aggressive policy in Donbass – deputy" (2017-02-13, []

* "Moscow's position on E. Ukrainian regions seeking autonomy hasn't changed – Lavrov" (2017-02-18, [], attached video []
* "Moscow’s recognition of Donetsk, Lugansk passports doesn’t contradict international law – Kremlin" (2017-02-20, []:
Moscow’s recognition of the passports of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions of eastern Ukraine isn’t at odds with international law or the Minsk agreements, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in response to a statement by Ukraine’s president.
“This order doesn’t contradict international law or the Minsk agreement in any way. It’s the de jure alignment of the situation that existed de facto,” Peskov said.
Peskov stressed that the Donetsk and Lugansk passports are not documents of officially recognized states, but they merely serve as identification papers.
“It had to be done, due to humanitarian concerns,” he said.
“The whole region is under the conditions of an atrocious blockade, a severe embargo from its capital, from Kiev,” he said, adding that under such circumstances the people have no opportunity to renew their documents.
“There is no reason to aggravate the situation,” Peskov concluded.
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has said that Moscow’s move contradicted international law and called it "another proof of Russian occupation."
On Saturday, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered Russian authorities to temporarily recognize the registration documents in certain parts of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine. Speaking at the Munich Security conference, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that the order will be in place until the Minsk Agreements aimed at settling the conflict are implemented in Ukraine.
Kiev and the authorities of the self-proclaimed Lugansk and Donetsk people's republics signed the Minsk accords aimed at securing a full ceasefire in the region and providing for constitutional reforms that would give the region greater autonomy and special status almost two years ago,
However, Kiev has so far failed to deal with the political and economic changes in the country.
Photo caption: Passports of the Donetsk People's Republic

* "Quarter of Russians back potential recognition of Donbass republics" (2017-02-20, []


Attacks against the People's Republics of Novorossiya (a daily calender) 
"But for the Generals" (2015, (.pdf) [], a history of the USA-backed war against the people of Novorossiya. 

* " DPR intelligence reveals six Ukrainian Grad MLRS on southern axis" (2017-02-13, []

* "Militiaman killed by Ukrainian forces shelling over 24 hours – DPR Operations Command" (2017-02-14, []
* "Donetsk chemical plant blast caused by shelling, casualties reported – DPR Operations Command" (2017-02-14, []
* "Powerful explosion rips through Donetsk chemical plant – city administration" (2017-02-14, []
* "DPR intelligence reveals two dozen Ukrainian tanks, artillery pieces on Donetsk axis" (2017-02-14, []
* "Five Ukrainian servicemen killed in failed attack on DPR positions by Kominternovo" (2017-02-14, []
* "Mercenaries from Islamic countries join Ukrainian army 14th brigade on Donetsk axis – DPR Command" (2017-02-14, []

* " Ukrainian army shells DPR territory 550 times over 24 hours" (2017-02-15, []
* "Hospital, 11 houses in Donetsk’s Kuibyshevskiy district damaged by chemical plant blast" (2017-02-15, []
* " Protesters prompt OSCE observers to carry out reinspection in western Donetsk" (2017-02-15, []

* "Kiev deploys a dozen anti-tank missile systems on Donetsk axis – DPR intelligence" (2017-02-16, []
* "Ukrainian forces shell Yasinovataya outskirts with Grad MLRS" (2017-02-16, []
* "Kiev plans bloody provocation involving Finnish journalists" (2017-02-16, []

* " Ukrainian forces open­ fire at DPR territor­y 6,000 times over we­ek – Basurin" (2017-02-17, []

* "Ukrainian forces fire 365 artillery, mortar rounds at nine DPR settlements overnight" (2017-02-17, []

* "Kiev confirms readiness for contact line disengagement – DPR Operations Command" (2017-02-21, []
* "DPR envoy accuses Kiev of ‘reckless, destructive’ moves to foil Contact Group decisions" (2017-02-21, []
* "Ukraine disrupts disengagement of hardware – DPR Operations Command" (2017-02-21, []


People's Republic of Donetsk (DPR, or DNR)

* " DPR economy development attains new level thanks to cooperation with scientists" (2017-02-20, []: DPR economy developed successfully in wartime owing to the high potential of the republic’s scientists who are now actively involved in rebuilding Donbass, acting DPR Economic Development Minister Viktoria Romanyuk said.
“Thanks to cooperation with research institutes we are building a solid foundation for economic models and improving the scientific validation of decisions made,” Romanyuk said.
For example, the Ministry closely interacts with the Institute of Economic Research (IER). IER experts helped review the impact of a number of lawbills and worked out strategic planning documents in forming the republic’s legislative principles, she said.
The scientists used their potential and experience to issue practical recommendations in analysing economic restoration plans. The law on republican programmes has been approved and become effective, and the DPR parliament has approved the first reading of the bill on the state strategic planning system.
DPR authorities and scientists will continue to develop the toolbox to asses socio-economic development of administrative areas and their profiles and monitor and control the implementation of republican programmes.
A series of round-table discussions with economic scientists is planned over socio-economic development of territories, while at joint lectures, IER specialists and Ministry representatives will highlight theoretical and practical aspects.
IER Director Aleksey Polovyan believes that cooperation with the authorities has been successful. He told Donetsk News Agency that IER would continue its research into the emergence of innovative economy development institutes in new industrialisation conditions.
“Fundamental research is related to ways and means to develop the republic. In this connection, we consider financial, legislative and other aspects. We plan to focus on research into and analysis of government regulation, financial, loan and legal systems, educational services market, labour markets and other major elements,” Polovyan said.
The Institute of Economic Research is one of the oldest academic research centres in Donbass. It is the successor to the Institute of Industrial Economics under Ukraine’s National Academy of Sciences.

* "Italian business people’s visit to last until 23 February, DPR foreign ministry confirms" (2017-02-20, []

* "Greek opera singer to give free master classes in Donetsk" (2017-02-13, []


* " Russian Emergencies Ministry’s humanitarian aid convoy arrives in Donetsk" (2017-02-21, []

* "Donetsk blacksmiths forge hearts, give them to lovers on Valentine’s Day" (2017-02-14, [], photo:


Federation of Russia (EEU Member)
Map []. News: []

* "Russia overtakes Saudi Arabia as world's top crude producer" (2017-02-20, []

* "Wall Street continues to bet on red-hot Russian ruble" (2017-02-20, []

* "Russia’s new ICBMs can ‘rip apart’ US anti-missile systems – Deputy PM Rogozin" (2017-02-20, []


Republic of Turkey (NATO member state)

* "IHD: Worst period for human rights in Turkey; IHD Co-chair Öztürk Türkdoğan: 'We are experiencing the worst period for human rights. We are facing developments that never should have happened in a country that claims it’s democratic' " (2017-02-20, []

* "Reporting for JINHA considered a “crime” ; In the indictment prepared for JINHA reporter Aysel Işık, her social media posts and her working for JINHA were deemed criminal" (2017-02-16, []

* "Journalist Selahattin Aslan taken into custody; The government of Turkey continues to arrest journalists from the opposition and Kurdish media" (2017-02-16, []

* "Reporter for German daily 'Die Welt' taken into custody in Istanbul; German daily 'Die Welt' reporter Deniz Yücel has been taken into custody at Istanbul Department of Police where he appeared to give a statement" (2017-02-17, []

* "General İsmail Hakkı Pekin: the next war will take place in Turkey" (2017-02-04, []:
In  a series of editorials in the daily newspaper, Aydınlık [], General İsmail Hakkı Pekin, the former director of Intelligence, has announced that Turkey’s survival [as a nation state] is under direct threat.
Those that engineer chaos in the Middle East are getting ready to kick-start [yet] another war in Turkey.
The General, who had been arrested in the Ergenekon affair, has asked President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to forgo, in these circumstances, the referendum for Constitutional reform that he had announced.
In the General’s opinion, to ensure Turkey’s survival, national unity must be preserved by entering into an alliance with Russia, Iran and Syria.


Republic of Iraq: War News

* "Iraqi forces repel ISIS attack south of Mosul, 13 terrorists killed" (2017-02-14, []

* "Iraq launches operation to retake western Mosul from ISIS" (2017-02-19, []
* "Operation launched to liberate western Mosul; Iraqi Prime Minister Haydar al-Abadi announced the beginning of the operation to liberate western Mosul" (2017-02-19, []
* "3 villages in southern Mosul liberated from ISIS; Iraqi forces liberated 3 villages during their operation to liberate southern Mosul from ISIS gang groups" (2017-02-19, []


Arab Republic of Syria: Diplomatic and Civil News
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* "Astana Joint Statement affirms commitment to preserving Syria as independent and democratic state" (2017-01-24, SANA Newswire) []

* "People’s Assembly discusses the performance of Awqaf Ministry" (2017-02-20, []
* "People’s Assembly discusses performance of Finance Ministry… Hamdan: No new taxes on citizens" (2017-02-19, []

* "The Cabinet forms work team to control distribution of petroleum products" (2017-02-14, []
* "Petroleum Minister: We will spare no effort to meet citizens’ diesel and fuel needs" (2017-02-09, []
* "Tanker carrying one million barrels of crude oil has arrived, says Oil Minister" (2017-02-14, []

* "DSE Tuesday session closes at 2598.51 points" (2017-02-14, []

* "Finance Minister meets delegation of Syrian industrials residing in Egypt" (2017-02-19, []:
Finance Minister Ma’moun Hamdan discussed on Sunday with a delegation of Syrian industrials residing in Egypt the possibilities of reactivating their industrial activities in Syria and the facilitations provided by the Syrian government in this field.
The Minister affirmed that the Syrian government supports the return of industrialists to Syria and has been working on creating the appropriate climate to restart their work, stressing that the only way to stabilize the economy and restore its force is through re-operating the production wheel.
He said that the government is working to support projects that will develop industry, adding that the government seeks to work on facilitating the importation of all primary industrial supplies, decreasing customs duties of for some of the necessary production materials and exempting imported industrial machines from fees until restoring stability to the industrial sector.
For his part, Khaldoun al-Muwaqe’, head of the Syrian businessmen gathering in Egypt, revealed that a delegation of Egyptian businessmen will visit Syria soon to discuss many issues, particularly those related to reconstruction and industrial production, noting that the Egyptians are ready to give important exceptions to Syrian products.
For their part, members of the delegation affirmed that most of Syrian industrialists operating in Egypt are ready to return to their homeland and solve the problems related to loaning from government banks and settling their tax situation.
* "Economy Minister meets delegation of Syrian industrials residing in Egypt" (2017-02-20, []:
Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Adib Mayyaleh discussed on Monday with a delegation of Syrian industrials residing in Egypt the ministry’s means to support Syrian businessmen abroad to facilitate their return to Syria in light of the stabilization of security conditions and the gradual return of economic activity.
The two sides discussed the activities of the industrialists’ facilities in Syria and abroad, in addition to discussing the possibility of exchanging imports between Syria and Egypt.
For his part, Mayyaleh pointed out to the efforts exerted to launch the 59th session of Damascus International Fair, hailing the efforts of Syrian businessmen to preserve the strength of Syrian industry in all countries, particularly Egypt.
He said that the next stage will witness more prosperity for the Syrian industry, mainly after the return of the Syrian industrialists to their homeland and re-operating their factories, reaffirming the ministry’s readiness to offer all facilitations and decisions that would support the work of the returning industrialists.
He reviewed with the delegation the remarkable rise in the ratio of Syrian exports to imports which marked an increase of 26% in 2016, while it increased 17% in 2015, affirming that the this rise will improve further in 2017 due to the efforts of Syrian industrialists and the facilitations granted by the ministry in coordination with other ministries.
He pointed out that the importation share of production requirements has tripled, and there has also been an increase in the private sector’s exports to Egypt from EUR 429 million in 2015 to EUR 563 million in 2016 with an increase of 31%, adding that this had a positive impact on national economy.

* "The Higher Council for Investment approves establishing joint national real estate company with a capital of SYP 50 billion" (2017-02-11, []

* "80 companies take part in job fair in Damascus" (2017-02-18, []:
An expo for employment and job opportunities, organized by al-Bajaa Group for Expos and International Conferences and sponsored by Syriatel telecommunications company, kicked off on Saturday at Dama Rose Hotel in Damascus.
More than 80 public and private companies will be taking part in the Job Fair. Job seekers will be allowed the opportunity to get in touch with companies and submit job applications to them directly.
The three-day expo, which is dubbed “Our country’s people are our responsibility”, will include 24 specialized symposiums tackling the strategic tracks of social and economic growth and development in the protocols and programs of employment and training.
An interactive exhibition involving a number of economic, industrial, commercial, tourist, scientific, educational, financial, insurance, media and services establishments and parties will be held.
In a press statement, Tourism Minister Bishr al-Yazigi affirmed that the Ministry supports all events, fairs and conferences that would contribute to reactivating the economic movement and providing job opportunities to the Syrian skills.
He expressed hope that such job fairs would be a real and effective link between the establishments offering jobs and job seekers.
The Minister noted that the ministry has established a special department to connect graduates of tourism universities and specialized institutes with owners of tourism facilities aimed at improving the capacities of young workers in the tourism field.

* "Khallouf Trading Company launches two cars in Syrian market" (2017-02-18, [], photos [] [] []:
In an event at Sheraton Hotel in Damascus, Khallouf Trading Company launched on Saturday two new products, the DFM S50 sedan and the DFM AX7 SUV, which were produced in the company’s plant in Hama in cooperation with China’s Dongfeng Motors, in the Syrian markets.
In a speech at the launch event, Industry Minister Ahmad al-Hamo affirmed that the government is committed to supporting industrialists and providing them with all the necessary facilitations in order to ensure that production will continue and that industrialists whose facilities have stopped operations can resume work.
Al-Hamo underlined the industrial private sector’s role in providing the local market’s needs, which provides an alternative to importation and saves on foreign currency, in addition to providing job opportunities and contributing to economic development.
In turn, Economy and Foreign Trade Minister Adib Mayyaleh said that the launch of these cars proves that industrial production is back, even if it’s taking slow paces, voicing hope that there will be gradual development in this field, while Transport Minister Ali Hammoud said that his ministry provides all possible support and facilitations to such industries.
For his part, Khallouf Trading Company Director-General Mu’az Khallouf said that the company is committed to providing reliable and safe products with good performance and that meet various needs in terms of size, noting that the two cars are of high quality and their price will be suitable to the local markets, adding that they will come with a guarantee for two years or 60,000 km.
The DFM S50 is a full-option sedan with a 1.6 engine, an automatic gearbox, a sunroof, AC, ABS, parking cameras, and an anti-theft system, while the DFM AX7 has a 2.4 engine, an automatic gearbox, 6 airbags, steering wheel controls, 7-inch display, 360 degrees cameras, AC, ABS, and an anti-theft system.
Khallouf Trading Company was established in 1975, beginning work in the field of agricultural and industrial equipment and vehicles. In 2008, it opened a car plant, producing several models of vehicles before stopping production until now after it partnered up with Dongfeng Motors.

* "President al-Assad issues law on state’s right to protect mineral resources" (2017-02-19, []

* "President al-Assad: Any step on Syria’s future is up to the Syrians to decide" (2017-02-15, []
* "President al-Assad to French TF1 and EUROPE 1: We fight for the Syrian people, therefore, they support their government, army and President" full text of the interview (2017-02-16, [], attached video []
* "France directly liable for killings in Syria: President Assad; President Bashar al-Assad says France’s support for terrorist groups operating against the Syrian government and people is a direct cause of bloodshed in the Arab country" comments from the interview with TF1 (2017-02-17, []

* "Ownership of 341 acres transferred to locals, including families of martyrs and injured army personnel, in Jableh city in Lattakia" (2017-02-18, [], photos [] [] []


* "Premier Khamis: Media outlets of friendly countries play a large role in exposing falsehood of western media" (2017-02-18, []

* "Russian Defense Ministry: Allegations of “Atlantic Council” about human rights violations in Aleppo are false" (2017-02-14, []:
Russian Defense Ministry affirmed on Tuesday that all conclusions made in the report of the “Atlantic Council” in Washington about human rights violations during the liberation of eastern neighborhoods of the city of Aleppo from terrorist organizations are false and contrary to the truth.
“We’ve closely studied the Atlantic Council’s report devoted to the Syrian army’s operation to retake Aleppo to find nothing new. All of the charges and propaganda fakes mentioned there have long been dismissed, “Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said
He added “Moreover, those allegations were dismissed twice – by facts presented at our briefings and by real life – testimonies and interviews by the thousands who have been able to get back to peaceful life in eastern Aleppo.”
Meanwhile, the Russian Defense Ministry described a report issued by Human Rights Watch which claims that the Syrian army has used chemical weapons in Aleppo as unprofessional, saying it defames the organization.
On 22 of December, General Command of the Syrian Army and Armed Forces announced the restoration of security and stability to Aleppo after liberating it from terrorism and terrorists and the exit of their remnants from the city.

* "Decree for holding elections to fill vacant seat for Aleppo areas district" (2017-02-15, []

* "Army General Command calls on citizens to return to their homes in secured areas in Aleppo’s eastern countryside" (2017-02-20, []

* "YPG fighters: The common life project won in Aleppo; YPG fighters stated that the true winners in Aleppo cleared of gangs is the new common life project as seen in Sheikh Maqsoud" (2017-02-17, [], attached video []

* "Humanitarian aid provided by Russia delivered to neighborhoods in Aleppo" (2017-02-18, []

* "Mikdad: Confronting Takfiri mentality, which is the core of terrorism in the region is a must" (2017-02-20, []:
Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal Mikdad said that liberating Aleppo city constitutes a prominent historic triumph as it has changed the international equations in Syria, pointing out that the Syrian government has gained the upper hand in the political process.
Mikdad said in an interview with Iranian Mehr News Agency issued Monday that liberating Aleppo from the terrorist groups’ control has foiled all the schemes of Syria’s enemies, as the liberation has changed the equations in Syria and the region as proved in the latest talks in Astana.
He added that this victory will absolutely reflect in the diplomatic and political circles, noting that this triumph has pushed the situation in Syria forwards and it is a platform for prospective victories at the military, political and diplomatic levels, stressing the need for confronting the Takfiri mentality, which is the core of terrorism in the region.
On the latest intra-Syrian talks held in Astana, Mikdad said that Syria’s priority now concentrates on eradicating terrorism backed by the USA, Britain, France and some other countries in the region, adding that the diplomatic efforts are exerted to achieve this goal.
Mikdad lauded the Iranian active role in defending the Syrian people, saying that the Syrian-Iranian deeply-rooted relations share strategic goals, on top of which combating terrorism.

* "New Russian humanitarian aid distributed in Hama countryside" (2017-02-20, []

* "Aid shipments arrive in Lattakia provided by Armenia and Syrian community in Italy" (2017-02-15, []


* "Ministry of Education, UNESCO discuss suggestions for developing education strategy in Syria" (2017-02-20, []


* "Geneva talks to start on February 23rd, de Mistura says" (2017-02-13, []
* "De Minstrua , Shukri review preparations for Geneva talks on settling crisis in Syria" (2017-02-14, []
* "Jaberi Ansari: Astana meeting will focus on discussing continuation of cessation of hostilities in Syria" (2017-02-14, []
* "Kazakh Foreign Minister: Astana meeting will discuss mechanism of monitoring cessation of hostilities in Syria" (2017-02-14, []
* "Gatilov: Syria’s unity, territorial integrity is very important" (2017-02-14, []
* "Astana meeting on Syria postponed till Thursday" (2017-02-15, []
* "Zakharova: Russia hopes Astana talks will give extra impetus to settling the crisis in Syria" (2017-02-15, []
* "Al-Ja’afari: It’s too early to talk about optimism or pessimism with regard to Astana meeting" (2017-02-15, []
* "Lavrov, de Mistura stress support to Astana meeting as factor of speeding up political process in Syria during Geneva talks" (2017-02-16, []
* "Turkey, armed rebels seek to derail Astana talks – Syrian govt delegation head" (2017-02-16, [], attached video []
* "Syria condemns Turkey’s repeated crimes and violations against Syrian people, urges UN to help stop these violations" (2017-02-17, []
* "Zarif: Any scheme of foreign interference in Syria will inflame extremism in the region" (2017-02-18, []
* "Lavrov, Zarif discuss means to solve crisis in Syria in line with Astana talks" (2017-02-18, []
* "Lavrov: Delaying political resolution of crisis in Syria can’t benefit anyone" (2017-02-20, []

* "Legal research seminar entitled 'New World Order' in the Ministry of Justice" (2017-02-14,, page [], video []

* "Syria dismisses HRW chemical weapons report as unprofessional and non-credible" (2017-02-15, []

* "UNFPA Deputy Executive Director: We will convey true image of the Syrians’ suffering to the UN" (2017-02-16, []:  Deputy Executive Director of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Natalia Kanem said on Thursday the aim of her visit to Syria is to support the Fund’s various projects and to stress commitment to responding to required needs, particularly in relation to women and young girls through partnership with the other UN organizations and International and local institutions.
In a news brief held at the Four Seasons Hotel at the conclusion of her four-day visit to Syria, Kanem said she has been able during the visit to get acquainted with the suffering of many Syrians in various areas, stressing that she will convey the true image of this suffering to the United Nations.
Kanem highlighted the necessity of cooperation in the fields of reproductive health and securing safe birth giving to women and in raising awareness in the fields of family planning.
For his part, the representative of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in Syria, Massimo Diana, stressed the importance of supporting women and little girls and boosting their capacities to enable them respond to their needs.
He referred to the services provided by the UNFPA programs in the area of responding to cases of gender-based violence, in addition to supporting and enhancing the role of young people in terms of social reconciliation.

* "Syria earns 3 gold, 2 silver, and 1 bronze medals in Lebanon’s international judo tournament for Men" (2017-02-19, []


Arab Republic of Syria: War News

* Briefing by Chief of Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, and Humanitarian bulletin of the Russian Centre for reconciliation of opposing sides in the Syrian Arab Republic (February 7, 2017) [], attached video []
* "Russian officer, veteran of Chechen wars, killed in Syria; Russian officer, veteran of the Chechen wars, was killed in Syria in January" (2017-02-15, []

* "Lavrov: Counterterrorism in Syria requires more coordination by parties relevant taking into consideration Syria’s sovereignty and its territorial integrity" (2017-02-13, []:
Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, stressed that the top priority in Syria is combating terrorism, which requires much more coordination among the relevant parties, taking into consideration Syria’s sovereignty and its territorial integrity.
Lavrov pointed out in a press conference with his Mongolian counterpart Tsendiyn Munkh-Orgil in Moscow Monday that counterterrorism requires close coordination with the Syrian army.
He added that those participating in the counterterrorism process should work on coordinating their efforts, expressing hope that more cooperation would be reached with the new US Administration in this regards.
Lavrov said that Russia agreed with Turkey and Iran to cooperate for finding an agreement between the government and the opposition for the cessation of hostilities and unifying efforts for confronting ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra, pointing out that they seek finding a close cooperation with Trump’s Administration.
With regard to Astana meeting scheduled on February 15-16 , Lavrov clarified that the meeting is to comprise the same parties that participated in the previous meeting, adding that UN Special Envoy to Syria Staffan De Mistura was invited to Astana meeting.

* "Military situation in northern part of Aleppo province on February 14, 2017" (2017-02-14, []: This map shows the military situation in the Syrian province of Aleppo on February 14, 2017 []

* "Syrian Army’s Tiger Forces: History and capabilities" (2017-02-14, []

* "Army establishes full control over Hayyan gas factory and Jahar station in Homs, foils fierce attack on Daraa city" (2017-02-14, []
* "Government troops retake Hayan gas field near Palmyra" (2017-02-14, []
* "Map update: Syrian government troops gain key gas field west of Palmyra" (2017-02-14, []: The Syrian army has liberated the Hayan Gas Field west of the city of Palmyra in the province of Homs. View map [].

* "Syrian army retakes 3 more villages from ISIS terrorists near Kuweires Airbase" (2017-02-14, [], map []: The Syrian army’s Tiger Forces, backed up by the Russian Aerospace Forces, have liberated 3 more villages – Bijan, Tal Bijan and Mashrafah – from ISIS terrorists in the area southeast of the Kuweires Airbase in the province of Aleppo. Meanwhile, government troops have continued to pressure on ISIS units in the area of Tadif south of the ISIS stronghold of al-Bab where clashes between ISIS and Turkish forces are ongoing.

* "46 militants killed in infighting in Idlib, Hama – report" (2017-02-14, []

* "200 terrorists killed or injured in clashes in Daraa – report" (2017-02-14, []
* "One citizen killed, two others injured in terrorist shelling attacks in Daraa and Quneitra" (2017-02-14, []

* "Syrian War Report – February 14, 2017: Russia deploys more military police to Syria" (2017-02-14, []

* "Turkish Special Forces’ snipers in area of Al-Bab" (2017-02-14, []

* "Pro-Turkish militants and Turkish army losing ground in Al-Bab" (2017-02-14, [], attached map "Battle of Al Bab, February 14, 2017" []

* "Turkish-backed militants shell YPG-controlled town of tell Rifan with 120mm mortar" (2017-02-14, [], attached video []

* "Military situation in Syria on February 15, 2017" (2017-02-15, []: This map provides a general look at the military situation in Syria on February 15, 2017 [].


* "Tiger forces liberate two more villages from ISIS in Aleppo province" (2017-02-15, [], map []

* "Syrian government forces make strides against ISIS near Palmyra" (2017-02-15, []

* "Army targets terrorists from ISIS and groups affiliated to it in several areas" (2017-02-15, []

* "Pro-Turkish militants attack YPG forces in northern Aleppo" (2017-02-15, [], attached map []: Tensions between Turkish forces and Kurdish YPG units escalated in northern Syria as the Turkish army and the so-called “Free Syrian Army” suffered setbacks in the ISIS-held town of al-Bab. Pro-Turkish militants attacked Kurdish YPG forces in the areas of Willa Qadi, Maranaz and Kafr Khashir. A car bomb explosion was reported in Maranaz.

* "Military situation in northern Aleppo proince on February 15, 2017" (2017-02-15, []: This map shows the current military situation in northern Aleppo province on February 15, 2017 [].

* "ISIS cuts off water to Aleppo again after month-long outage" (2017-02-15, []

* "YPG: Turkish helicopters shelled Til Elo town of Girkê Legê; YPG announced that Turkish army attacked Girkê Legê region of Rojava, West Kurdistan with helicopters, also reporting border violations by Turkish troops" (2017-02-15, []

* "6 civilians injured in terrorist rocket attack in Daraa" (2017-02-15, []

* "The army kills more terrorists, including leaders in Daraa and Deir Ezzor" (2017-02-16, []

* "3 people killed, 6 injured by terrorist rocket shells on Aleppo" (2017-02-16, []

* "24 people killed in new massacre committed by Turkish forces in al-Bab, Aleppo" (2017-02-16, []

* "Proposal to deploy US ground troops in Syria is ‘possible’ – Pentagon official to CNN" (2017-02-16, []

* "New phase in the operation to liberate Raqqa; A third axis has joined the fighters advancing towards Raqqa in the Operation Wrath of Euphrates which continues in its third phase which was launched with two axes on February 4" (2017-02-16, []

* "Ehmed: Buffer zone and the immigrant settlement areas belong to SDF; Following a series of meetings in the US, MSD Co-chair Ehmed said the most important decision made by the new US administration is the buffer zone and the secure zone, and settling immigrants in this area under SDF and YPG control" (2017-02-16, [] [begin excerpt]:
Syrian National Council (MSD) Co-chair İlham Ehmed recently visited the US on an invitation. Ehmed spoke to ANF on the visit, and stated that they held meetings with a wide array of people, from members of congress to commissions.
“We held meetings with a wide base including members of congress, some commissions and commission members in the Congress, the State Department, some of Obama’s former advisors, research institutions and Trump’s advisor during the campaign period.”
Ehmed stated that there is a difference between the Obama-period policies and the policies the new administration is hinted to implement. Saying that the Obama administration was criticized for their Syria policies, MSD Co-chair said the following:
“We had some observations on the policies and strategy during the Obama administration and the current policy and strategy. Some were already voicing these before. There was this understanding that the US couldn’t have the influence they desired in Syria in this period. They couldn’t achieve the desired success. That was creating some discomfort. In the war against terror, if a right and apt approach and plan emerges in politics, I am under the impression that the new administration will lay weight on it. [end excerpt]

* "YPG: Turkish army attacked three villages to the east of Kobanê; YPG reported that the Turkish army and affiliated gangs continue their attacks on Rojava uninterrupted" (2017-02-16, []

* "The army advances on al-Bayarat area west of Palmyra, Homs… Continues operations across country" (2017-02-17, []

* "New step in the Operation Wrath of Euphrates to liberate Raqqa; Wrath of Euphrates Operation Room announced the initiation of the second step in the operation's third phase, the main goal of which is the liberation of villages in eastern Raqqa" (2017-02-17, []

* "8 km advance on the third Front in the Operation Wrath of Euphrates; Fighters advancing towards Raqqa on the third front of the Operation Wrath of Euphrates have advanced 8 kilometers since their participation in the military campaign yesterday" (2017-02-17, []

* "Turkish army and affiliates intensify their attacks on Efrîn and Shehba; Turkish army and affiliated gang groups have started to bomb villages in Efrîn and Shehba region to change the agenda after suffering heavy losses at the hands of ISIS in al-Bab" (2017-02-17, []

* "Turkish jets bombing Qandil; Turkish jets are shelling Qandil region of Medya Defense Zones in Southern Kurdistan territory" (2017-02-17, []

* "US-led coalition’s airstrikes kill 11 civilians in Raqqa" (2017-02-17, []

* "Russian strategic bombers hit ISIS in Raqqa in coordination with Pentagon via ‘deconfliction line’ " (2017-02-17, []
* "Russian long-range bombers launch cruise missile strikes on ISIS sites in Raqqa" (2017-02-17, []

* "ISIS pumps large amounts of water to flood houses in villages and towns of eastern countryside of Aleppo" (2017-02-17, []

* "Five people injured in terrorist rocket attack in Daraa city" (2017-02-17, []

* "The army kills more terrorists in Hama and Idleb, downs ISIS drone laden with bombs in Deir Ezzor" (2017-02-18, []

* "A new strategic bridge destroyed in US-led coalition airstrikes in Raqqa" (2017-02-18, []

* "SDF Commander: We promise our people to liberate Raqqa very soon; SDF Commander Dijwar Serêkaniyê: 'Everywhere where ISIS are, is a target to us. We promise our people that we will liberate Raqqa very soon' " (2017-02-18, []

* "Syriac fighter: Kobanê did not fall but Raqqa is falling; Syriac fighter Qamişlo: 'In the operation to liberate Raqqa, our goal is to rescue our people under ISIS atrocity. We will liberate our brothers and sisters very soon' " (2017-02-18, [], attached video []

* "Xiwês village in northern Raqqa liberated; Wrath of Euphrates fighters have liberated the village of Xiwês after two days of clashes" (2017-02-18, []

* "Sihêwan village liberated in the Operation Wrath of Euphrates; Wrath of Euphrates fighters have liberated the village of Sihêwan Saturday afternoon" (2017-02-18, []

* "The army advances further near Palmyra, kills more terrorists in Deir Ezzor" (2017-02-19, []

* "Operation Wrath of Euphrates: 2 villages liberated and 11 gangs killed; Operation Wrath of Euphrates fighters advancing at the third front liberated the villages of Fetatish and Bir Shemari from ISIS. 11 ISIS gang members killed during the clashes" (2017-02-19, []

* "Turkish army shells Arimah; The occupant Turkish army is shelling the town of Arimah in Manbij" (2017-02-19, []

* "A child killed in terrorists’ rocket shell in Daraa" (2017-02-19, []

* "Army kills 37 ISIS terrorists in Hama, downs ISIS radio-controlled plane in Deir Ezzor" (2017-02-20, []

* "Five people killed, several injured in terrorist rocket attacks in Aleppo and Daraa" (2017-02-20, []

* "SDF fighter: We promise our people to protect them everywhere; The second step in the third phase of the Operation Wrath of Euphrates continues on its 4th day. Fighters advancing towards Raqqa from three fronts have liberated six villages and numerous locals from ISIS" (2017-02-20, []

* "Two more villages liberated in the Operation Wrath of Euphrates; Wrath of Euphrates fighters advancing towards Raqqa on the third front through Mekmen-Raqqa road have liberate two more villages after an advance of 20 kilometers" (2017-02-20, []
* "One village liberated, three others besieged by SDF near Raqqa; Operation Wrath of Euphrates fighters have liberated one village and besieged 3 others near the Raqqa province under ISIS occupation" (2017-02-20, []
* "Another village liberated in the Operation Wrath of Euphrates; Wrath of Euphrates fighters have cleansed another village of ISIS groups in the ongoing military campaign to liberate Raqqa" (2017-02-20, []
* "3 ISIS members captured alive in the Operation Wrath of Euphrates; Wrath of Euphrates fighters have liberated a Syriatel base station from ISIS and captured 3 gang members alive" (2017-02-20, []
* "2.000 more migrants from Bab arrive in Efrîn; 2.000 more migrants from Bab who fled the oppression of ISIS gangs, the Turkish state and their allied gangs have entered the Efrîn Canton" (2017-02-20, []: 2.000 more migrants from Bab who fled the oppression of ISIS gangs, the Turkish state and their allied gangs have entered the Efrîn Canton.
Nûri Reşîd, Security Forces official for the eastern gate that is the entry point for Rojava's Efrîn Canton, stated that some 2.000 migrants from Bab fled the invasion of the Turkish state and the oppression of ISIS gangs and entered the canton in the morning hours today. Reşîd said that there are Raqqan and Iraqi migrants among those entering the canton.
Nûrî Reşîd stressed that these migrants were transferred safely to Rubar and Shehba camps.

* "YPG: Turkish army and affiliated gangs continue to attack Rojava; YPG announced that the Turkish army and gangs operating under their command continue to attack Rojava" (2017-02-20, []

* "Body of American YPG fighter Paolo Todd sent to South Kurdistan; The body of American YPG fighter Paolo Todd who died during the Raqqa operation in January, has been sent to South Kurdistan from where it will be sent to the US" (2017-02-20, []

* "Turkish army to avoid participating in Raqqa offensive because it not ready for full-scale confrontation with Syrian Kurds; Turkey has decided not to directly participate in the liberation of the Syrian city of Raqqa and offered to send formations of the Syrian opposition to storm the capital of the Islamic State terrorist group in the country" (2017-02-21, []

* "Military situation in southwestern part of Daraa Province" (2017-02-22, []: This map shows the military situation in the southwestern part of the Syrian province of Daraa where clashes are ongoing among variuos terrorist groups, including ISIS [].


The International anti-Syria Alliance, the "Free Syria Army", and allied organizations 

* "Syria denies HRW report on using chemical weapons" (2017-02-15, []

* "The Reorganization of Al-Qaeda in Syria" (2017-01-31, []:
Following the meeting at Astana during which Turkey’s position became closer to the positions taken by Russia and Iran, and the meeting at Moscow during which pro-Turkish opposition engaged in discussions with the republican opposition, an internal war is unfolding among armed groups.
In this context, Al-Qaeda has reorganized its forces and announced that Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (the Assembly for the Liberation of the Levant) has been established.
This new denomination is an umbrella organization bringing together the following organizations: Jabhat Fath al Sham (formerly known as Front Al-Nusra), Harakat Nour Al-Din Al-Zanki (CIA), Liwa Al-Haqq, Ansar Al-Din and Jaysh Al-Sunnah (also associated with the CIA).
The operation has been supported by the MI6 which composed the logo of the new organization (photo).
The new entity includes several personalities from the Islamic Movement of the Free People of the Sham (“Ahrar al-Sham”). However at the time of writing, we do not know if this group has disbanded or if these personalities are announcing their forthcoming unity. These personalities are:
- the Saudi Sheikh Abdullah al-Muhaysini (the former head of the “moderates” of East Aleppo who was the Chair of the Tribunal of the Sharia);
- Abu Yusuf Muhajir (the former military spokesman); and
- Abou Saleh Tahan (the former no 2 of the organization).
Ahrar al-Cham is/was a terrorist group funded by Saudi Arabia and its relations are shaped by the United Kingdom. Its “Minister for Foreign Affairs”, Labib al-Nahhas, is a British member of the MI6. He moves about freely in Europe and published a year and a half ago an opinion page in theWashington Post.

* "The Free Syrian Police, Made in the UK" (2017-01-30, by Vanessa Beeley, []


Global Islamic Caliphate / Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL ; ISIS)
A USA-backed self-governing entity for the disruption of the Eurasian Union and other rival blocs.

* "Broujerdi: United States and its allies follow wrong policies about crisis in Syria" (2017-02-13, []
* "Nasrallah: Decision on forming ISIS terrorist organization taken by US, funded by Saudi Arabia" (2017-02-16, []

* "Islamic State in financial pit, income halved since 2014 – study" (2017-02-18, [] [begin excerpt]:
“In the years since 2014, Islamic State’s annual revenue has more than halved: from up to $1.9bn in 2014 to a maximum of $870mn in 2016. There are no signs yet that the group has created significant new funding streams that would make up for recent losses,” a report (.pdf) [], released by the London-based International Center for the Study of Radicalization (ICSR) and accounting group Ernst & Young on Friday states, predicting that “with current trends continuing, the Islamic State’s ‘business model’ will soon fail.” [end excerpt]


Regional map [], Map of Liberated Cantons of West and South Kurdistan (2016) [], "Greater Kurdistan" map []; News [] [] [] [][] [] [[] [][]; Co-Operative Economy in Rojava & Bakur []

* "Joint press conference by Rojava and Bashur officials in Moscow; Officials from Rojava (West) and Bashur (South) Kurdistan who attended the 6th Kurdish Conference two days ago, held a joint press briefing in Moscow today" (2017-02-17, [], attached video []

* "Kurdish Conference: Russia should approach Kurds' demand positively; The Kurdish Conference in Moscow has ended following evaluations on the international conspiracy and isolation on Öcalan, Kurdish struggle, genocidal attacks they face amid the ongoing war in the Middle East" (2017-02-15, [], attached video []

* "6th Kurdish Conference in Moscow begins; The sixth Kurdish Conference in Moscow has begun at the Hotel Prezident at 11:00 this morning with the participation of representatives from North, West and South Kurdistan and Russia" (2017-02-15, [], attached video []:
The sixth Kurdish Conference in Moscow has begun at the Hotel Prezident at 11:00 this morning with the participation of dozens from North, West and South Kurdistan and Russia.
The opening speech of the conference was held by Association of Kurdish Social Institutions in Russia Representative Araf Azmani who talked about the developments in the Middle East and status of Kurdistan.
Among the attendees of the conference are HDP Urfa parliamentarians Osman Baydemir and Dilek Öcalan, and Abdullah Öcalan's lawyer Ebru Günay from North Kurdistan; PYD Co-chair Asya Abdullah and Kobanê Canton Executive Council President Enwer Muslim from West Kurdistan; PUK parliamentarian Azzat Sabır İsmail, Gorran parliamentarian Sherko Hama Amin, and Islamic Union Party (Yekgurtu İslami) member Xelil Ibrahim Muhammed from South Kurdistan; PJAK representative Ehwen Chiyako from East Kurdistan; politicians, academics, think tank representatives and intellectuals from Moscow.
* "PYD Co-chair Abdullah: International powers should support the Kurds; PYD Co-chair Asya Abdullah spoke in the conference in Moscow and said, “A meeting the Kurds didn’t attend and a constitution that comes out of that won’t be binding for the Kurds. The Turkish state is a threat for us,” on the crisis in Syria" (2017-02-15, []
* "KCK message to the Kurdish Conference in Moscow; In their message to the conference in Russia, the KCK stated that the democratic modernity project proposed by the Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan is the fundamental solution" (2017-02-15, []:
KCK Executive Council Co-leadership has sent a written message to the 6th Kurdish Conference held in Russian Federation capital Moscow under the title “Third War of Allocation in the Middle East”.
In their message to the conference in Russia, the KCK stated that the democratic modernity project proposed by the Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan is the fundamental solution. The message also pointed out the importance of national unity. The message read: “The Turkish state leading anti-Kurdish sentiment personified by the AKP-MHP government is due to them seeing the line of Leader Apo and the PKK will bring the end of their mentality and their political understanding.”
KCK Executive Council Co-leadership sent a written message to the 6th Kurdish Conference held in Russian Federation capital Moscow under the title “Third War of Allocation in the Middle East”.
KCK’s message is as follows:
“One of the first people thought of when talking about the Middle East is the Kurds. The lands the Kurds live in are the lands where humanity first built societies and had the neolithic revolution. Thus, the stem cells of humanity’s culture are in these lands. Kurdistan is also a country between the east and the west. For the Middle East, it’s not just a bridge between the West and the East, but also one between the North and the South. With this character, the Kurds have synthesized the most unique cultural heritage in the Middle East and the whole of humanity in themselves. The Kurds have always had an important role in the Middle East with their geographical and cultural position. They may not have had states, but they played significant roles politically, socially and culturally. And not having states allows them to play an important role in the name of democracy and freedom for the Middle East and the whole of humanity today.
Our Leader has analyzed the place of the Middle East in the history of humanity extensively, and has also put forth the place of Kurds in the Middle East and their importance in all aspects. In the framework of these analyses, the role the Kurds will play in the Middle East today and in the coming periods has also been laid out. In this sense, the Kurds are in the position of being the people who know what to do in the Middle East, and thus taking initiative and being effective in the political developments.
In the 20th century, the Kurds have faced ruthless genocidal policies and practices due to the desire of the regional states to form nation states. Nation states have built anti-Kurdish alliances to impose genocides upon the Kurds. With the balance built in the 20th century in the Middle East falling apart, the possibilities for the Kurds to break free of this genocidal system and achieve a free and democratic life has increased. Especially the freedom struggle that developed under the leadership of the PKK has played a historic role in the Kurds becoming aware and organized in all parts. The Kurds are now achieved an effective position in the World War III that is striving to build a new balance in the Middle East, based on this strength. With this position, they will take part in the new balance to be built in the Middle East by achieving a free and democratic life in all parts of Kurdistan for sure. And as a politically, culturally, socially and economically effective people within the countries they will achieve this free and democratic life, namely Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria!
Today the Middle East is in crisis and chaos, going through the World War III. This crisis and chaos should be seen as both the crisis of the five millennia old statist system, and the political, social, cultural and economic model of the capitalist modernity that took hold in the Middle East in the last two centuries, and the political system that was built after the cold war in the 20th century. When this reality is taken into consideration, it is not possible to overcome this crisis with military interventions and superficial and imposing political projects alone.
In this sense, the forces who understand this crisis correctly and make the correct interventions will play a role in overcoming it and will achieve the influential position in the Middle East of the 21st century. No force can find a solution to the current issues in the Middle East through thinking they will be influential, or save themselves. Their own goals can’t be met either. Only those with an approach of a solution for the Middle East will both prevail themselves, and play a role in the victory of the peoples of the Middle East. Right now, the only force in this position with their ideological approach, political stance and projects they propose are the Kurds. And that has been possible through Leader Apo putting forth projects to solve the political, social, economic and cultural projects to solve the issues of both the Kurds and the Middle East.
Power and statism has existed for the longest time and most intensely in the Middle East. While on one hand the power of collectivism has been experienced in the Middle East, on the other there is the millennia old tradition of authoritarian, despotic system of the statist systems of power. While the power of collectivism creates a great advantage for the people, there are disadvantages due to being the location where power and statism has existed for the longest time and most intensely. When the power and state tradition in the Middle East met the capitalist modernity and reached the understanding of a nation state, it became very dangerous for the people. The issues have grown more dire. A despotism that meant a process of genocide for different identities and faiths has become prevalent.
Up until the 19th century, Armenians, Assyrians and Êzidîs lived in great numbers in these lands. They were faced with genocides and mostly dissolved in the 20th century. The monist understanding stemming from the nation state has brought sectarianism back from the grave and increased social tensions and conflict. In this atmosphere, different faiths like Alevis, Durzis or Coptics have also experienced a genocidal process under strict oppression. The policies of oppression and genocide against the Kurds have continued without a hitch. Different ethnic and faith groups in the Middle East had occasionally gone through tensions and conflicts until the mid-19th century, but they had a fundamental complementary dialectic. These differences were the strength of the Middle East, not the weakness. But today, they have become factors of conflict that weaken the Middle East.
The Kurdish People’s Leader has presented the understanding of a democratic nation as an alternative to the monist understanding of the nation state, and thus created an important mindset and a basis for a solution in relation to the issues in the Middle East. With the understanding of the democratic nation, a model for a solution to strengthen the fraternity of peoples instead of nationalism that creates conflict between them. The Kurds have proposed a model that will eliminate the situations that arise from clashing differences, by putting the understanding of the democratic nation to practice in every area they are present in. As such, the understanding of the democratic nation has created islands of peace in regions where the Rojava Revolution has been effective, within Syria that is experiencing intense conflict. Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians, Armenians, Chechens, Turkmens have built a system to live as brothers and sisters in the lands called the Democratic Syria Federation. The Kurds have intervened in the Middle East with the understanding of the democratic nation, and have taken a very important step for the solution of the issues.
The most fundamental problem that intensifies social problems in the Middle East is the patriarchal system that builds and builds upon the woman. The Middle East and especially Kurdistan are lands that are the foundation of women’s freedom, and also the lands where the patriarchal culture that has become the foundation of power and state is most widespread. For this reason, social problems have intensified and rendered unsolvable. All despotic and oppressive approaches have the domination of women building up in layers like state and power. The Kurdish People’s Leader has analyzed this reality by delving deep into history, and has formed the women’s liberation line. He has based this on the tradition of women in history of a free and democratic life. He has based it especially on the Kurdish women who have experienced the neolithic society most intensely, and thus carry the libertarian spirit most deeply. On this basis, the women’s liberation line that will spread from Kurdistan into the Middle East will have a key role in the solution of problems. The women’s liberation line becoming concrete in the Kurdish women’s reality puts forth the fact that the Kurds will have a very important role in the solution to the problems in the Middle East and the creation of a new Middle East.
The democratization that is the product of all these is present in the mindset, ideology, organization and the struggle of the Kurds the most today. Our Leader has stated that democracy will exist not on the individual, but the social level, and thus organized democratic societies are the most fundamental democratic dynamic. Putting forth that collectivism conditions democracy and democracy conditions collectivism, he has stated that the democratic confederalism based on the organized democratic society will create a solution on the basis of democracy to all problems. He has stressed that democratic nation will strengthen democratic confederalism and vice versa, leading to a solution to all problems on a democratic basis.
The women’s libertarian democratic ecological social paradigm put forth by the Kurds under the Leader’s line and turning that into the democratic confederal system with the democratic nation will put democratic socialism into practice and that will be the key and the model for solving all issues in the Middle East. The Kurds have become the leading people in the Middle East today because they have put all these characteristics into practice in their own social reality and their struggle. All periods in history prove that the peoples and societies that put forth the mindset, ideology and the social and political structure of the age have been the leading peoples and societies of said age. The Kurds today will be the rising people of the Middle East with their advanced mindset, ideology, and social and political structure. Today there is a social, political, economical and cultural crisis not only in the Middle East, but throughout the world. As such, Leader Apo’s women’s libertarian democratic ecological paradigm will also offer a solution to them, and that will raise the position of the Kurds to the leading and rising people of the world in the 21st century.
The Kurds have become a people to solve all dead ends in the World War III in the Middle East with this ideological/political reality they have achieved. All the inhuman ideologies and political structures in the Middle East will be overcome with the strength of the people with this character. In Rojava, the success of the peoples organized according to the democratic nation principle wasn’t due to only military power, this ideological and political line has allowed them to prevail against inhuman gangs like ISIS. ISIS has gone into a process of regression and disbanding when faced with such an ideological and political force. If Russia, the US or another regional power think they will prevail against such inhuman forces through military interventions alone, they are greatly mistaken. Because of this, if forces with such ideologies are to be defeated, a cooperation with the Kurds is necessary. Only if the Kurds’ ideological and political line touches upon the problems in the Middle East will the solution become easier.
All these realities considered, if the Kurds crown this strength with national unity, they will put their position, strength and reality of being the rising people in the Middle East into practice throughout the region. No force can stand against the Kurds’ strength based on the reality of democratic society. The only obstacle for the Kurds to put this strength and potential into practice today is the lack of unity. In this sense, Leader Apo has placed significance to the national unity efforts. Our Freedom Movement has also taken the national unity efforts on the agenda once more for this reason.
The enemies of Kurds with the nation state mentality who see this strength in the Kurds are carrying out an intense attack to eliminate Leader Apo and the PKK. The Turkish state being the leading anti-Kurdish power personified in the AKP-MHP government is because they see the line of Leader Apo and the PKK will bring about the end of their mindset and political understanding. The AKP government is anti-Kurdish and anti-PKK not only for themselves, but for all enemies of Kurds and in the name of Middle Eastern regressive ideologies. Because when the PKK line prevails, Turkey and all enemies of Kurds and the statist despotic bigotry based on five millennia old domination of women will also fall apart. The PKK-led struggle against regressive ideologies centered in Turkey throughout the Middle East is a struggle waged for all the peoples of the Middle East and the whole of humanity. In this sense, all the peoples of the Middle East and all of progressive humanity, not just Kurds, should take part in this struggle and actualize their own free and democratic future through their own struggle.
We believe that your conference today will discuss extensively the realities in the Middle East and the place of the Kurds in the intense struggle in the Middle East, and wish a successful completion of your conference.”

* "Final declaration of the 6th Kurdish Conference in Moscow; The final declaration of the 6th Kurdish Conference held in the Russian capital Moscow two days ago has been shared with the public" (2017-02-17, []:
The final declaration of the "Third War of Allocation in the Middle East" conference organized by the Union of International Kurdish Social Institutions and Russia Kurds' National and Cultural Federal Autonomy in the Russian capital Moscow two days ago has been shared with the public.
In the final declaration, participants stated that they discussed the chaos in the Middle East and policies of the US and Russia, the factors behind the chaos and the deaths, the goals of Astana and Geneva talks, the Kurds' struggle for freedom and the gains made in four parts of Kurdistan, and the ways in which the conditions of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan could be changed.
The following decisions were made during the conference attended by 59 renown intellectual, social and political figures:
- It is impossible to solve the problems in the Middle East without the resolution of the Kurdish issue.
- Fair searches for a solution based on the reality of the Middle East should be supported.
- The Kurdish people should hold the Kurdish National Congress before losing the emerging opportunity to this end.
- The political and military gains made by the Kurds during the current chaos will pave the way for new support and alliances.
- The forces that try to break the alliance between Kurds and make them fight one another should by defeated through actions and efforts.
- The reason why Russia and other countries are changing their approach towards the Kurds is because Kurds are growing stronger politically and militarily.
- All Kurdish people should bring up the condition of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan at İmralı on the agenda of international powers.
The final declaration said: “Moreover, participants debated the ongoing war in Kurdistan, Syria, Turkey and Iraq. The resistance waged by Kurdish guerrillas and peshmergas that bravely defend all the peoples in the region and their lands is a concrete reality to be proud of. The spirit that emerged in Kobanê and Shengal with a joint self-sacrifice has been seen and acknowledged by Russia with great respect. The similarities between the pains experienced by the Kurds today and those suffered by Russi after the second world war laid the grounds for stronger relationship and alliances.”
Below are the conclusions reached by the participants of the 6th Kurdish Conference:
- Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan should be liberated and international powers such as Russia should play their role in this regard.
- Northern Syria Federation should be recognized and taken under constitutional guarantee.
- The AKP government should stop its attacks on circles demanding peace, parliamentarians and the Kurdish people in North, South and West Kurdistan.
- The Russian Federation should be urged to use its influence over Turkey in order to save the AKP government from the disaster it is progressing into.
- The Russian Federation should be urged to use its international influence to come up with a rooted and fair solution to the crisis in the Middle East basing on the principles of justice.
- Russia should recognize the Northern Syria Federation project in its relations in the international arena.
- Kurdish National Congress should be realized and a joint Kurdish and Kurdistan representation office should be opened to take full responsibility in the international arena and defend the interests of the Kurds.
- The two sides in South and West Kurdistan should act in accordance with the agreed principles, and re-open the closed political institutions that should be used for the good of the people.
- All Kurdish political parties and organizations should prioritize the interests of Kurdish people in their activities.
Lastly, participants of the conference stated that Turkey has a big role in the current crisis in the Middle East, condemned the isolation of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, demanded the release of Öcalan and other political prisoners. In addition, they concluded that there will be no solution in Turkey otherwise, and a Turkey without a solution means a Middle East without a solution.”

* "Rojava delegation continues official talks in Moscow; The Rojava delegation in Moscow met with Sergey Mironov, Head of the party 'A Just Russia' " (2017-02-18, []: PYD Co-chair Asya Abdullah, Kobanê Canton Executive Council President Enver Muslim and PYD Representative for Russia Abdulselam Ali met with 'A Just Russia' Party Head Sergey Mironov, DUMA Foreign Committee Vice Chair Aleksey Çepa and Central Council Board Chair Aleksandır Romanovich at the DUMA party office.
Welcoming the Rojava delegation here, Sergey Mironov stated that Russia has undertaken an active role to overcome the crisis in Syria and is resolved on the fight against international terrorist organizations in the body of ISIS.
Asya Abdullah on behalf of the Rojava delegation emphasised that the positive relations between the Just Russia Party and the PYD will continue during the coming process.
During the meeting, the matters on the agenda of world politics, the Kurdish question and the Syrian crisis were discussed.


* "PKK's Karayılan: It's time to completely wipe out the conspiracy; PKK Executive Council Member Murat Karayılan: Many European countries played a role in this conspiracy. Now they need to approach the Kurdish issue in a honest way and heed our calls for a solution" (2017-02-15, []

* "International conspiracy against Öcalan condemned in Qandil; Hundreds from Qandil region protested the February 15 1999's international conspiracy against Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan" (2017-02-15, [], attached video []

* "HPG/YJA Star guerrillas in Shengal: We will liberate our Leader in 2017; HPG/YJA Star guerrillas said 'We will liberate Leader Öcalan in 2017 and break the chain on our people and humanity. We will ensure the democratic future of peoples through the freedom of our Leader' " (2017-02-15, []

* "TEV-DEM calls on everyone to play their role for Öcalan's freedom; TEV-DEM condemned the February 15 conspiracy and called upon everyone to play their role for Öcalan's freedom" (2017-02-15, []:
Rojava's Movement for a Democratic Society (TEV-DEM) issued a written statement on the anniversary of the February 15 conspiracy against Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan. Below is the full text of TEV-DEM's statement:
“We are at the 18th anniversary of the February 15 international conspiracy that resulted in the captivity of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan. Öcalan who is held in aggravated isolation in İmralı prison. This isolation aims to break the will of the Kurdistan people and enslave them. The conspiracy also aims to end the struggle for democracy across the Middle East.
With this conspiracy, it was intended to harm the world's social forces that fight for the values of humanity, social morality and nations' right to self-determination. The conspiracy is a violation of the UN International Law on Political Affairs and Principles that serves for the regulation of foreign affairs across the world. Moreover, this conspiracy differs from all other crimes committed throughout history as it involved representatives of many powers across the world.
However, Leader Apo foiled all the dimensions of this conspiracy with his resistance and rendered it meaningless. With his philosophy and ideas, Leader Apo shook regional and international powers and all the circles bearing a nation-state mentality through the democratic project he provided to the Middle East basing on legitimate resistance.
As TEV-DEM, we definitely define today as a black day. The conspiracy did not only target Öcalan in person; it targeted every society that fights for freedom, democracy, and the values of humanity. The conspiracy on Öcalan targeted the 'Democracy Project' for the Middle East that has been turned into a field of power struggles instead of co-existence and fraternity of peoples.
As TEV-DEM, we condemn this bad day with all our institutions and parties. We say that the social diplomatic and all other ways of struggle to ensure the removal of the isolation on Öcalan and his freedom are a moral, humane and political duty of our people and everyone else.
We state once again that the society of Kurdistan, democracy forces, NGOs, all global and regional legislative bodies should increase their support for the physical freedom of Öcalan and play their roles to this end because Öcalan's freedom will bring lasting peace and freedom for the peoples of the region. It will realize the hopes and dreams of the region's societies."

* "Thousands protest the international conspiracy in Qamishlo; Thousands of people condemned the international conspiracy against Öcalan and chanted "No Life Without the Leader" during their march and rally in Rojava's Qamishlo city" (2017-02-15, []

* "Peoples of Cizre Canton vow to defeat the international conspiracy; Peoples of Cizre Canton reiterated their commitment to enhance their struggle and to defeat the February 15 conspiracy" (2017-02-15, []

* "YJA-Star: We will reunite with our Leader; YJA-Star Central Headquarters Command stated that as the defense force of free life and women, they would never accept a life without Öcalan and reunite with him through struggle and resistance" (2017-02-15, []

* "YBŞ vows to enhance the struggle until Öcalan's freedom is achieved; Shengal Resistance Units (YBŞ) condemned the February 15 conspiracy against Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan and all the powers that took part in it, vowing to enhance the struggle until Öcalan's freedom is achieved" (2017-02-15, []

* "International conspiracy against Öcalan protested in Stockholm; Kurds protested the international conspiracy against Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan in front of the US and Turkish Embassy in Stockholm" (2017-02-15, [], attached video []

* "Kurdish youths march for Öcalan in France; Kurdish youth in Europe and Kurdistan continue to protest the February 15 international conspiracy against Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan at its 18th anniversary" (2017-02-15, []

* "Thousands protest the international conspiracy in Kobanê; Thousands joined a rally in Kobanê town of Rojava to protest the February 15 1999's international conspiracy against Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan at its 18th anniversary" (2017-02-15, []

* "February 15 conspiracy against Öcalan protested in Damascus; The February 15 1999's international conspiracy against Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan was condemned in Syria's capital and largest city Damascus on its 18th anniversary" (2017-02-16, []

* "Resistance of Öcalan saluted in Girkê Legê; Intellectuals and political parties in Girkê Legê city of Rojava saluted Abdullah Öcalan's resistance on the 18th anniversary of the international conspiracy against the Kurdish People's Leader" (2017-02-16, []

* "February 15 conspiracy condemned in East Kurdistan; Youths in East Kurdistan condemned the February 15 1999's international conspiracy against Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan" (2017-02-16, []

* "Öcalan’s lawyers call for increased struggle against the isolation; Asrın Law Office advocating Öcalan said they have been refused on 580 appeals for visitation and called for raising the democratic legal struggle against these anti-democratic practices" (2017-02-16, []

* "February 15 conspiracy protested in Toronto and Sydney; February 15 1999's international conspiracy against Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan was condemned in Toronto city of Canada and Sydney city of Australia" (2017-02-17, [], attached video [] []

* "International Delegation member: Öcalan’s ideas are important for peace; International Delegation member Federico Venturini stated that their primary goal is to meet with Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan, and said that the isolation imposed upon the Kurdish leader should end at once" (2017-02-17, []

* "YPJ fighters in Aleppo: Conspirators lost, Öcalan and his ideas won; YPJ Aleppo fighters Avesta, Nuda and Mitra condemned the February 15 conspiracy against Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, and emphasized that women adopted Öcalan's philosophy and defeated the conspiracy" (2017-02-18, [], attached video []

* "Kurds in Gothenburg march for the freedom of Öcalan; People of Kurdistan living in Gothenburg, Sweden marched for the freedom of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan" (2017-02-19, [], attached video []

* "Germany arrests a Kurdish patriot in Frankfurt; The wave of arrests against the Kurds living in Germany continues" (2017-02-18, []

* "Turkish Prime Minister protested in Oberhausen; Hundreds protested Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım who held a rally in Oberhausen, Germany today" (2017-02-18, [], attached video []


North Kurdistan (Bakur), within the jurisdiction of the Republic of Turkey

* "Turkish forces rake through a passenger minibus in Lice; Turkish military forces raked through a minibus carrying civilians in Amed's Lice district" (2017-02-15, []

* "HDP Şırnak MP Ferhat Encü released from prison; HDP Şırnak MP Ferhat Encü has been released from Kandıra F Type Closed Prison where he was held hostage by the government since November 4" (2017-02-15, []

* "HDP Co-chair Demirtaş's letter to the CPT is missing; HDP Vice Co-Chair responsible for Foreign Relations and Bingöl MP Hişyar Özsoy said that the letter written by Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtaş's to European Committee for the Prevention of Torture, CPT two months ago is missing" (2017-02-16, []

* "Up to 25 years in prison sought for HDP Spokesperson Bilgen; A prison sentence of 11 to 25,5 years is sought for HDP Spokesperson and Kars MP Ayhan Bilgen" (2017-02-16, []

* "International delegation organized by EUTCC to visit Demirtaş tomorrow; An international delegation organized by the EU Turkey Civic Commission (EUTCC) will pay a visit tomorrow to HDP co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş who is imprisoned in Edirne" (2017-02-16, []

* "Arrest warrant for HDP Adıyaman MP Behçet Yıldırım; An arrest warrant has been issued for HDP Adıyaman MP Behçet Yıldırım" (2017-02-17, []

* "HDP MP Encü arrested once again two days after his release from prison; HDP Şırnak MP Ferhat Encü who was released from prison two days ago has been formally arrested once again" (2017-02-17, []

* "Arrest warrant for HDP's Baluken released from prison two weeks ago; Arrest warrant has been issued for HDP vice co-chair and Amed MP İdris Baluken who was released from prison on January 30 after three months imprisonment" (2017-02-17, []

* "International delegation blocked from visiting HDP's Demirtaş in prison; The international delegation organized by the EU Turkey Civic Commission (EUTCC) has been blocked from visiting HDP co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş held in Edirne Prison" (20107-02-17, []

* "HDP MP Ferhat Encü detained two days after release from prison; HDP Şırnak MP Ferhat Encü who was released from prison two days ago after imprisonment early November, has been taken into custody once again" (2017-02-17, []
* "Ferhat Encü: They will not take our will hostage; Taken hostage by the Turkish state, HDP Şırnak parliamentarian Ferhat Encü sent a message from Kandıra Prison. Encü said 'These political decisions will not take our will hostage, just like they did not in the past' " (2017-02-19, []
* "Halime Encü, the mother of Ferhat Encü who was arrested for 104 days, released, and re-arrested, said ‘Ferhat was fighting for justice for Roboski, this is why they are scared’ " (2017-02-19, []

* "HDP appeals to the ECHR for jailed Co-chairs of the party; An application has been filed with the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) regarding the continuing unlawful imprisonment of HDP Co-chairs Selahattin Demirtaş and Figen Yüksekdağ" (2017-02-20, []

* "HDP MP Behçet Yıldırım taken into custody; HDP Adıyaman MP Behçet Yıldırım has been taken into custody by police" (2017-02-20, []

* "Municipality of Van's Çaldıran district also usurped by the government; In the Northern Kurdistan province of Van where a total of 12 municipalities are held by the Democratic Regions' Party (DBP), the 10th municipality has also been usurped by the government" (2017-02-15, []

* "Van's Saray district municipality also usurped by the government; The DBP-held municipality of Van's Saray district has also been usurped by the government" (2017-02-15, []

* "Co-mayor of Van's Çatak district jailed; Çatak co-mayor Evin Keve has been jailed for alleged 'membership to a terrorist organization' " (2017-02-16, []

* "HPG: One soldier killed in Hatay countryside; One Turkish soldier was killed as result of an action by guerrillas in Dörtyol district of Hatay yesterday" (2017-02-15, []

* "No news received from the residents of Mardin's Kuruköy village; Contact has been lost with locals in Xerabe Bava (Kuruköy) village in Mardin's Nusaybin district which remains under the siege of state forces for one week" (2017-02-17, []

* "No news received from the residents of Mardin's Kuruköy village; Contact has been lost with locals in Xerabe Bava (Kuruköy) village in Mardin's Nusaybin district which remains under the siege of state forces for one week" (2017-02-17, []
* "Communications cut with the village under the siege of state forces; As the arrests continue in the three villages of Mardin that remain under a curfew, communications have been cut with Nusaybin's Kuruköy village" (2017-02-17, []
* "Three people executed in Nusaybin; Reports are coming through that three people have been executed in Koruköy village of Mardin's Nusaybin district which remains under the siege of Turkish forces for 7 days" (2017-02-17, []
* "Execution, torture and mass detention in Nusaybin's Xerabê Bava village; Three people have been executed, 39 detained after torture and no news is available regarding the aftermath of two people in Nusaybin's Xerabê Bava village under siege of AKP/Palace forces" (2017-02-18, []
* "Footage of Turkish state savagery in Xeraba Bava village; Turkish state forces put the footage of the houses they burned in Nusaybin's Xeraba Bava (Koruköy) village on the internet" (2017-02-19, [], attached video []
* "Call for help from Nusaybin's Xerabê Bava village; As the siege of Turkish state forces continues in Nusaybin's Xerabê Bava village which has been cut off from electrical and telephone services, calls for help are rising" (2017-02-19, []

* "Residents of Xerabê Bava: State forces' siege and attacks continue; Residents of Nusaybin's Xerabê Bava village, which remains under the siege and attacks of Turkish state forces since February 11, stated that attacks are ongoing" (2017-02-20, []

* "Three people executed in Xerabê Bava taken to Mardin; Bodies of three people who have been executed in Nusaybin's Xerabê Bava village during the ongoing siege for 10 days, and who are still unidentified, have been taken to Mardin" (2017-02-20, []
* "Tyranny and resistance not new in Xerabê Bava; Neither tyranny nor resistance are new in Xerabê Bava, one of the burning places of memory for the atrocities imposed upon the Kurdish people, and it will resist until the end, never forgetting the most recent undescribable horror" (2017-02-20, []

* "HDP, DBP and DTK delegation on the way to Xerabê Bava village; A delegation from the HDP, DBP and DTK has left for Xerabê Bava village in Mardin's Nusaybin district after reports of execution, torture and mass detention of residents amid the ongoing siege of state forces" (2017-02-18, []
* "HDP Batman parliamentarian Mehmet Ali Aslan detained and released; HDP Batman parliamentarian Mehmet Ali Aslan was detained by police officers yesterday evening but was released a few hours by the court in Mardin's Midyat district" (2017-02-19, []
* "DTK, DBP, HDP delegation once again denied access to Xerabê Bava; Soldiers blocked a DTK, DBP, HDP and Peace Mothers delegation heading to Xerabê Bava village. The delegation said they would wait there until the siege in the village is ended" (2017-02-20, []

* "DTK-DBP-HDP delegation blocked near Xerabê Bava starts a vigil; The DTK-DBP-HDP delegation that headed to Nusaybin's Xerabê Bava village but was blocked by soldiers on their way have started a vigil where they were stopped" (2017-02-20, []
* "HDP issues urgent call to international organisations for Xerabê Bava; HDP issued an urgent call to international organisations for Nusaybin's Xerabê Bava village, where critical rights violations are taking place and communications have been cut for the past 10 days" (2017-02-20, []
* "KNK issues urgent appeal for Xerabê Bava; KNK made an urgent appeal to international institutions and public opinion to take required measure against Turkish state’s atrocities in Kurdistan" (2017-02-20, []

* "Municipal workers fired for refusing to demolish PKK guerrillas' graves; The trustee at the usurped Municipality of Batman has fired workers who refused to demolish the graves of PKK guerrillas" (2017-02-16, [], attached video []
* "22 tombstones in Batman forcibly replaced due to 'PKK propaganda' ; Batman Chief Public Prosecutor's Office and the appointed trustee ordered the replacement of 23 tombstones in the city cemetery claiming that the colors and symbols on the tombstones were 'organization (PKK) propaganda' " (2017-02-17, []

* "HPG: We won't remain silent against the attacks on our cemeteries; HPG reported that Turkish jets bombed the Mehmet Karasungur Cemetery of Martyrs in Qandil, stressing that they will not remain silent against those carrying out these attacks" (2017-02-18, []
* "Footage from the Cemetery of Martyrs bombed by Turkish jets in Qandil; Turkish jets bombed the Mehmet Karasungur Cemetery of Martyrs in Qandil region of guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in South Kurdistan territory at 20:00 on February 1" (2017-02-20, [], attached video []

* "Injuries reported as result of blast in Viranşehir; An explosion has occurred near the lodgings of judges and prosecutors in Viranşehir district of Urfa Friday evening" (2017-02-17, []

* "YPS action against police station in Cizre; YPS fighters carried out an action against the Dörtyol police station in Cizre, Şırnak" (201702-19, []


South Kurdistan (Basur), within the jurisdiction of the Republic of Iraq
Provincial map []

* "KDP blocks the youths marching for Öcalan from entering Hewler; KDP has instructed asayish forces for the obstruction of the entrance in Hewler of the youths marching for Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan at the 18th anniversary of the February 15 conspiracy" (2017-02-15, []

* "KDP asayish obstruct the march for Öcalan and detain 4 demonstrators; KDP Asayish forces obstructed the march youth organizations in South Kurdistan launched on February 10 in order to protest the February conspiracy, and detained 4 people" (2017-02-15, [], attached video []

* "KDP Asayish obstructs a seminar on February 15 conspiracy; KDP Asayish forces raided a seminar on the February 15 conspiracy and obstructed the meeting" (2017-02-15, []

* "Turkish jets bomb the cemetery of guerrillas in Qandil;Turkish fighter jets bombed the Mehmet Karasungur Cemetery of Martyrs in Qandil region of Medya Defense Zones in South Kurdistan Friday evening" (2017-02-18, [], attached video []

* "HPG: We won't remain silent against the attacks on our cemeteries; HPG reported that Turkish jets bombed the Mehmet Karasungur Cemetery of Martyrs in Qandil, stressing that they will not remain silent against those carrying out these attacks" (2017-02-18, []

* "Air strikes in Zap, Çemço and Kunişka; Turkish warplanes bombarded Medya Defense Zones' Zap, Çemço and Kunişka regions" (2017-02-19, []: HPG Media Center issued a written statement on Turkish warplanes' recent air strikes in Medya Defense Zones.
In its statement, HPG said "After its attack on the Martyr Mehmet Karasungur Cemetery in Qandil, the Turkish Air Force carried out airstrikes in our areas on February 19.
Turkish warplanes bombarded the Çemço and Kunişka areas of Medya Defense Zones' Zap region between 01:00 and 02:00 on February 19. Warplanes had also bombarded the Miska village of Metina region around 20:00 on February 17.
There were no casualties during the bombardment but civilians' gardens were damaged."

* "Turkish jets shell several areas in guerrilla zones; Turkish warplanes have shelled several areas in guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in South Kurdistan territory Monday morning" (2017-02-20, []:
Turkish warplanes have shelled several areas in guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in South Kurdistan territory Monday morning.
The aggression that began at 10:00 local time was joined by several Turkish fighter jets.
No information was immediately available as to which areas have been targeted by the aerial aggression.

* "HPG: Turkish jets bombed Zap and Zagros; HPG reported that Turkish jets shelled Zap and Zagros areas of guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in South Kurdistan territory" (2017-02-20, []


West Kurdistan (Rojava), within the jurisdiction of the Arab Republic of Syria, governed by the Rojava Kurdistan Democratic Autonomous Administration, partner in the Northern Syria Federation
Map []. News [], Documents (2016) []

* "First HPC-Jin Battalion established in Hesekê; The first HPC-Jin (Civilian Defense Forces-Women) Battalion has been established affiliated to the Kelas Neighborhood Commune of Rojava's Hesekê city" (2017-02-20, []


State of Palestine, exile community, and occupied territories
[] [] [] []

* "Abbas arrives in Tehran to participate in 6th International Conference on Palestinian Intifada" (2017-02-20, []:
Speaker of the People’s Assembly Hadiyeh Abbas arrived in Tehran on Sunday heading Syria’s delegation to the 6th International Conference in Support of the Palestinian Intifada scheduled to be held in Tehran on February 20 and 21.
Abbas was received by Chairman of Iranian Shura Council’s Committee for Foreign Policy and National Security Alaeddin Boroujerdi and Syria’s ambassador in Tehran Adnan Mahmoud.
Delegations from more than 80 countries, including Syria, in addition to Parliamentary, Youth, NGOs, and Resistance Movements delegations will participate in the Conference.

* "DPRK Delegation Arrives in Iran to Support Palestine" (2017-02-20, KCNA Newswire) []: A delegation of the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly led by Chairman Choe Thae Bok arrived in Teheran on February 19 to pay an official visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran and take part in the 6th international conference in support of the Palestinian people to be held in the country.


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & GCC Council member states
Map []

* "World Bank chief visits oil-rich Saudi Arabia" (2017-02-14, UPI Newswire) []


National Salvation Government of Yemen ("Houthis")
[] [] []

* "SPC discusses latest developments in local, international scene" (2017-02-14, []: The Supreme Political Council (SPC) held on Tuesday a meeting under the chairmanship of Deputy President of the SPC Qasim Labuza.
The meeting discussed the developments in the local and international scene.
The SPC stressed that it really wants a peaceful solution to the crisis to end all forms of aggression against Yemen and lifting the blockade as well as welcoming the efforts of the United Nations and its Newly-Secretary-General in this regard .
The meeting focused on the economic effects of the aggression on Yemen and the efforts of the government and businessmen to ensure the stability of the local currency exchange rate.
The meeting held the responsibility of the outgoing president Hadi and the so- Called Ben Dugher's government on the deterioration of economic conditions and stopping payment of salaries.
The Supreme Political Council condemned the declaration of the aggression of Hodeida as a military zone, stressing that it enters the overall targeting of Yemen and its infrastructure.
The SPC denounced the crimes committed by the US-Saudi aggression warplanes against innocent citizens in Mocha in Taiz, Sa'ada, Hajjah and all Yemen's regions.
The council warned of the dangers of using terrorists in the ranks of the aggression carried out by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, which would cause a risk on Yemen and the region.

* "President meets head of Supreme Judiciary Council" (2017-02-20, []

* "Public Works Minister meets JICA official" (2017-02-14, []:

* "FM calls on friendly countries to help establish peace in Yemen" (2017-02-18, []

* "PM meets chairman of Yemeni Club to coordinate with BRICS countries" (2017-02-17, []: Prime Minister Dr. Abdul Aziz Saleh Bin Habtoor met on Wednesday with the chairman and members of the governing body of the Yemeni Club to coordinate with the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa).
Chairman of the club Ali Ahmed Ishaq delivered an explanation for the club, which is related to one of the institutions of civil society that aims to coordinate the economic opportunities in Yemen and to contribute to sustainable development that enhance the economic and vital position of Yemen.
He explained that the BRICS countries aimed to reduce the economic dominance of a single pole and work to strengthen the economic capabilities of the states according to a new global vision of the economy.
He pointed out the importance of good preparation with the BRICS projects, as well as marketing of investment opportunities regionally and internationally.
Dr. Bin Habtoor stressed at the same time that the government is taking care to the institutions of civil society which their functions supporting the society.


* "Houthis, in Surprise Move, Form a Government in Yemen" (2016-11-28, []
* "U.S. Fingerprints on Attacks Obliterating Yemen’s Economy; The Saudi-led coalition is hitting civilian targets, like factories, bridges and power stations, that critics say have no clear link to the rebels. In the rubble, the remains of American munitions have been found" (2017-11-13, []
* "Plight of Houthi Rebels Is Clear in Visit to Yemen’s Capital" (2016-11-26, []

* "Aggression financed by Saudi, backed by Israel: Saleh" (2017-02-19, []: Former President and head of the General People Congress (GPC) Ali Abdullah Saleh said the aggression on Yemen is financed by Saudi and Gulf money and backed by the US, Britain and Israel.
In a speech delivered on Saturday night, Saleh said the so called "decisive storm" has achieved nothing but more bloodshed, destruction and attempts to starve and kill 27 million Yemenis through the unjust all-out blockade, imposed by Saudi Arabia and its allies.
"The aggression on Yemen has been committed under the eyes and ears of the whole world for two years, particularly the United Nations," Saleh said.
"The UN silence and blessing make it a complicit partner in war crimes committed on a daily basis by Saudi Arabia and its coalition," Saleh concluded.

* "Food aid distribute to families of martyrs in Hodeidah" (2017-02-15, []: Food aid were distributed to the families of martyrs in the Red Sea port city of Hodeidah. Hodeidah governor Hassan Al-heij praised the role of the local non-governmental organization, the Solidarity and Social Development Foundation, which provided the aid to support the families of martyrs who sacrificed their lives to defend the homeland from the US-Saudi brutal aggression.

* "FM meets UN Acting Office for Political Affairs" (2017-02-15, []
* "PM meets UN official in Yemen" (2017-02-19, []:
Prime Minister Dr. Abdul Aziz Saleh Bin Habtoor, met on Sunday in the capital Sana'a, the UN Resident Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen, Jamie McGoldrick.
At the meeting, they stressed on the importance to exert all efforts to alleviate suffering of the Yemeni people due to the Saudi aggression and its all-out siege that have hit the humanitarian, health and economic sectors.
The premier stressed on the importance of the UN role of and the international community to pressure on Saudi-led aggression coalition to stop the war against the Yemeni people, lift the siege and re-open Sana'a International Airport.
Bin Habtoor affirmed on the need to increase the amount of aid to cover the growing needs in the relief and humanitarian and medical sectors to cover all provinces' needs.
He renewed the government's willingness to provide all necessary support for the success of the work and activities of the UN Office and all humanitarian organizations working in Yemen.
 For his part, the UN official explained the efforts of the United Nations to fund humanitarian needs of the Yemeni people and to alleviate their suffering.
The UN official expressed his appreciation for the National Salvation Government's efforts to overcome the difficulties and facilitate the activity of the humanitarian organizations operating in the country to enhance joint efforts in all humanitarian areas.

* "President receives ICRC regional director" (2017-02-20, []

* "FM meets ICRC regional director" (2017-02-20, []

* "PM receives ICRC regional director" (2017-02-20, []


* "SOS Organization awarded in Yemen's capital" (2017-02-12, []:
The Social Affairs and Labor Office in the capital Sana'a awarded the SOS for Relief and Crisis Management organization for its role in the humanitarian relief to support affected people in the capital and its outskirts.
Executive Director of the SOS organization, Wael Yahya, thanked the labor office for this good initiative, promising that the NGO SOS organization will intensify its efforts to provide more support and care for the affected people, poor and internally displaced persons.
The honor operation took place on Saturday.


* "Eritrea frees 10 Yemeni fishermen" (2017-02-21, []


Yemen: War News

* "LCRD issues daily Saudi aggression crimes against Yemen"[]: The Legal Center for Rights and Development issued on Tuesday its daily report on the violation and crimes committed by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen for Monday. It covers six provinces as attached picture below.

* "Saudi aggression warplanes continue heinous strikes against civilians" []

* "Two citizens killed in Saudi airstrikes on Hodaida" []

* "Saudi warplanes kills three civilians in Sa'ada" []: Three citizens were killed in a Saudi airstrike in Baqam district of Sa'ada province overnight, a local official told Saba on Tuesday.
The Saudi fighter jets struck their car in al-Demnah area, wounding four other people.
The airstrike hit Al Qarrad area, causing heavy damage to citizens' properties and farms.
Meanwhile, Saudi aggression intensively shelled Razah district of the same province, the official added.

* "Army foils terrorist attack in Baidha, kills terrorist" []

* "Houthi-Saleh alliance destroys Saudi M1 Abrams tank in Najran; A video, showing a process of destruction of the Saudi M1 Abrams tank with an anti-tank guided missile of the Houthi-Saleh alliance in Saudi Arabia, has been published online" (2017-02-15, [], attached video []:
A video, showing a process of destroying of the Saudi M1 Abrams main battle tank with an anti-tank guided missile of the Houthi-Saleh alliance, has been published online. Reportedly, the tank was destroyed near the Al-Hiljah military base, located in Najran region of Saudi Arabia.
Meanwhile, according to last reports, positions of the Saudi-backed militants, stationed in Ta’iz and Hajjah provinces of Yemen, were heavily pounded by the Houthi-Saleh alliance. As a result, several Saudi mercenaries were killed, while their military hardware was destroyed.
At least five Saudi fighters were killed in Ta’iz and Hajjah, while one their armored vehicle was destroyed at the same areas. Another military vehicle of Saudi militants was destroyed in the surrounding areas of the Midi desert in Hajjah province, where two Saudi fighters also lost their lives in clashes with the Houthi-Saleh forces. Reportedly, other five Saudi mercenaries were also killed during an exchange of fire with the alliance in Saleh district, located to the east of Ta’iz city.
At the same time, artillery and missile units of the Houthi-Saleh alliance launched a series of attacks on positions of Saudi fighters in the southern part of Dhubab. As a result, a number of Saudi-backed militants were killed in the attacks.
On Monday, the Al-Masira TV-channel reported, citing unnamed local Yemeni military sources, that seven Saudi fighters lost their lives during attacks of the Houthi-Saleh alliance on Ab’ar and Salah regions, located in the eastern parts of Ta’iz. Reportedly, the alliance’s forces also launched attacks on the northern parts of the al-Mahdaf military base and al-Madresa village, as well as on Kars Joubah, located in Jizan province in southern Saudi Arabia.
Meanwhile, gathering centers of Saudi fighters, stationed in the southern parts of Zabab city near Bab al-Mandab, were blown up by artillery units of the alliance. It was not reported about the number of casualties of the Saudi side.

* "Roundup: 309 airstrikes hit Yemen in five days" (2017-02-15, []
* "US-Saudi aggression warplanes wage seven raids on Serwah" []
* "Army shoots down Saudi plane in Mareb" []
* "Death toll from Saudi aggression air strike on Arhab funeral house rises to 8 women" []
* "Army fires ballistic missile on Saudi airport to revenge Saudi war crime on Yemen funeral" []: The national army and popular forces said in a statement to Saba on Wednesday night that the Rocketry Force fired a long-range ballistic missile at enemy Saudi airport of Abha in Saudi region of Asir. The statement said the missile hit the target accurately as balls of fires were seen at the scene. The army said the missile attack came to revenge the Saudi aggression air strike on the funeral house in Arhab district on Wednesday afternoon that killed eight women and children and injured ten other women. The Arhab funeral house air attack was the Saudi latest war crimes against the Yemeni civilians.
* "Ballistic missile hits Saudi-paid mercenaries in Mokha" []: The army and popular forces on Wednesday fired Zilzal 2, the ballistic missile on gatherings of US-Saudi-paid mercenaries in Mokha port city in Taiz province, a millitary official told Saba. The missile hit the target accurately in Wahajah area, killing and wounding dozens of the mercenaries.

* "Army hits mercenaries in Taiz" []
* "Dozens of Saudi soldiers killed in Jizan, Najran" []

* "Houthi-Saleh alliance shoots down Saudi spy drone in Yemen; The Houthi-Saleh alliance has shot down a Saudi unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in Marib province" (2017-02-15, []

* "Army continues targeting Saudi, mercenaries sites in several fronts" []:
The army and popular forces continued targeting Saudi enemy sites and its mercenaries in the past hours with missiles and artillery shelling, inflicting human and material losses to their ranks.
The artillery of the army and popular forces pounded sites and gatherings of Saudi army behind al-Muntazah site, al-Dukhan Mount, al-Khashal and al-Kars in Jizan region, a military official told Saba.
A Saudi solider was shot dead in al-Dukhan Mount by a sniper unit of the army and popular forces.
Meanwhile, the missile force of the army and popular forces launched a ballistic missile, medium range, on Abha regional airport.
In addition, the missile force and the artillery of the army and popular forces pounded airfield of Apache at al-Hagez military camp, Tabat Amer, Mustahdath site behind al-Araq telecommunication in Aser region.
The artillery of the army and popular forces targeted Saudi gatherings and their ordnance in al-Rabou'ah complex and at Nashma site in Aser, inflicting direct losses among them.
Meanwhile, the artillery of the army and popular forces pounded al-Daba'ah site in Najran, targeting Saudi gatherings in al-Kufash site.
The official confirmed that the army and popular forces launched a missile of Zelzal-2 on Saudi-paid mercenaries on Wahejah area in Mocha in Taiz province, causing killing and injuring among them.
The official said that six Saudi-paid mercenaries were killed when they tried to move towards sites at the front of al-Kindi street in the east of Taiz city.
Three Saudi-paid mercenaries were killed in Sala area in Taiz, the official said.
The army and popular forces targeted mercenaries' gatherings with a barrage of Katyousha rockets in Thubab.
In addition, the army and popular forces pounded sites of mercenaries in Usailan district in Shabwa province.
In the same province, the army targeted Saudi-paid mercenaries at al-Saaq area.
Meanwhile, the army and popular forces pounded gatherings of mercenaries behind al-Qatab area in Nehm, inflicting human and material losses to their ranks.
Two military vehicles of mercenaries were destroyed with improvised explosive devices in Sberan area in Khab and al-Sha'af district of Jawf province.
Two mercenaries were killed in al-Makhdra area in Serwah of Mareb province.
A military vehicle of mercenaries in Kawfal area was destroyed by the army and popular forces.
* "President visits Arhab, offers condolences to families of funeral house" []

* "Ansaruallah strongly condemns Saudi massacre against Yemen funeral women" (2017-02-16, []: The Political Council of Ansaruallah on Thursday strongly condemned the US-Saudi aggression airstrikes on Arhab women funeral house that killed at least ten women and children.
In a statement obtained by Saba, the council said that this new horrific, brutal Saudi war crime against Yemeni civilians reveals that the Saudi aggression is a beast lacks all religious and humanitarian principles.
The council said Saudis have been committing war crimes on a daily basis against the Yemeni people in front of all world since two years.
The council said Yemeni people will remain steadfastness to face the Saudi aggression, calling on the International community and Security Council to take responsibility to press for an end to the unjust aggression war.
* "Yemaniat Foundation for Women and Children condemns Saudi massacre on Arhab funeral" (2017-02-16, []
* "Yemen's parliament condemns Saudi massacre on Arhab women funeral house" (2017-02-18, []
* "Tribes offer condolences to families of Arhab funeral victims killed by Saudis" (2017-02-19, []
* "HR Ministry condemns Saudi massacre on Arhab women funeral house" []
* "US-Saudi aggression hits Sa'ada with Internationally banned cluster bombs" []

* "Dozens of Suadi-paid mercenaries killed in Taiz" []
* "Army shoots dead Saudi soldier, hit Saudi military sites in Najran, Jizan, Asir" []
* "Dozens of enemy Saudi soldiers killed in Najran" []

* "Military situation in Yemen on February 16, 2017" (2017-02-16, []: This map shows the military situation in Yemen on February 16, 2017. Recently, pro-Saudi forces had retaken the historic Red Sea port of Mocha from the Houthi-Saleh alliance [].

* "Army shoots dead two Saudi soldiers in Jizan" []
* "Army secures two villages in al-Dhabab, Taiz" []

* "Four mercenaries' vehicles smashed in Shabwa" []
* "Airstrike hits Sheikh al-Ghader's house" []
* "Dozens of US-Saudi-paid mercenaries killed in Jwaf" []
* "Army shells mercenaries in Lahj" []
* "Army hit mercenaries' gatherings in Taiz" []
* "Saudi fighter jets continue strikes on Yemeni provinces" []
* "Army shoots dead Saudi soldier, hits Saudi military sites in Jizan" []
* "Ballistic missile hits Saudi-paid mercenaries in Mareb" []
* "Saudi warplanes launch three strikes on Sa'ada" []
* "Saudi soldier shot dead, Saudi military groups shelled in Najran, Asir" []

* "Rocketry ballistic technology beats US -Saudi defense system: Yemen Army" []: The army says third generation of modern Yemeni Rocketry ballistic missiles cannot be intercepted by US-provided enemy Saudi anti-missile system, in a statement obtained by Saba on Sunday. The army said the new Yemeni ballistic technology is another war against US -Saudi anti-missiles system in which the Yemeni technology of the third generation of ballistic missiles beats enemy system and always hit the targets directly and accurately. The army confirmed that the missile forces have managed in a short time and in very difficult conditions to change the military equation into their favor.
* "Man killed in Saudi missile attack on Haydan" []
* "Artillery shelling kills dozens of Saudi soldiers" []
* "Missile hits al-Shaqiq power plant in Jizan" []: The missile force of the army and popular forces fired early on Sunday a medium-range ballistic missile on al-Shaqiq power plant in Jizan province, a military official said. The missile accurately hit the plant, which provides power to most of the military bases in Khamis Mushayt and Abha provinces.
* "Two Saudi soldiers killed, Saudi military vehicle destroyed in Jizan, Asir" []
* "Saudi fighter jets launch 5 strikes on Mareb" []
* "Civilians targeted by Saudi air strikes on Yemeni provinces" []: US-Saudi aggression fighter jets and their mercenaries continued strikes on citizens and their properties in several provinces over the past hours, a military official told Saba on Sunday.
In Sa'ada province, The Saudi aggression missiles fired on citizens' houses in Talan area of Haydan
district, killing a citizen and wounding others.
Meanwhile, the aggression warplanes waged two strikes on al-Atfain, al-Aqiq area of Kutaf district and al-Mahdidah area of Baqim district in Sa'ada.
Moreover, a woman was killed by Saudi-paid mercenary sniper in al-Kadahah area in al-Ma'afar district of Taiz province.
In Hajja province, the Saudi enemy fighter jets launched a raid on Haradh district.
In Taiz province, Shabarah village in Mokha district was struck and Mokha junction road was hit also by the enemy Saudi air forces .
Meanwhile, Saudi-paid mercenaries' artillery shelled citizens' houses in Serwah district of Mareb province.
The aggression warplanes launched strike on al-Sabah military site in Jizan province and other three strikes hit al-Talah military site in Najran province, the official added.
* "Saudi fighter jets launch strike on Nehm" []

* "Yemeni missile hit Saudi power facility in Jizan – reports" (2017-02-19, []:
A Yemeni ballistic missile has hit a Saudi power plant in the province of Jizan, the Houthi-linked media outlet Almasirah reported on February 19 [].
According to the report, the missile successfully hit the target inflicting a notable damage to the facility. Most likely, the Houthi-Saleh forces used a local variant of the Soviet “Scud” missile for the attack.
Pro-Saudi sources deny reports about the missile attack (as always).
Saudi military bases and facilities have been repeatedly targeted by Yemeni ballistic missiles during the ongoing Yemeni war.

* "Yemen army announces restoring balance of missile deterrence" []:
The missile force of the army and popular forces said it managed to restore the balance of deterrence in its favor after it was in favor of the US-Saudi aggression.
"In a short time and very complicated circumstances, the missile force managed to neutralize the Patriot PAC-3 batteries, the latest US anti-ballistic missile system, which was provided to Saudi Arabia last year," a statement issued on Sunday read.
The missile force confirmed such achievement was made only by national brains.
The missile force has proved its competence in deterring the enemy through developing locally several missiles beating the enemy anti-missile system and always hit the targets directly and accurately.
The last announced missile was Burkan 2 which hit the Saudi capital of Riyadh on February 6. The Developing and Research Center of the army's Rocketry Forces did not mention the specifications of Burkan 2 missile and only said it was modified from Burkan 1. The latter is regarded as a Scud missile which has been retrofitted to increase the range to reach much further than 800 kilometers.
The launch of Burkan 1 came in less than two months after the Developing and Research Center announced the type Zilzal 3 missile, which is a Yemeni-made 100%.
The 6-meter-long missile carries 10,000 fragments with range reaches 65 km.
In November last year, the missile force announced Zilzal 2 missile was entered into battlefield. The missile has a weight of 350 kg and the length of the warhead of 90 centimeters, and the weight of the head is 140 kilograms. It has been tested in battle for the first time in the November 23rd, 2016, on a Saudi military site in Jizan province.
The missile force announced the use of the Zilzal 1 missile in the battlefield in May 31 last year. Its reaches up to 3 kilometers and is characterized with extensive destruction.
Earlier, the army announced firing Qaher 1 missile on King Khaled air Base in Khamis Mushayt. The missile was unveiled on December 2016. Qaher 1 is a ballistic missile of the model of "Sam 2" and was developed and adjusted locally.
It works in two stages, solid fuel and liquid and reaches a range of 250 km. Its length is 11 meters and weight two tons.
In 2016, August, the army and popular forces Committees announced the entry of the "Sarkha" missile in the battlefield. The Surkha has a range of 17 kilometers and its warhead weighing 15 km and two meters in length.
The first missile locally manufactured or developed is (Al-Najm Thaqib 1 and 2), which were announced both at once, as well as it entered in the battlefield.
Al-Najm Thaqib 1, featured its range up to 45 km and a length of 3 meters with its explosive warhead weighs 50 kilograms.
Al-Najm Thaqib 2, a more sophisticated version of its predecessor. It has been doubled to a length of 5 meters and a range of up to 75 km and with warhead explosive weighs 75 km.
* "Katyusha hits Saudi-paid mercenaries in Taiz" []: Rocketry forces of the Army and popular forces fired Katyusha rockets on a gathering of US-Saudi-paid aggression mercenaries in south of Red Sea coast city of Mokha in Taiz province, a military official told Saba on Monday. Also, the national forces destroyed a military vehicle belonging to the mercenaries also in southern Mokha.

* "At least 3 Saudi-paid mercenaries killed in Lahj" []
* "US- Saudi fighter jets launch 3 air strikes on Mareb" []


Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic ("Western Sahara")
Learn more about the Sahrawi People []

* "Brahim Gali calls on UNCS to assume its responsibilities in the UN settlement plan implementation" (2017-02-18, []:
The President of the Republic,Secretary General of the Frente POLISARIO, Mr. Brahim Gali, urged the UN Security Council to assume its responsibilities in the implementation of the United Nations settlement plan in Western Sahara.
Gali expressed the hope that the Security Council support MINURSO to carry out its tasks and assume its responsibilities in organizing a referendum on self-determination for the Saharawi people.
On the role of the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the position of the Polisario Front, Mr. Brahim Gali expressed his confidence that Mr. Antonio Guterres wil accelerate the efforts of the United Nations in the decolonization of Western Sahara.
The President of the Republic, in an interview with Algerian television, stressed that the construction of an independent Saharawi state will contribute to the achievement and establishment of security and stability in the region.

* "UN Security Council to meet on February 22 on Sahrawi issue" (2017-02-17, []: The Security Council will hold on 22 February a meeting on the situation in Western Sahara whose peace process is at standstill since 2012, the representative of the Frente POLISARIO at the United Nations Ahmed Boukhari told APS on Thursday.
The meeting, to be held behind closed doors, was scheduled at the request of Uruguay, non-permanent member of the Security Council, he said.
The Security Council invited, in this regard, the department of peacekeeping operations to assess the situation in occupied Western Sahara, a meeting which will take place in a context of blockade by Morocco of any initiative to reach a peaceful solution to the conflict.
The representative of the Frente POLISARIO called on the UN Secretary General Antonio Guteress to “work, as soon as possible, for the settlement of this conflict to ensure the respect of UN resolutions and its Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara (MINURSO).”

* "Western Sahara Intergroup wants “effective” implementation of EUCJ ruling" (2017-02-18, []: The Western Sahara Intergroup in the European Parliament will soon address the European Commission to request the “effective” implementation of the Court of Justice of the European Union’s ruling “without equivocations or political detours,” said Friday the Sahrawi Deputy Minister for Europe Mohamed Sidati.
“The intergroup will address the European Union to request the elaboration of a roadmap that will enable the effective implementation of the Court’s ruling without equivocation or political detours,” Sidati told APS.
In its ruling of 21 December, the EUCJ concluded that the association and free trade agreements between the EU and Morocco do not apply to Western Sahara, as it is “a distinct and separate” territory , in accordance with the United Nations Charter.
Reaffirming the determination of the Sahrawi authorities to carry out the implementation of this ruling, Sidati called on the European Union to get closer to the Frente POLISARIO in order to engage “frank” negotiations and reach an agreement to make the presence of European companies in Western Sahara legal because “no activity is possible without the consent of the Frente POLISARIO.”
“Following the EUCJ ruling, the European companies no longer have any legal framework to stay in Western Sahara,” he recalled.
In this regard, he underlined the need for the European Union to work for a “just solution” to the conflict in Western Sahara, warning against “increasing tensions” in the region that could affect Europe.

* "Western Sahara: WSRW underlines need to struggle to enforce law" (2017-02-14, []

* "No Moroccan sign to put end to occupation of Western Sahara" (2017-02-19, []: The Sahrawi people have not yet seen any sign from the Moroccan side to put an end to its occupation of the Western Sahara territory, the Frente POLISARIO delegate to the United Nations Ahmed Boukhari told British television, BBC.
“We have not yet seen, from Morocco, encouraging public declarations that could indicate Rabat’s willingness to put an end to the conflict in Western Sahara against POLISARIO,” said Boukhari.
Nevertheless, Morocco’s adherence to the African Union (AU) can be “an opportunity” to settle the conflict in Western Sahara provided that Rabat does not play an “unclear and doubtful” game.
Based on the occupier’s antecedents, Boukahri questions Morocco’s “honesty and frankness,” even broaching the “non-acknowledged intentions” of this country that recently adhered to the African Union.
He added that the Sahrawi people have never trusted the occupier, warning against any possible Moroccan strategy not compliant with the AU charter, particularly its article 4 directly regarding the Western Sahara people.
The article 4 of the AU charter considers that the borders of the member States are those acquired the day of the access to independence. Those of Morocco date back to 1956, which clearly excludes the Western Sahara territories from its authority.
“We will closely follow all Moroccan declarations as well as political and diplomatic action. If it turns out that it hides betrayal intentions, the member States of the AU will not accept it,” said the POLISARIO representative.
Boukhari also explained that Morocco’s accession was made on the basis of its approval of the AU charter that it signed and therefore, it must respect its commitment.

* "Western Sahara: MEPs call on Morocco to comply with international law" (2017-02-10, []: European MPs called Thursday, in Brussels, Morocco to respect its international commitments and to comply with the international law concerning the issue of Western Sahara, denouncing the latest warnings to the European Union (EU) on the implementation of the agriculture agreement signed in 2012.
The European deputy Maria Gimenez Barbat, who spoke in a meeting of the delegation for the relations with Maghreb countries, said she is “convinced” that Morocco, which recently joined the African Union, “will be able to meet the objectives and principles of the Constitutive Act of the African Union,” notably to the points B of the articles 3 and 4 of this Act.
In an exchange of views with Morocco’s ambassador to EU Ahmed Reda Chami, the Euroepan MP reminded Morocco of its obligations in accordance with the provisions of AU Constitutive Act that it signed to join this African body.
In this regard, she underlined that AU Constitutive Act stipulates clearly that the Union’s objectives are to “defend the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of its member States.”
While broaching the issue of Western Sahara’s natural resources management, Gimenez Barbat called for the implementation of the decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) which excludes definitively the territory of Western Sahara from the scope of the association and liberalisation agreements concluded between EU and Morocco.
For her part, Euro MP Marie Christine Vergiat called for the implementation of CJEU’s decision, made on 21 December 2016.
“I totally agree with what Barbat said,” she underlined, affirming that she “shares” with her “cautions about the statements of the Moroccan minister of Agriculture.”
“I think that the words (used by Moroccan minister) were a little strong compared to the serenity necessary to debates, notably concerning issues of peoples,” she said.
Calling for the respect of the international law, Vergiat expressed her support to the European Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy Miguel Arias Canete.
Canete affirmed, few days ago, that EU will, from now on, take into account the “distinct and separate” status of the territory of Western Sahara in its exchanges with Morocco in terms of renewable energies.

* "Minister of Information takes part in African conference on internet governance" (2017-02-13, []:
Information Minister Hamada Selma represents the Saharawi Republic in the work of the African conference on Internet governance, which began Monday in Algiers.
Twenty-four African countries, including seventeen information sector ministers, representatives of continental institutions such as the African Development Bank (ADB), the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the African Union (AU), as well as experts in the field of Internet governance take part in the event.
"The direct impact of the Internet on the daily lives of African people in the social, cultural, economic and political fields is a challenge for Africa that remains the continent that has the least impact of the digital economy," organizers say.
This conference aims to "unify the views of African countries and bring together their positions on the issue of Internet governance for Africa to appropriate Internet use tailored to their needs and realities."
Thematic conferences, animated by a group of internationally renowned experts, will focus on "Internet governance, equitable Internet revenue sharing and user protection on the Web."

* " 'Morocco to rejoin African Union was forced to accept what it had previously rejected' (Uld Salek)" (2017-02-15, []
* "AU should ensure respect of Western Sahara territorial integrity" (2017-02-15, []
* "Uganda renews its support to just struggle of Saharawi people" (2017-02-15, []


* " 'Western Sahara Intergroup must "stimulate" different initiatives of solidarity and be Saharawi people voice' (José Taboada)" (2017-02-16, []

* "President of Republic receives Argentine book 'Western Sahara. The forgotten conflict' " (2017-02-12, []

* "Claude Mangin denounces western media “black-out” on Sahrawi cause" (2017-02-16, []
* "Claude Mangin emphisizes that his defense of the Saharawi prisoners is a duty to the Saharawi people's struggle" (2017-02-13, []


* "UNFA reiterates its support for Saharawi cause and Saharawi women struggle" (2017-02-16, []:
The secretary general of the National Union of Algerian Women (NFA), Nouria Hafsi, on Wednesday reiterated in Algiers her organization's support for the Saharawi cause and the struggle of Saharawi women, calling for The combination of efforts, particularly at the international level, for the restoration of the rights plundered in the last colony in Africa.
The National Union of Algerian Women "reiterates its support for the Saharawi cause and the struggle of the Saharawi women against the Moroccan occupier," said Hafsi during a meeting in support of the Saharawi cause on the sidelines of the forum of " El-Mujahid.
She said UNFA was working to "make known the difficult situation facing Saharawi women in the occupied territories, in particular the repression exerted on them by the Moroccan occupier".
The National Union of Algerian Women "is also working to support the Saharawi women in the international network of support to the Saharawi cause created in Algeria in 2012", added the intervener.
After highlighting the role of UNFA in favor of the Saharawi cause at the African level, Hafsi said her organization was in permanent contact with the National Union of Saharawi Women, particularly in the Saharawi refugee camps.
A meeting in support of the Saharawi cause was organized on the sidelines of the El-Moudjahid forum with the participation of the French activist Claude Mangin who was prevented from entering Morocco to visit her husband, the Saharawi militant Naâma Asfari , Imprisoned by the Moroccan occupation authorities for six (6) years following his conviction by a Moroccan military court to thirty (30) years of imprisonment.

* "Spanish medical team in Sahrawi refugee camps next Tuesday" (2017-02-12, []

* "Danish company stops salt imports from Western Sahara: Important victory for Sahrawi people" (2017-02-10, []: Western Sahara Resource Watch (WSRW) said that the end of salt export from the occupied Western Sahara to Denmark was "an important victory" for the Sahrawi people.
"This is an important victory for the people of Western Sahara. It means that the occupation of the colony becomes a little less profitable," said WSRW following the decision of the Danish company Dansk Vejsalt to stop all its activities in the occupied Western Sahara as from 31 January.
Dansk Vejsalt said that it would comply with the ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union on the EU-Morocco free trade deal and would no longer get involved in illegal activities or the plundering of the natural resources of Western Sahara.
On 21 December 2016, a ruling of the EU Court of Justice concluded that the association and free trade agreements between the EU and Morocco do not apply to Western Sahara, as it is a distinct and separate territory, in accordance with the United Nations Charter.
WSRW said that the Dansk Vejsalt's decision is also a victory for the Danish non-governmental organization, Afrika Kontakt, which fights against colonialism.
Afrika Kontakt have continuously exerted pressure on the Danish company and its customers in Denmark supporting the position of Frente POLISARIO, the only legitimate representative of Sahrawi people, who "have never okayed the salt mining and selling of salt in Western Sahara," said WSRW.
Western Sahara is the last colony in Africa. It has been colonized by Morocco since 1975.

* "In violation of the CJUE ruling, France receives a second shipment of Western Sahara" (2017-02-11, []

* "Moroccan police expels Spanish photographer from Western Sahara" (2017-02-11, []

* "Roosevelt House organizes discussion panel on Western Sahara" (2017-02-19, []


Islamic Republic of Iran
Democratic pluri-national governance []; Ethnic map []; []

* "Iran completed construction of its new naval base; Iran has completed construction of a modern naval base in the coastal zone of Pasabandar" (2017-02-15, []

* " ‘US won’t quit nuclear deal, but will try to provoke Tehran into it’ – Iran negotiator to RT" (2017-02-21, []

* "Young Iranian chess grandmaster expelled from national team for not wearing hijab" (2017-02-21, []


Republic of Afghanistan / Islamic Republic Of Pashtunistan / Waziristan 

* "Commander of US forces in Afghanistan says several thousands of US & NATO soldiers needed to be dispatched to country; According to the Commander of the US forces in Afghanistan, there is an urgent need of dispatch of several thousands of US and NATO soldiers to the country" (2017-02-15, []


People's Republic of China
News: [] [] [] []; Map [], fishery agreements [], USA version of China's EEZ []; History & the Current Context []

* "Surge in China factory-gate prices fans inflation hopes" (2017-02-14, AFP Newswire) []


PR China - Hainan Province - Prefecture of Sansha city, with the XIsha Islands, Nansha Islands, and the Zhongsha Islands including Huangyan Island (Paracel Islands, Spratly Islands, Scarborough Shoal)
Maps [] [] [], foreign territorial claims [] [], Gas and Oil Fields []

* "US aircraft carrier group deployed for ‘routine patrols’ in S. China Sea" (2017-02-19, []
* " ‘Threatening & damaging’: Beijing hits out at US patrols in South China Sea" (2017-02-21, []


Kingdom of Thailand

* "Thailand Arrests Student Accused of Sharing Article About New King" (2016-12-03, [] [begin excerpt]:
Critics of the lèse-majesté law, known as Article 112, say it is used to silence political dissidents. The military junta that took power in a 2014 coup has especially cracked down on internet commentary.
The authorities had warned that even “shares” — links to postings, rather than the content itself — could be considered in violation of the law. Mr. Jatupat also posted several passages from the BBC Thai article.
The BBC article included mentions of the king’s personal life when he was crown prince, including details of three marriages that ended in divorce and other material that cannot be published in the Thai news media.
Ms. Duangthip said the lawyers’ group believed that Mr. Jatupat’s case was the first in which the accused had not created or edited the content considered illegal.
It also appeared that the case might be the first involving material produced by a mainstream news outlet, although previous cases involved content from foreign tabloids. Articles about the Thai monarchy in mainstream news outlets, including The Economist and The International New York Times, have been censored, through the blocking of their websites and the voluntary stopping of distribution of print editions in Thailand. [end excerpt]


Dai Nippon (Empire of Japan)
Map of territorial waters and EEZ []

* "Round-the-clock service dying out in Japan amid labor shortage" (2017-02-21, []


Socialist Republic of Vietnam
[] []

* "Vietnam strives to reduce social inequality; Vietnam’s economic model in the post-renewal process has yielded high growth rates and helped the majority of the population escape poverty. But increasing social inequality has become an issue of concern for authorities" (2017-02-19, []


Republic of the Philippines
Maps: National Territory [], as defined by Existing Laws and Treaties [], EEZ seabed relief map []EEZ dispute with PR China [], Marine Entitlements []
News sources: [] [] [].

* "Miners protest Philippine plan to cancel 75 contracts" (2017-02-15, AFP Newswire) []


research from the Committee for the Study of

* "Stalin's Popularity in Russia Reaches 16-Year High" (2017-02-15, [], cached version []:
More Russians approve of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin now than at any time over the past 16 years, a survey by the independent Levada Center pollster revealed Wednesday ( [].
Some 46 percent of respondents viewed Stalin positively, compared with 21 percent who said that they hated or feared the former leader. Another 22 percent described themselves as merely “indifferent.”
Most Russians — 32 percent — said that they looked upon Stalin “with respect.” Ten percent said that they had “sympathetic views,” while four percent said that they looked upon the leader with “admiration.” The survey results show Stalin's popularity at a 16-year high, according to Levada Center data.
Despite the surge of admirers, Stalin still was not able to steal the title of most beloved Russian leader from current Russian President Vladimir Putin.
A huge 49 percent of Russians said that they respected Putin, with another 24 percent claiming to admire him or “have sympathetic views toward him.” Less than 5 percent held negative views, while just 10 percent were indifferent.
The survey was carried out between Jan. 20 and 23 among 1,600 people in 48 Russian regions.

* Somebody looked into the Stalin death count, and discovered...
"I did a calc once, if we used the same metrics used for the claim that Stalin killed 20 million, and applied it to Hitler, the Nazi's death totals would come to over 240 million. Even more alarming, if we applied it to King Leopold, it would top 1 billion. Because, the number for Stalin was based on reverse calculating based on census data using a population growth curve which was incredibly unrealistic. If we applied that same method to the US, FDR killed 7 million people.
From 1927-1939, the Soviet population grew at 1.8%, rather high for an industrialized nation (the US at the time grew at only 1.2%, for comparison). This drove the population from 147 million to 168 million. In his claim for "Stalin killed 20 million people," Robert Conquest claimed that the population of 1939 *should* have been 189 million, which would have required a population growth of 3.5%, almost double what the Soviet's had, which would then have been 3x as high as the US for the same period.
So, as the new metric by which population growth must be kept is 3.5%, it becomes trivial to redo population growth in the various nations, and then consider the difference. Leopold is the worst because his nation actually suffered negative growth due to his attrocities, compounding the problem, losing over a million people in Africa during his reign, a harsh reality in a nation of only 5 million. Because Leopold's population growth was negative, it causes his curve to go off the charts, resulting in such an incredibly high number.
As an aside, to support his numbers, Robert Conquest cited a then classified CIA report, #68-124. It was declassified only in 2006, revealing that it was a report on the demographic losses due to legalized Abortion in the Soviet Union. Note, Demographic losses, in other words, assuming each aborted fetus became an adult and had 2.4 kids, what would the population difference be."

* "Russian biathletes sing anthem a cappella after blooper at world cup" (2017-02-19, [], attached video [] [begin excerpt]: Several seconds into the song, the Russian biathlon team – Anton Shipulin, Aleksey Volkov, Maxim Tsvetkov, and Anton Babikov – realized that something was not quite right. The festive song coming through the speakers was Mikhail Glinka’s ‘Patrioticheskaya Pesnya’ (A Patriotic Song) written in 1833. The piece, traditionally performed without lyrics, was only used as the Russian national anthem from 1999 to 2001, until Russian President Vladimir Putin reinstated, by popular request, the Soviet-era melody by Alexander Aleksandrov. [end excerpt]


* "Nazi-era film star Marika Rokk exposed as ‘Soviet spy’ – report" (2017-02-21, []:
Newly declassified records reportedly show that Marika Rokk, the incarnation of glamour and coquetry who was one of the brightest stars in the Third Reich and post-war West Germany, played another important role off screen – that of a Soviet agent.
An old file from 1951 seen by German newspaper Bild says she had “connections to Soviet authorities” that allegedly indicated some “intelligence activity.” The documents had been kept under lock and key for over five decades.
Rokk was allegedly recruited as a KGB agent by her manager, Heinz Hoffmeister, who was already working for Soviet intelligence. Her husband, film director Georg Jacoby, whom she met on the set of Kora Terry, is thought to have spied along with her.
While it is unclear what role Rokk might have played in the espionage, the network of agents she was a member of, called Krona, was involved in passing top secret military intelligence on to the USSR, including plans for Operation Barbarossa (the code name for Nazi Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union during World War II) and the Battle of Kursk.
The Egyptian-born diva of Hungarian descent started her career as a dancer at the Moulin Rouge cabaret in Paris before heading to Broadway to polish her dancing and acting skills.
Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, who was a big fan of American cinema, was desperate to prove that Germany had its own breed of movie icons that could rival the success of Hollywood’s biggest stars: Rita Hayworth, Betty Grable, Ginger Rogers, and Alice Faye.
With her charm and charisma, Rokk was just what the doctor ordered, and in 1935 her German film debut, Leichte Kacallerie (Light Cavalry), catapulted the rising operetta star to fame.
Rokk won praise for her roles in the films Kora Terry (1940), Women Are Better Diplomats (1941), and The Woman of My Dreams (1944). However, she was banned from acting for two years after the war because of her association with the Nazi regime.
Rokk performed in over 35 films before her death in Austria in 2004.
In 1951, the star said she had decided to give up acting to open a knitwear shop, but the intelligence report says this was simply a “clever cover-up” for spying.

* "Nazi Grave in Brazil Endures as Marker of Secret Plan to Colonize" (2016-12-09, []


* "Dark side of the moon; On the 30th anniversary of man's first walk on the moon, John Parrington looks at the real reasons for the space race" (1999, []


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