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Northbay Uprising, it begins...

The Northbay Uprising began during 2005 as a rock & roll showcase for Dr.G.'s favorite local bands, mostly metal, punk and pop, and he was able to secure an all-ages art space at 707 Marin st. in downtown Vallejo. He conceived the space to be a "liberated zone" for the benefit of sustaining alternative culture and liberated thinking, since two other spaces which functioned as that had just closed down the year before (The "Yak House" in Vallejo, and "In the Company of Wolves" in Benicia). This project was joined by "Listen & Be Heard", another "liberated zone" nearby in downtown Vallejo, which had a coffee shop open mic and a newspaper.

2005-11-12, Day of the 1st show and debut of the all-ages "707 Club" at the Vallejo Performing Arts Center! Dr.G. checks the equipment, the 1st band is set up, and the magic is flowing!


To create audience participation, and gauge what bands would be popular, Dr.G. invites people to act as "judges", seen here sitting alongside band merchandise vendors:

Moshers are about the jump all over Dr.G. It was crazy, none of the security had shown up, people snuck in hard alcohol, a women passed out after moshing too hard, and Dr.G.
go kicked in the groin and was about to toss everyone out. But as he looked out to the crowd, he thought about how lame it was for everyone else. So he let them stay and the show went on:

Local rockers having fun!

There are always bands to book!

2006-06-23 707 show at the "707 Club", the all-ages rock venue Dr.G. started up back in 2005...

A year later, during summer of 2006, Dr.G. joined Ozcat, which promised to liberate the FM radio for anyone interested in doing so, but ran the risk of bringing down the DHS's FCC Police. 

The 1st (pirate) radio broadcast happened 2006-08-15, and Dr.G. moved the Northbay Uprising to a secret locale on Mare Island, where he hosted weekly concerts of local bands, live on the radio, beginning
2006-08-26 with Vallejo legends "Danny's House"!
Helping him was Loopy and her friends, as shown in this photo here, including her friend Alix at right:

Dj Otter

2008-02-22 show with "Angry Pirate Productions"

Alix and "the Aftermath":

Around 2007-05-01, Dr.G. left the collective. Then, around 2008-08, Loopy left the collective, too... so Dr.G. returned and rebooted the Northbay Uprising, with DJ Alix, lead singer for a local heavy metal band "the Aftermath" who happened to be an anarchist. The new show was hosted by the "Anonymous Duo", and the very first show occurred the day of the murder of Oscar Grant, which motivated the "Anonymous Duo" to dedicate the show to the organizing of the Liberation Movement being formed, even on that very day. 
2009-01-19 MLK Day March For Justice

From then on, each show had the latest info about the liberation movements across the northern Bay Area, with the latest tracks and updates from all types of rock & roll bands and hip-hop artists. Alix left the show 2009-10 to devote his time towards taking over Napa Valley College with the Northbay MDS, but that's another story. The earlier website from 2009 was too rebellious keep posted. Ya better believe it, Dr.G. likes his reality like he likes his music: Hardcore and Underground. Somethings are better left off the record! Dr.G. didn't even have a cellphone until 2011, but if you have his cell phone number today, you are being watched by numerous security agencies. Welcome to fascism USA! Screenshot of one the earliest postings you'd find on the website:

Veterans of the Northbay Uprising: (Left) YIPpie! (Right) Christine Cenon

2009-08 show in Napa, an outline:

2009-09, at Ozcat's Emerald Room with Stricture:


About Us

Northbay Uprising Radio provides a counter-culture entertainment and information service for the liberated people of the San Pablo bay area (and beyond), featuring...
* a Showcase of North Bay talent, musicians, and poets, transmitting to an audience numbering thousands across the north-east San Pablo Bay. We are driven to promote the Northbay as an epicenter of culture and music, and to put the scene on the map. We are YOUR fans, and we have our own media outlet!
* a journalistic enterprise with volunteer journalists, experimenting with the boundaries for an unrestricted and independent press as recognized by the California Republic Constitution.

The Showcase is composed of three segments:
* MisDemeanor's Hitlist, featuring all the best hip-hop music in the Northbay and nearby liberated zones.
See the MisDemeanor Rapsheet! [link]
* Gathering of the Tribes, for alternative culture, with a psychedelic twist. [link]
* Northbay Uprising radio news, hardwired to reveal the hard truth about what's going on in the San Pablo Bay region and beyond.

Hosted by Dr.G. [link] & MisDemeanor [link]!
Northbay Uprising, how it began

Northbay Uprising radio showcase archive

Acknowledgments to former NBU radio co-host "Reme-D" (2009 to 2010) for designing the website.
Internship program veterans:
* DJ Broken Ear (Vallejo High School), 2011
* DJ Jazzy Geoff 2nd (Vallejo High School), 2011
* DJ Yippy! (New Tech High), 2010

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Ozcat is devoted to promoting inDIYpendent culture in the Northbay, and holds a broadcast license for KZCT 89.5fm.Ozcat provides internships, non-profit solidarity work, community services, and more.
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Northbay Uprising radio showcase archive

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