Thursday, January 1, 2009

About Us

Northbay Uprising Radio provides a counter-culture entertainment and information service for the liberated people of the San Pablo bay area (and beyond), featuring...
* a Showcase of North Bay talent, musicians, and poets, transmitting to an audience numbering thousands across the north-east San Pablo Bay. We are driven to promote the Northbay as an epicenter of culture and music, and to put the scene on the map. We are YOUR fans, and we have our own media outlet!
* a journalistic enterprise with volunteer journalists, experimenting with the boundaries for an unrestricted and independent press as recognized by the California Republic Constitution.

The Showcase is composed of three segments:
* MisDemeanor's Hitlist, featuring all the best hip-hop music in the Northbay and nearby liberated zones.
See the MisDemeanor Rapsheet! [link]
* Gathering of the Tribes, for alternative culture, with a psychedelic twist. [link]
* Northbay Uprising radio news, hardwired to reveal the hard truth about what's going on in the San Pablo Bay region and beyond.

Hosted by Dr.G. [link] & MisDemeanor [link]!
Northbay Uprising, how it began

Northbay Uprising radio showcase archive

Acknowledgments to former NBU radio co-host "Reme-D" (2009 to 2010) for designing the website.
Internship program veterans:
* DJ Broken Ear (Vallejo High School), 2011
* DJ Jazzy Geoff 2nd (Vallejo High School), 2011
* DJ Yippy! (New Tech High), 2010

The proprietors of Northbay Uprising does not agree with the political positions of many of the authors of the articles collected on this blog, but are proud to be able to provide articles from various perceptions. All views and opinions expressed on any Northbay Uprising media is solely that of the producer, their guests, and their sources, and do not always reflect the views and opinions of anyone associated with Ozcat Entertainment. Northbay Uprising Radio, and its affiliates, do not advocate, encourage or condone any illegal behavior or political positions reported about in any media produced by it. All content posted at this site is intended solely for journalistic purposes, including satire and parodies of public figures.
Ozcat is devoted to promoting inDIYpendent culture in the Northbay, and holds a broadcast license for KZCT 89.5fm.Ozcat provides internships, non-profit solidarity work, community services, and more.
Ozcat Family of on-air shows:
Ozcat and the Community [link]
Ozcat's Curtis J "The Prince", Rasta Irie:

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