Thursday, December 22, 2016

THE HITLIST, Dec. 22nd, 2016

Mac Mall - "Throwin Hunnids" (ft. E. Dubb)

Ice Meez - "Everybody Know Me" (ft. Sage the Gemini, Yaj-He-Spitz)

Andre Nikatina - "Monday Like A Friday" (ft. Equipito)

P-Lo - "Going To Work" (w. 8 Bar intro)

- "It's Joey" (The Buddahrifficks)
- "Lock The Flow" (ft. Get Ricch, Priscilla G)
- "Till the wells fall off"

Bread Obama - "ErryThang Gucci

- "2 V's"
- "Bump That"

El Negro - "Angle Of The Bay"

Hugo Monster - "MONROCKS" (remix)

Dragon G - "Put It On a Player"

Johnny G - "Imma Ryder" (ft Big D.O.G.)

Dregs One - "Easy Rider"

- "Pyramids to Plantations"
- "Rise Up"

THEE STRANGER NEWS, Dec. 22nd, 2016

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Science & Futurism

* "Inside the Artificial Universe That Creates Itself; A team of programmers has built a self-generating cosmos, and even they don’t know what’s hiding in its vast reaches" (2016-02-18, []

* "Google believes the secret to longevity may lie in naked mole rats" (2016-12-16, []

* "Scientists reverse aging process in mice, humans may be next" (2016-12-16, []

* "From Sex Toy to Spouse: Conference Examines Evolution of Human-Robot Love Affair; Robotics and computer-human interaction is nothing new, and according to a panel of academics who gathered at a two-day conference in London, the technology will eventually advance to levels where human-robot marriages could even become a preferred possibility" (2016-12-20, []


Space News

* "Planet-consuming ‘Death Star’ exposed in new study" (2016-12-16, []


Ancient News

* "15 Facts that prove the Great Pyramid of Giza was built by an extremely advanced ancient civilization" ( []

* "THE GREAT PYRAMID “CARTOUCHE SCANDAL”: The full (ongoing) story" (2014-02-18, []

Unlike the temples of Ancient Egypt, there are no stone friezes (sophisticated rock carvings) within the Great Pyramid, neither Hieroglyphs nor visages of the many Ancient Egyptian deities anywhere within the few hallways yet discovered. Despite this, a set of painted Hieroglyphs are described as being the official statement by King Khufu that he built the Great Pyramid. Yet, for such a sophisticated edifice, such as pathetic display of King's name meant for posterity may indicate something fraudulent in how the Khufu Cartouche was originally discovered...
* Photographs of the Khufu Cartouche: The complete set of Hieroglyphs [] (shown below), with a closeup of Khufu's name [], with defacement (shown in the green circles) [], which had occurred in 2006. The Cartouche is located within the Great Pyramid of Giza, at the position where the gentleman is pointing in this photograph [], alongside a crude graffiti drawn Aug. 1948 by Maclean Gordons [].


* "Ancient tomb's awesome astrological light show draws crowds" (2016-12-21, []


* "Has King Arthur’s legendary castle been discovered ... near Huddersfield?!" (2016-12-22, []:
The site of King Arthur’s mythical castle of Camelot is close to the Yorkshire town of Huddersfield, according to an expert on the period.
Professor Peter Field, a retired scholar of ancient literature, insists that the original location of the ancient fortress capital is actually a Roman fort at Slack, in Yorkshire.
“It was quite by chance. I was looking at some maps, and suddenly all the ducks lined up,” he told the Independent.
“I believe I may have solved a 1,400-year-old mystery.”
Field says that the Romans once called the Slack fort ‘Camulodunum’, meaning ‘the fort of the god Camul’, and that that is where the name Camelot comes from.
He said the location would have been ideal for Celtic Britons to fight invading Anglo-Saxons encroaching from the north and west.
The fort’s key location between the Saxon strongholds at York and Chester would have made it ideal.
While the king’s very existence is sometimes said to be a myth, Field argued that “if there was a real King Arthur, he will have lived around AD500, although the first mention of him in Camelot is in a French poem from the Champagne region of France from 1180.
“There is no mention of Camelot in the period between those dates, known as the Dark Ages, when the country was at war, and very little was recorded.
“In this gap, people passed on information, much got lost in transmission, and people may have made up facts or just messed up known information,” the former Bangor University lecturer said.
Like the king’s life, the location of his castle is contested with many other experts pointing to a fortification from the period found at Tintagel in Cornwall.
Arthur himself may also be a combination of various real historical leaders and kings amalgamated into one mythical figure.


Miscellany & Errata

* " ‘Ghostly’ orb glides through former Stalin gulag in haunting footage" (2016-12-19, []

* "Bright moon arising: Huge fireball recorded crossing night sky over Spain" (2016-12-12, [], attached videos [] [], photo (



* "Cat Exploits, Long Before YouTube; The archives of The New York Times reveal a golden era for feline adventures in the late 19th and early 20th centuries" (2016-08-19, [], photo caption: In 1925, a police officer halted traffic as a cat carried her kittens across Lafayette Street in Manhattan. Latter-day analysts have written that this scene was a reenactment staged by a photographer who arrived after the fact.


* "Pedals, the Bear That Walks Upright, Spotted Again in New Jersey" (2016-06-22, []
* "Debate in New Jersey: Is Bear That Walks Upright Suffering, or Thriving?" (2016-08-18, []
* "Pedals the Walking Bear Said to Be Killed by a Hunter in New Jersey" (2016-10-15, []