Thursday, January 19, 2012

2012-01-19 "Police Violence at UC Riverside Regents' Meeting"
On January 19, 2011, the regents of the University of California had their quarterly meeting at UC Riverside. 400 students and workers demonstrated the Regents and demanded a reversal to the privatization of the university, tuition hikes, and budget cuts. Demonstrators were met with violence from the police and deputy sheriff's department. Several students were jabbed with batons and paint ball pellets were fired into the crowd.

Note from Dr.G.:
Did the students deserve to be violently thrown down?
Decide for yourself. Following are videos of the protests at UC Riverside:

2012-01-19 "Protesters briefly trap regents inside building at UC Riverside"
After their meeting at UC Riverside was over Thursday afternoon, some UC regents and officials were trapped inside a campus building for two hours as a noisy demonstration outside blocked vehicles from leaving the area.
Finally, police escorted the officials on foot away from the building on a route that tried to avoid confrontations and they were put on vans back to their hotel.
Two demonstrators were arrested for crossing the police lines at the Student Union Building, according to UC Riverside spokesman James Grant. No one was reported seriously injured in the incidents, although one campus police officer suffered minor cuts on his hand from a demonstrator’s sign, Grant said.
At one point, some students climbed on top of trucks that were stopped by about 200 protesters gathered in the campus roadway.
Earlier in the day, 18 students disrupted the regents meeting with a sit-down demonstration that lasted 50 minutes or so. No arrests were made in that incident and the meeting resumed with limited public access.
Clearly, UC officials did not want a repeat of the controversial incident in November when UC Davis police pepper-sprayed student demonstrators at that campus. UC is conducting investigations of that matter.

Photo: Protesters and UC police face off after a UC Board of Regents meeting Thursday at UC Riverside. Credit: Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times, Larry Gordon

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