Monday, January 30, 2012

Thrill House Records

2012-02 Events list
So as you guys may know, we have our  "Winter Formal" show coming up in two weeks or so. And this email is a call for help.  Between now and the 11th we have a whole grungy basement to decorate among other things.  We would also like (if anyone is interested) to paint some pictures on a few of our walls.  Preferably starting with the bathroom cause that graffiti is the worst.  Ha.  So if you have some free time in the next two weeks, and want to decorate, paint or drink beer while watching other people do work, please get in touch. 
Also as we mentioned before, for the Formal, no one is going to be allowed into the show in "everyday" cloths.  Anyone not dressed up will have to pick a wardrobe from what we have provided.  What this means is, we need your ugly cloths!  If you have any weird and ugly cloths you could donate ahead of time for the formal, we'd be stoked.  Now is the time to clean out your closet!
And thirdly, we are looking for pictures from past shows.  If you have any real pictures or internet pictures on flicker or something.  Please let us know. 
So yeah, please respond if you have time or extra cloths! Or pictures.
Here again is the info for the show....

Saturday Feb 11th 7pm
@ Thrillhouse Records
-Toys That Kill (San Pedro)
-Robocop 3 (probably last show ever)
 -Jus Folks
-Floormats (Replacements cover band)
-W.C. Von Der Berc Gothic Cabaret
+ surprises and dance party
free and all ages but bring some money for our the Pedro kids!
And Dressing up is mandatory!!!!!!!!!

And lastly, on the weekend of the Winter Formal, we are having a 3-part "Punk Movie Night".  Friday Feb 10th, Saturday Feb 11th and Sunday Feb 12th will be showing triple features of classic-weird punk movies.  All these movie nights are free and will include raffles.

Friday Feb 10th 7:30
-Raymond Pettibon's "Sir Drone"
-The Taqwacores
-Tjenare Kungen

Saturday Feb 11th 3pm
-La Brune Et Moi
-Madame Wang's
-Out of the Blue

Sunday Feb 12th 7pm
 -Down & Out Dolls
-El Calentito
-(and a Japanese movie I can't translate the name...will get that info soon)

Yikes, thats a lot.  See you there!!!

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