Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Corruption in the Community government, otherwise labeled as "local fascism", takes on many forms. The result is the same. The community is sold-out to the non-locals in exchange for a few promises to the community about jobs which are low paying & has no labor rights, and a little bit of tax revenue (with most of it going out-of-state to the company's head office).
The communities of the San Pablo Bay have suffered alot of unethical corruption behaviors, mainly from local politicians associated with the Republican Party. For some strange reason, the behavior of the local Republican Party shows a belief that is against community enrichment, but supports nearly unlimited toxic pollution for everybody. Strange, they are literally anti-life, no?
The following is an article from Texas which provides a brief example of what Community Corruption looks like.

2011-12-14 "Ainbinder’s Crews Continue to Skirt Rules and Regulations"
Ainbinder’s crews continue to skirt rules and regulations. Tearing up one side of a residential street and leaving a 4′ wide lane for residents to navigate – a lane width so small that first responder vehicles could not access residences in an emergency. Parking and abandoning construction vehicles in the 4′ wide lane and blocking all residential access. Breaking water lines and cutting off water to residents for days. No flaggers, no temporary “no parking” signage and NO PERMITS. That’s right, folks, NO PERMITS! City’s response? They used their “discretion” and made an unsupported, unjustified decision not to fine Ainbinder’s construction crews, which directly contradicts the city’s ordinance for no permits. Additionally, after being notified of the missing permits the city failed to identify basic violations, such as no “no-parking” signs and no flaggers.
Looks like monitoring, documenting and reporting Yale St. bridge AND construction company abuses is once again the public’s job. IF THE CITY WON’T issue legally appropriate fines for improper practices, perhaps they should hand that responsibility over to the public as well.

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