Sunday, January 22, 2012

2012-01-22 "DHS Pumping Money into Drones for Domestic Surveillance, Hunting Immigrants and Seizing Pot"
We just heard from Jared Huffman at the Mateel's Congressional debate last Sunday that Mike Thompson approved drones flying over Federal land here in the Pacific Northwest to patrol our forests.
Frightening, but no longer surprising in 1930's Europe, I mean 2012 Eureka.
DA Gallegos has apparently been helping build the 'resume' and grant application for more DHS funding (i.e. possible "explosives" in Occupy tents and "McVeigh type character").  It would not be the first time, post 911, he worked at getting more weapons for the cops.  And making statements for DHS 'support' can have far-reaching dangerous repercussions for the people he is "suggestively" pointing the finger at (and everyone else, consequently).
...but, don't believe me- I'm just like those whackos claiming that people were getting put in gas chambers, not "showers"... one of those haters claiming that Martin Cotton was beat to death by the Eureka Police... one of those 'paranoids', fantasizing that the military wants better ground (highway) access to and through Humboldt ...

Down with the Fences at Occupy Eureka (and at the "borders"!)
No Highway Expansion Through Richardson Grove

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