Sunday, January 22, 2012

2012-01-22 "Demand Amnesty for SDSU UAW 4123 Member Ashley Wardle"
On November 16, 2011, SDSU Teaching Associate and United Auto Workers 4123 Member Ashley Wardle joined hundreds of other CSU students at the Chancellor's Office in Long Beach to protest proposed tuition increases and to demand that Chancellor Reed and the CSU Trustees join a campaign to insist the rich pay their fair share to fully fund high quality, public higher education.
Ashley, along with three other students, was arrested on Nov. 16 and released the same day. No charges have ever been brought against Ashley.
On December 20, Ashley participated in an informal conference at the SDSU Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities (CSRR). The purpose of the conference was to investigate Ashley's alleged violation of the SDSU Student Code of Conduct, including obstruction of a peace officer and failure to follow peace officers' directives.
On January 6, Ashley was presented with a stark choice: accept a 2 year suspension, or face a formal hearing. Of course, a formal hearing could result in a longer suspension, or even expulsion.
CFA encourages supporters to join with UAW and call San Diego State President Elliot Hirschman at 619-594-5201 and Chancellor Reed at 562-951-4700 and demand amnesty for Ashley Wardle.

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