Sunday, January 29, 2012

Community disagreement about Occupy Oakland

The Black folks of Oakland support Occupy Oakland, at least those agreed to use the scope of powerful media attention to speak their minds. And these same folks swayed the opinions of the academic activists who are predominantly of the "White" Community into organizing into a Community/Labor/Student Alliance...
2012-01-19 "Occupy Oakland's North Oakland Neighborhood Committee" message from "Phat Beets Produce" []:
...connecting small farmers to urban communities [].
For those interested in organizing in North Oakland as it pertains to the Occupy Wall St Movement...
The North Oakland Neighborhood Committee Branch of Occupy Oakland is now meeting every Saturday (except Jan 28th) at the North Oakland Farmers' Market from 1-3pm. 
They are working to build up momentum for large neighborhood assembly to organize around housing, food, community health and more as it pertains locally to the broader Occupy Wall St Movement. 
Please email or hit up to get on the email list.
[signed]  max cadji, "...if you leave the crumbs alone and we organize, then we can take the whole loaf" - Kwame Ture aka Stokely Carmichael
Who: North Oakland Neighborhood Committee Branch if Occupy Oakland
What: Weekly meeting
When: Every Saturday at the -except Jan 28th
Where:North Oakland Farmers' Market (5715 Market St)
Why: To build momentum towards a neighborhood assembly that connects local issues to the larger Occupy Oakland and Occupy Wall St movement or hit up

Yet, by January, the Black Community in Oakland shared this common belief that the police were draining the Oakland City resources... and that it is the protesters faults, and never the snitches or police agents doing the vast majority of the destruction, an example for this found in the message from "Brotha" Chaz Walker, a positive hip-hop artist and advocate for Communitarianism in Oak-Town.

2012-01-29 "Thought Leaders, End Occupy Oakland" message from Chaz Walker []:
Occupy Oakland Is Pimping Us and Lying To The Public.
Most of the protesters do not live in Oakland.  I am saddened that the Occupy movement has chosen to terrorize Oakland California. I am all for freedom, most of the songs I write are about freedom. However, the occupiers are draining our resources. $ that could be used for youth services and programs for the elderly is being spent on police services and cleaning up after our city has been trashed.
 The occupy movement has lost its way or it is just flat-out telling lies about being against the 1%. What they are doing is not helping the poor or the disenfranchised in Oakland.  Oakland is a working class city. In 2010 the median income for a household in the city was $48,596. Occupy Danville, CA. The median income for a household in that city was $129,515 in 2010. Or occupy Sausalito, CA. The estimated median household income in 2009: $109,019 (it was $87,469 in 2000). 
Occupiers occupy your own damn back yard. Use all your city's money to pay the police you say you hate. If you hate them so much stop creating situations that result in the police officers getting thousands of dollars in overtime pay.  Blind leading the blind.
Oaklanders, Please stop supporting the destruction of our city.  The money Oakland has wasted on police services and cleaning crews could have saved jobs, provided meals and shelter for the poor as well fund services to keep young people off the streets.  Does anyone really think that Occupy Oakland is about Oakland or what is best for Oaklanders? 
If you want to help Oakland, mentor young people, hire someone who lives in the our town,  support you neighborhood crime prevention council.  You can support the PTA at your child' school, donate to a food bank or help the homeless.  All off these things actually help local people. Occupy Oakland is a social engineering experiement gone bad. You can quote me on that. 
Brotha Chaz

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