Thursday, January 26, 2012

2012-01-25 "Don't Let B of A Take Mama Josie's Home"
 Just got word that as soon as our dear friend Josie Jenkins nailed down a really solid new job, which will clearly put her in a position to start paying down her past due mortgage balance and also looks to be just days away from qualifying from a mortgage modification program administered by the State of California, B of A has told her it simply can't wait any longer... her home must be auctioned off at 1:30 tomorrow (Thursday!)
 Sounds to me like the big rush has a lot more to do with seeing their opportunity to add yet another piece of prime Napa real estate to their portfolio slip away than anything else.
 We can't let this happen!
  Especially after Josie single-handedly fed the Occupy Napa movement week after week after week, we just gotta step up and find a way to stop this, folks!
 B of A: You Will Not Take Mama Josie's House — Thursday, January 26 at 1:30pm at Napa Superior Courthouse.
Josie Jenkins, victim of anti-Humanitarian foreclosure practices, also known as fascism!

2012-01-26 "Protesters Say They'll Block Foreclosure;  Members of Occupy Napa say they'll do "what it takes" to stop the scheduled foreclosure sale of a local woman's home this afternoon" by Louisa Hufstader
Members of the Occupy Napa group are rallying around a local woman they call "Mama Josie," who expects to lose her home in a foreclosure sale this afternoon.
Napa community activist and volunteer Josie Jenkins says her house will be sold at auction on the steps of the old Napa courthouse on Brown Street at 1:30 p.m.
"I asked for a postponement but Bank of America has refused," Jenkins wrote in an email to Patch last night.
"I recently applied again for assistance from the Making Home Affordable federal program and the State program called Keep Your Home California since I have just gotten a job with Napa County. Together with that assistance I should be able to pay my mortgage. The Bank has been saying I just need to find a job. Just as I accomplish that (no small feat at my age) they pull the plug," Jenkins wrote.
Jenkins's activist colleagues are not taking the news passively.
"B of A: You Will Not Take Mama Josie's House," is the name of a Facebook page calling for a protest to block the foreclosure sale.
Another call to action appears on the Occupy Napa Facebook page:
Be at this event in big numbers at 1:30 p.m. Thursday to help us shut this bank auction down! Bring your friends, family, neighbors, fellow citizens with you, too. Mic check? Hell, yeah! And so much more, if that's what it takes!
 If this can't be resolved WITH B of A's cooperation, we are fully prepared to obstruct its efforts to carry out this travesty.
The 1:30 p.m. auction and protest are expected to take place on the courthouse steps at 825 Brown Street in downtown Napa.

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