Friday, January 20, 2012

2012-01-20 "Occupy the Courts" from "occupy Humboldt"
Occupy the Courts will be a one day occupation of Federal courthouses across the country, including the U.S. District Court in Eureka, CA (the brick federal building on 5th and H)  on Friday January 20, 2012.
 The event begins at 11:30 am, when Move to Amend, Democracy Unlimited, and local Occupiers will gather in Eureka at 514 H Street.
Also, on Friday, there are people occupying the court because they have been arrested and ticketed at Occupy Eureka (see times below).
So far, out of 70+ arrests related to Occupy Eureka, there has been 1 person who went to jury trial and got a hung jury (10-2 in her favor, case dismissed) and six other dismissals.  The rest of the cases are not finished, but with the way it's going, it is clear that the Eureka Police and Humboldt Sheriff's Dept. have been arresting people just to suppress the Occupy Eureka protest- not because of any "crimes".
 Martin has court at 1:30pm from his arrest on November 14th.
 Martin, Anne, Stan, Keelan, Amanda, and Shayanne should have 1:30pm arraignments- if the District Attorney and the Jail follow the law.
Anne, at 2:00pm has court from her arrest on November 14th (33 people arrested en masse, most at Occupy and others after leaving the site).
Jack Nounnan has court at 2:30pm for a ticket for hanging a banner.  Occupy Eureka is the only protest where people have been accused of a crime for hanging signs and banners on the Humboldt courthouse lawn and nearby poles.

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