Thursday, January 19, 2012

2012-01-19 "Support Occupy Eureka" from "The Support Occupy Eureka Working Group"
We determined that Occupy Eureka represents an important protest against thesevere inequality of American wealth distribution, the fraudulent manipulations of Wall Street, causing a world wide recession, and the Corporate Dominance of our Governments. We determined that it is important to support Occupy Eureka's constitutional and civil rights to maintain a 24/7 demonstration petitioning our local
governments to respond to the aforementioned grievances.
We also recognize that Occupy Eureka's constitutional and civil rights have been violated by repeated arrests, confiscation of personal property, removal of signs and information, harassment of protesters with ongoing court cases and punitive bail.
We feel it is very important to protect our foundational constitutional and civil rights and ask for your support. We acknowledge disagreements about strategies and tacticsamong participants in the Humboldt Occupy Movement, and disagreements with the local authorities.
We acknowledge individuals take actions that are not supported or agreed upon by their individual General Assembly or the Humboldt County Combined General Assembly. We will continue to take responsibility for our huge task of bringing together large numbers of people from different socio-economic life-styles and work toward consensus and solidarity.
The Occupation Movement is here to stay in Humboldt County and we will be heard.
We are asking you to support Occupy Eureka by signing up for shifts at the Courthouse.
James Decker has agreed to help coordinate that effort and his phone # is 707-761-5247.
It is important just to stop by and be there for any amount of time you can commit to.
Ponchos, umbrellas, warm clothing are needed.
We will have our 7th in a row "Celebrating Our Determination" Friday Gathering at 4-6pm in front of the Courthouse, whatever the weather! Join us and if you can bring some finger foods, great, but just bringing yourself is what counts.

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