Monday, December 5, 2011

Occupy Eureka

2011-12-05 "Trial Begins Wed (Dec 7) from Occupy Eureka Arrest"
Please come support, either in the courtroom or at the Occupy Eureka site (so others can be in court), while I go to jury trial regarding my November 10 arrest.
Wed, Dec 7th until it's over (probably about 5 work days)
 Humboldt County Courthouse, Floor 2, Crtrm# 2
8:30am - 12:00pm every day
Already, thug Sgt.Mike Guy from the Eureka Police Department was on the witness stand today (Mon, Dec 5) for a pretrial motion I brought regarding the lawlessness of my arrest. This case involves coordinated police attack(s) on Occupy Eureka, unlawful arrest, and the targeting of people who videotape police.  All three of those realities are part of this criminal case against me, wherein the District Attorney has charged me with Resisting, Obstructing, or Delaying an Officer in the course of his lawful duty. The only way the DA can win cases like this is with LIES, an inherently rotten legal system, and juries made up of people who've been programed to blindly trust whoever wears a uniform of brutality, in spite of the pain s/he inflicts on us.
The actions by the County of Humboldt and City of Eureka governments and cops are extremely and increasingly repressive. Regarding the ongoing attack on Occupy Eureka: they continue to steal, arrest, and abuse Occupy Eureka participants, claiming that every possible form of expression and protest at the courthouse (even outside of the huge chain link fence erected to prohibit public presence) is illegal.  Every sign, banner, and visual created or exhibited by Occupy Eureka has been stolen by the police.  The County and City are fabricating laws daily to deem almost every activity or expression illegal in front of the courthouse.  Candlelight vigils- illegal, they say. Displaying a banner- illegal they say.  Allowing a sign to touch the sidewalk- illegal they say.  And they send cops, often in riot gear, to make sure we cannot demonstrate. 
This is a very serious moment as we experience, in broad daylight and in the dark of night, blatant destruction of our rights to assemble, protest, express ourselves- destruction implemented through direct violence, intimidation, and incarceration.
Please stand up and fight. 
Feel free to email me at regarding the trial and please come and support in the courtroom. 

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