Friday, December 16, 2011

2011-12-16 "3 arrested after Occupy Oakland and police faceoff" from "Associated Press" newswire 
 OAKLAND, Calif. -- Three people have been arrested following a brief standoff between anti-Wall Street demonstrators and Oakland police over cooking supplies, sleeping bags and other items.
 The Oakland Tribune reports [] that the arrests occurred after about 15 officers faced off with as many as 30 protesters Friday afternoon outside City Hall.
 The newspaper says protesters have a city permit for one teepee and a table at the site, but they are not allowed to have the other items.
 A brief standoff took place as officers told the protesters they would be cited if they did not remove their cooking supplies and sleeping bags.
 The items were eventually removed either by protesters or by city public works crews.
 Those arrested were cited for obstructing police and failure to show identification.

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