Sunday, December 11, 2011

2011-12 "Stop harassing Humboldt Occupiers"
Target: Paul Gallegos, Humboldt County DA:  Mike Downey, Commanding Sheriff: Downey, Humboldt County Sheriff Commanding Officer
Sponsored by: Humboldt Citizens for Change
In Eureka, California, a chain link fence has been erected around the lawn of the County Courthouse to keep the public out.  Leaders have been targeted and arrested repeatedly Without cause for merely being present in an effort to end the occupation of this central public space. Violence has been used by law enforcement resulting in physical injuries resulting in broken ribs and head injuries. Personal and community property has been seized and destroyed-- everything from pop-up canopies, a library of resource materials to homeless persons winter survival gear.

Petition signature # 82
11:26, Dec 11, Ms. Lisa Kennedy, CA
Why is riot gear needed against a handful of unarmed peaceful citizens? This was witnessed firsthand by numerous residents stuck at the stoplight by the courthouse one evening after leaving work. Cop cars with lights flashing and mucking up traffic. And the image of the broken and skewed legs of a pop-up canopy sticking out of that big truck piled with all the protester's gear created a haunting metaphor of the scene.

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