Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2011-12-21 "Candlestick blackout seen by PG&E chief firsthand" by Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross from "San Francisco Chronicle"
Help wanted: Supporters of Berkeley's Occupy encampment have put out the call for volunteer Reiki healers, psychotherapists, peer counselors and emotional-freedom-technique practitioners for what can only be described as one big intervention.
 Occupy volunteer Phoebe Sorgen, who also sits on Berkeley's Peace and Justice Commission, says a majority of the remaining 120 or so campers - many of them transplants from shut-down Occupy camps in Oakland and San Francisco - are suffering from alcohol or drug abuse or post-traumatic stress disorder.
"Basically, it is turning into a homeless encampment, and most of the campers aren't very political," Sorgen said. "It could end up quite badly if there are more troublemakers than helpful people."
 And, indeed, it is a tense time in the camp in Civic Center Park. The other night somebody splashed hot coffee over a yoga teacher who was sleeping in a sack in a tree with his dog.
Sorgen said the poor fellow called the police, only to have fellow campers brand him a snitch. He left for his own safety.

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