Friday, December 9, 2011

Occupy Redwood City

START DATE: Friday December 09
TIME: 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Location Details: Courthouse Square, 2200 Broadway Street (between Hamilton and Middlefield, across from Fox Theatre)
Come help bring the Occupy Wall Street movement to the Peninsula!
Occupy Redwood City and Occupy San Mateo County! Come join us for our seventh General Assembly as we celebrate our SUCCESSFUL ACTION AGAINST CHASE BANK Tuesday! With the help of Occupy Palo alto and Occupy San Jose we defended Gloria's home from an imminent foreclosure eviction!
So come join as we plan our next moves and have a lively discussion that will show people what true citizen democracy looks like! Let's continue to work together and stand as an example to the rest of the Peninsula by working together to stop corporate influence in our government, reverse the growing income inequality, protect the most vulnerable among us.
Occupy Redwood City is about putting the people back into politics, so come join us! The way to build the Occupy movement is to connect with the local community. There is no way local Occupy movements can survive unless we engage with our community and help people like Gloria out one at a time. Occupy Wall Street has big ideas and big goals, but we won’t see those goals achieved until we start to put those ideas into action here, on the streets where we live!
Want "Hope" and "Change"? Then join us:
Because YOU ARE THE 99%!

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