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2011-12-09 "Mentes Diferentes: Sacramento Hip-Hop" from "Revolutionary Hip-Hop Report"
Comin Straight Outta the ‘Sac’ (and into your ears)

RHHR: Let’s get a roll call… Mentes Diferentes: Roll Call! The Desperados (Vicious V & Reckless Reaction), Brown Hustlas (J Loco, Chuco & Lil Joker), KEST, Americano, & Chaotic ITILII.”

RHHR: When did you guys start rapping? Reckless: I started spittin in high school just messin around as a senior 17 yrs old.

Vicious V: I started rappin when I was 17 I began as a house party DJ in high school…I gradually made my transition from a producer to an MC throughout the years.

Chaotic: I started rappin as a hobby back in high school but never took it too seriously, till I became politically conscious to advocate for the rights and promote empowerment to our community, mainly influenced by the Chicano Civil Rights Movement.

RHHR: When did you get together and start the group Mentes Diferentes? Reckless: Vicious V and I started the Desperados in 2005. Then the camp formed together shortly after with everyone that was affiliated with me or vicious.

Vicious V: Mentes Diferentes was created as a musical collective that would define the diversity of various styles we have to offer.

 Chaotic: we’re a collective of young Chicanos tryin to create a scene out there for our gente to be proud of and know we are reppin for them on multiple levels and changing the norm of what stereotypes are out there.  Personally, my favorite times is when we get together to address issues affecting our communities – Mentes Diferentes United.

RHHR: What’s the philosophy of the group? Reckless: I believe strongly in unity, and power in numbers.  We’re all in the same struggle working together tryin to reach our goals..

 Vicious V: My thought on its philosophy..I would say that we all came from different economic and social back rounds thus giving us a wide range of topics to talk about in our music..we all have our own distinctive sound and style and when we come together – it just shows the unity we have for one another..

RHHR: What does each individual member bring to the group? Reckless: beats, verses, some graphics, video editing….

 Vicious V: as far as what I bring to the table? I produce the beats..I write the hooks..I write rhymes.

Chaotic: we each hold our own weight whether it be in the booth or on the streets. Some of us have home studios providing the beats and recordings for others. Vic and Reck got a talent to smell a perfect sample and J Loco is a monster behind a key board to play. Some of us are graphic designers and promoters too who make album art, flyers, posters etc. Then when it comes to holdin it down for the movement, we all like to get down in our own ways to collectively support a cause from “Immigrant” and farmworker rights to student rights to education and anti police brutality. Some of us are Community organizers, so we do more than just perform for benefit shows by taking lead rolls working with our local org such as MEChA, LCLAA and Brown Issues to name a few. J Loco is actually a founding member of Brown Issues at SacCity College and we collabed a couple times with o MEChA for various marches or protests against SB 1070 or organizing in the Cesar Chavez or May 1st marches to name a few.

RHHR: What have been some of your major influences, both musical and otherwise? Reckless: Influenced by life, pain, love, hate, family… Musically- Cypress, Delinquent Habbits, Kid Frost, Xzibit, any West Coast and some Canibus, Jedi Mind Tricks…

Chaotic: My biggest influences to emcee are Hip-Hop legends Rakim, KRS-One, 2pac, The Legacy of NWA, and Rage Against Machine, and to organize are local civil rights veterans Al Rojas, Rev. Ashiya Odeye & CT Weber.

Vicious V: Im influenced by many things…  Too many to write down, but at the end of the day I want to be remembered for what I did and for what I contributed to Mentes.

RHHR: Are you all from Sac or the area? Reckless: We’re all from Sacramento or Yolo County. I was Born and raised in Sacramento, over the last few years everyone decided they want to be a producer/ emcee so I try to stay away from what everyone else sounds like..

Vicious V: Born in Woodland, raised in Davis, and currently live in Sacras.

RHHR: How is the Hip-Hop scene in Sac? Any strengths or weaknesses? Reckless: The Hip-Hop scene in sac has gotten better; I still see people hating on each other, everyone wants to be the first to blow out of the 916, but lately I have seen different collabs with people working together…

Chaotic: I say we got a dope Hip-Hop crowd and a few good venues. Off top, shout out to all my peoples at Sol Collective holdin it down for Art, Culture & Activism a good home for hiphop. But ya, as for some dope emcess besides us. The homies from The People’s Revolution, From Parts Unknown, Cash Dreed, just to name a few, Task 1ne is bout to blow. Watch out for him… Hella too many cats to mention.

Vicious V: “Sac hates Hip-Hop” (lol jk). Shout out to Mahtie Bush. Ya, the hip-hop scene is dope..The city has many local talent..Very competitive yet very receptive is one way to call it, I would say. Its diverse! Shout outs to sam miranda of sol peligro for beliving in me and being one of the first people to collab with me when I first got to Sacramento!

RHHR: What are some of the albums you got out? Reckless: Mentes Diferentes- El Campo, The Desperados- Cali Calo, The Desperados- United Front, 2 Mixtapes: Buenos Dias and Buenas Tardes. Brown Hustla Records- Nueve Diez y Seis, KEST & Horizon- Modern Marvels, KEST & Horizon- The Struggle, Ivan Franco- El Musico, Victor Alejo oh yeah!! Free Mixtape Coming Soon! Bongs & Bongos look out for that and The Deperados will be releasing their 3rd album Sacramentes late 2011 early 2012! Gonna be a Classic!

RHHR: How can someone find out more info about you and contact you? Reckless: Google us, youtube, facebook, myspace: Mentes Diferentes, 

Vicious V: You can download my music free at mentes diferentes, check out our videos! Hit us up via email..!

RHHR: Any shout-outs or final comments? Mentes Differentes: Shout out to Sol Collective, The TPR fam, and  thanks and much success to all the RHHR family!

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