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2011-12-09 "RHHR’s Favorite Hip-Hop “Rolas” Summer 2011" from "Revolutionary Hip-Hop Report" magazine
Pharoahe Monch & Immortal Technique – W.A.R. “we are renegades, this means war, sixteens bust or break unjust laws, overthrow regimes in the name of the cause, renegades, never slaves, this means war, 100% uncut raw, fuck limited freedom, nigga we want more, the machine is corrupted down to the core, rebel army muthafucka, this means war”

Common – Letter to the Law “I sing a song for the hero unsung, with faces on the mural of the revolution, no looking back cousin, back is what’s done, tell the preacher that God got more than one son, tell the law my uzi weighs a ton, I walk like a warrior from them I won’t run, on the streets they try to beat us like a drum, in Cincinnati another brother hung, again he won’t see the sun, with his family stung, they want us to hold justice, but you’ve handed me none”

Chuck-D – Tear Down that Wall “Hip-Hop supportin non-stop sweatshops so you can retail your ass off without fail, then some of you get setback, blame this immigration exploitation with your lack of information by yelling ‘wetbacks’  somebody actin forever 21 can’t hide, can’t cry, can’t run, can’t blame it on the crack, or fight back without a passport, millennium Gestapo border control, the new contact sport,  yall call em immigrant and take em to court, but look at your hood and your lack of support, some of these DJs have no ideawhat they’re playin, some of these rhymers don’t realize what the hell they’re sayin, so I let em chase the Cash, honey, without a plan, forget Johnny was the man in black but I’m the black in man, this is modern day slavery, and part of the plan, with all due respect sir, tear down that wall man”

E-40 – Born in the Struggle “her stomach keep hurtin, but she didnt bother, cuz you and I both know black folk dont like to go to the doctor, one thing about us, man, we creative, and at the end of the day we all related, thru the slaves and Indians and Natives, they brought us here on a boat, whipped us and raped us”

Swollen Members – Fire “we do our job in intervals, lucky cuz I get to fuck some girls that look like centerfolds, unlucky when I cross the border cuz of INTERPOL, my name’s Red Flag, I’m from Canada where winter’s cold, love makin music, i fell it in my inner soul, I love God, I have broken from the Devil’s hold, ever since try to steer clear of all the 7 sins, realizing I have been to places I have never been, meaning that I never ever stop to smell the roses, this world is full of evil and people are ferocious, dragons are red, magic is black, oxys are blue, yeah the manglers are back, listen to my fuckin song, what kind of language is that? sorry but the rapper full of pain and anguish is back”

Lupe Fiasco – Words I Never Said “I really think the war on terror is a bunch of bullshit, just a poor excuse for you to use up all your bullets, how much money does it take to really make a full-clip? 9-11, building 7, did they really pull it? and a bunch of other cover-ups, your child’s future was the first to go with budget cuts, if you think that hurts then wait here comes the upper-cut, the school was garbage in the first place that’s on the up-and-up…Limbaugh is a racist, Glen Beck is a racist, Gaza Strip was gettin bombed, Obama didn’t say shit, that’s why I ain’t vote for em, next one either, I’m part of the problem, the problem is I’m peaceful, and I believe in the people”

Saigon – It’s Cold “this is where we call home, shit is like a war zone, tryin to dress warm put them long-john drawers on, homie it’s cold and you gonna need more than some hot chocolate, cuz when it’s on somebodys spittin them glock rockets, til u see somethin that ain’t for your eye sockets, this is our hustle and no you can not knock it, it’s freezin out here, you would think that it was winter season I swear, everywhere you can turn the feds and the D’s is right there, shit is like a freakin nightmare”   

Brotha Lynch Hung – Red Dead Bodies “Imma get rid of the dead body, sleep with his head by me”

Pete Rock, Smif-n-Wessun, & Buckshot – Night Time “camouflage gremlins patrollin the rooftop, the youth got the juice like 2Pac, official crews move synchronized when maneuverin thru blocks, about to take the lucci that you got”

Kanye West, Jay-Z, Rick Ross, & Nicki Minaj – Monster Jay-Z: “sasquatch, godzilla, king-kong, loch ness, goblin, ghoul, a zombie with no conscience, question, what do these things all have in common? everybody knows I’m a muthafuckin monster, conquer, stomp ya, stop ya silly nonsense, none of you niggas know where the swamp is, none of you niggas have seen the crimes that I’ve, I still hear fiends scream in my dreams, murder, murder in black convertibles, I kill the block, I murder the avenues, I rape and pillage ya village, women and children, everybody wanna know what my Achilles heel is, love, I don’t get enough of it, all I get is these vampires and blood-suckers”    

The Roots & John Legend – Hard Times “17 years and countin, I’ve tried to climb up the rough side of the mountain, friends warned me Imma have to do it without them, no problem, really it was never about them, so my house I never come out from, cuz everydays a drought, then a shadow of doubt come, I’m down to do whatever if it betters my outcome, the city is like the Audubon Ballroom waitin for Malcolm”

Del The Funky Homosapien – Upside Down “this is dedicated to the haters and the novices, who always wanna argue about what Hip-Hop is, and I don’t give a fuck right now, it’s time to turn the whole shit upside-down, you take shit for granted that you never had to work for, I generate more heat than the earth’s core”

Zion I & the Grouch – It’s Goin Down “your life ain’t easy, I heard it all before, I’ve been up on the top and I’ve been down on the floor, you see it’s complicated, and I’m finding out, spinnin around and around and it’s goin down”

Shining Soul – Papers “up in the city yall know the deal, but back on my reservation it’s been the ordeal, red light, blue light, keep steel, checkin for ID, you get the ideal, ‘who your family be? where your papers at?’ don’t it sound like a chopped and screwed track?”

Strong Arm Steady – Gangstas “niggas always writin their gangsta raps, but they ain’t really grow up where the gangstas at, where the gangstas at, where the hustlas serve, where they got my back, and they got my word, got the B’s and the C’s and the eses wit me, representin one love, nigga this our city, where the gangstas at, nigga it’s all good, nigga rep yo block, nigga rep yo hood”

Ghostface Killah & Black Thought – In the Park  Ghostface: “see this rap shit came at a time that was accurate, 20 years later I mastered it” Black Thought:v”linoleum, breakdancin, rustoleum cans, I put the writin on the wall, signed truly yours”

David Banner & 9th Wonder – Diamonds on My Pinky “I tried suicide but the gun wasn’t workin, BANG, it’s the same damn thang, boys club is closin while they buildin PF Changs, look at your pinky rang if your souls on main, never really bought them dead souls on the lane, but I’m from Mississippi where we let our nutz hang, and the white folks used to let my ancestors do the same”

Random Axe – Black Ops “get the hardware, take it to the enemy, the hard-head, it’s all here, man the artillery, niggas go to war for the liberty, black ops, arms, and ability”

Ill Bill & Vinnie Paz – Eye is the King    Ill Bill: “my fist is a gun, my fingers is individual pistols, system overload, princes toe to toe, eye to eye, soul to soul, walk amongst the lords of war, swords are raw…prison corridor, cult leader orator, since I was a shorty yall, busy with the .44, the black flag represent the skull and the guns, it’s like sellin a mack-11 to Attila the Hun”

Eligh – Wish I Would

Royce Da 5’9 & Eminem – Above the Law

Tech N9ne & Bun B – Raw Shit

Ras Kass & DJ Rhetmatic – Hip-Hop Now

Flipside – Act Like a Cop

Talib Kweli & Jean Grae – Uh Oh

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