Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2011-12-13 "SOLIDARITY TO THE BLOCKERS + HUMBOLDT ANARCHIST BOOKFAIR REPORT-BACK" from "Applied Nonexistence" & "Little Black Cart" collectives
First: solidarity to the kids halting the flow of capital today at the west coast ports. 
Prolong the blockades indefinitely.  No demands.  No reforms.  Just blockading. Forever. ----
Second: a few of us here at Applied Nonexistence drove up from Oakland to the north coast for the 4th Annual Humboldt Anarchist bookfair to table for our friends at Little Black Cart this last weekend.  We have coalesced our thoughts about the event and the area in eleven succinct theses:
1. It is cold and grey in Humboldt County.
2. Eureka is a shithole. Arcata is a more-hippie-ish shithole.
3. We agree with M. as she said, "This is where all the clothes from the 1990s come to die."  The only thing
 doing any applied nonexistence in Humboldt is their fashion sense.
4. Flanel is king.
5. It feels like 2003 because people in Humboldt still give a shit about "green anarchism" and/or "anarcho-primitivism." Tiqqun, Sic, and Communization and it's Discontents did not sell well, but Radical Mycology did - what a bunch of strange treepeople!
6. People in Humboldt have romanticized the actions in Oakland during these last few months.
7.  Being at the Manila Community Center on that tiny sliver of sand-duned land with a bunch of primmies, thrift store hippies, and weed-harvesters was a surreal experience.  By far one of the weirdest bookfairs we've ever been to.
8.  As much shit as we're talking, this is the only anarchist bookfair that I've (Mary C.) ever been to which actually played GOOD music on the PA system.  Teebs, Flying Lotus, and other assorted "future beat" producers made it onto the playlist - the absolutely last thing I ever would've expected to be listening to at an @ event in Humboldt.
9. The whole primmie thing really only makes sense in a place like Humboldt - as being surrounded by such awe-inspiring natural-shit is like totes awe-inspiring n' shit.  Big trees.  Big beaches.  Big rocks.
10.  The local indie-bookstores in Arcata carry anarchist shit - and it's not all AK Press? That's pretty cool.
11. The anarchists in Humboldt are friendly, not pretentious at all (like us), and extremely hospitable.  Good folks!
 Here is a photo-journal of our trip:
Tabling for LBC is always a treat.  Good conversations and the pride that comes with knowing that at any anarchist bookfair we?re standing behind the table with the best (i.e. not lame) choice of anti-political/nihilist/anarchist literature.

Notice the "green anarchism" shit in the middle?  Catering toward the crowd.

This guy was wearing a "V for Vendetta" mask for the entirety of the bookfair.  Fucking

Cute patchwork quilt of the Humbold Grassroots Collective (sorry for the shitty picture).

Sunlight graced the bookfair for only a few minutes.

The Devil's Playground in Eureka behind the mall is a famous graff spot - according to a person we spoke with at the bookfair.  We went to check it out. Apparently it is an abandoned slaughterhouse.


Big-ass trees!

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