Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2011-12-13 "Occupy tree-sitters come down from perch outside Oakland City Hall" by Harry Harris from "Oakland Tribune"
More than a month after taking up a perch in a sycamore at Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, tree sitters came down Tuesday, Oakland police said.
At 8 a.m., public works crews started dismantling a structure erected in the tree in early November by Zachary RunningWolf, along with three other wooden platforms.
RunningWolf and a second tree sitter took up residence in the tree as part of the Occupy Oakland protest and remained there after the Occupy tent city was raided and dismantled by police Nov. 14.
RunningWolf was not present Tuesday morning when police arrived. Two other tree sitters, who go by Sitting Frog and Jenna, voluntarily came down after police told them crews were going to dismantle the structure.
Police said the structure was deemed to be illegal lodging and that human waste had been found under the tree.
RunningWolf organized a 21-month tree-sit in an oak grove near UC Berkeley's football stadium that ended in 2008.

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