Saturday, October 29, 2011

Power to the People! Defend Education

The Public Education Coalition is a student, worker, and faculty group from UC Berkeley who oppose and actively fight against austerity measures in the form of fee increases, departmental cuts, decrease in ethnic diversity, layoffs, and furloughs. This October and November there are a number of ways that folks can get involved to help us spread the word and participate in our meetings and actions. Solidarity is necessary and democratization of the University of California system is within our reach!
On October 17th there began the 1st general assembly meeting at 105 Boalt Hall from 6-8 pm on the UCB campus.
On October 27th there was a rally and funeral for public education

On November 8th-9th there will be informational pickets at the California State Universities.
On November 8th-9th there will also be actions, workshops, and teach-outs at UC Berkeley in Sproul Plaza
On November 15th there will be a mass presence to protest the Regent’s meeting at Mission Bay in San Francisco.

For more information and to get involved visit:
Come to our general assembly meeting mentioned above on the 17th in 105 Boalt Hall from 6-8pm.

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