Saturday, October 29, 2011

2011-10-29 Oscar Grant Committee re-occupies Oscar Grant Plaza!!!

Action Report and Meeting Alert from "Diablo MDS/SDS":
November OSCAR GRANT COMMITTEE General Meeting
Tues Nov. 1 , 7-9 PM
Neibyl-Proctor Library, 6501 Telegraph Ave
north Oakland [near Alcatraz ]

The "Oscar Grant Committee, Against Police Brutality & State Repression (OGC)" held a dynamic 2 hour  "Speakout" Sat. evening "Against Police Brutality" at Oscar Grant Plaza in "Re Occupied Oakland", after the brutal police riot in the encampment a few days earlier.
Over 1000 people enthusiastically participated and a spontaneous night time march of 400 took place after-wards. Previous night time Oscar Grant marches have led to bogus mass arrests, but this time despite a little street dancing with the cops there was no violence or arrests.
Indeed 'The whole World is Watching".
Most leading OGC activists spoke at the "Speakout", including Uncle Bobby and Denika Chatman, (cop-slain Ken Harding's mother) and recently bailed out Fly Benzo (persecuted Bay View black 'cop watcher').
OGC speakers repeatedly called on people to attend Tues Nov 1, OGC meeting & the Protest Vigil  for police slain Derrick Jones on Nov 8  in East Oakland.
[signed] FRH, community organizer for "Diablo MDS/SDS" and "OGC"
P.S.: Check it out, look closely below and you will see some of the dozens of MDS/SDS/OGC picket signs carried on the march!
[Note from Dr.G.: "Diablo MDS/SDS" and "OGC" picket-signs have the red fist, which are produced through the efforts of FRH, who is an organizer for both organizations]

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