Sunday, October 23, 2011

Occupy Oakland! Why at Oakland City Hall?

An interesting question posted to the East Bay Social Forum, from a member in the Eastbay who has organized protests since the 1970s:

The police are not supposed to be our friends.  They are our employees.
As such we have a responsibility to direct their activities. If you had actually read anything I've written to you, you would understand that we have an opportunity to do exactly that now.  The problem here is that so many of the "activists", don't live in Oakland.  Oakland is not SF and it is not Berkeley or Emeryville. 
If you have contact with other activists...I must say, why was the plaza at city hall chosen?  The city of Oakland and most of it's officials completely support the Occupy movement.  They are being laid off, the small shops around the plaza are being negatively impacted by tent city...THEY ARE ALSO PART OF THE 99%!  
So why are we not "Occupying," in front of the Federal Buildings or the State Buildings?  Those buildings represent the entities that are most able to address the robber banks...what can anyone in Oakland City Hall do about those banks??!  
Is it because occupying those places might get you a Federal Offense? Now, who among you is going to take this protest where it belongs?  Short of that, this all seems rather cowardly, pimping the movement on the backs of Oakland's homeless population...pitting one part of the 99% against itself. 
If any of you are ready to take some responsibility and take the opportunity to discuss with your employees [the police and the mayor], how you would like things to go from here, I will see you tomorrow, at 5pm, in the Mayors office.  Or maybe you just want to wallowing a bit longer in the illusion of victim hood.

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