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2012-10-10 "Occupy Oakland!" by Sharon Peterson
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Photos of Occupy Oakland -- Day 1 (10/10/11).
Despite the drizzle and mist, Oakland's Frank Ogawa Plaza (re-named "Oscar Grant Plaza" for the duration, and rightfully recognized as part of the Ohlone tribal lands), had filled to near-capacity by 6pm. The occupation was timed to coincide with Indigenous People's Day. Newstrucks abounded; all the major stations, and some less major, were there. Can't wait to see the coverage. (UPDATE: Just caught KTVU-2's 10:00 News. We were the top story, and the report's pretty good ... great interviews!) All ages and just about every ethnicity were represented. This IS Oakland, wide awake. Walnut Creek gets its turn this Wednesday, 10/12/11, and next Wednesday, 10/19/11 -- corner of Mt. Diablo Boulevard & Main Street (Bank of America) -- 4:00pm.

This woman "stole" the sign from an Occupy Wall Street sign that's going around on the 'Net.
 But she also did her own research, and came up with a more accurate (and more depressing) dollar figure.
 I say her sign isn't stolen ... it's an upgrade.

Youthful protesters do the same.

Supporters of hunger-striking prisoners hold the biggest signs in the Plaza. "SHU" is official-speak for "Special Housing Unit." English translation, "solitary confinement."
 The group URL is: []
 (Both signs are hand-painted!)
 Among other groups present were the Progressive Women's Network (see photo below), the California Nurses' Association and the Green Party of Alameda.

Positive Women's Network --
 The smaller sign (not connected) reads, "1% Golden Parachute. 99% Golden Showers."

Postal Workers Check In

Guy Fawkes Checks In

Fight the Power!

Oscar Grant Plaza Fills Up
The sign in the right background reads, "Separation of Corporation and State."

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