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Occupy EVERYWHERE!!! Updates, Bay-Wide!

Occupations in California: Occupy Arcata, Occupy Chico, Occupy Fresno, Occupy Long Beach, Occupy Los Angeles, Occupy Modesto, Occupy Napa, Occupy Riverside, Occupy Sacramento, Occupy San Diego, Occupy San Francisco, Occupy San Jose, Occupy Santa Ana, Occupy Santa Barbara, Occupy Santa Cruz, Occupy Ventura

Occupy Napa


Major MDS/SDS success in 300-400 strong "Occupy Walnut Creek" action this evening. The biggest WC demonstration in several years. We wrestled popular opinion away from a strong Democratic Party effort to capture event. Dems brought out hundreds of American flags to show 'patriotism'. [in the middle of a decade long unpopular imperialist war?]
When we first got there, 15 minutes late, it looked like a Tea Party rally.
Runninghorse loudly challenged the reason for all the flags at an anti- Wall Street action. This struck a cord with many other demonstrators who also voiced objections.
With in a hour of our arrival the predominate visual was our MDS picket signs which at least 25% of the people decided to carry. By the end of the rally most flags were gone and everybody was thanking us and thinking we were the main organizers and promising to come back next week for another action.
We gathered 25 new contacts. And many people said they wanted to join and come to the next meeting. A half a dozen union workers that we had marched and rallied with at other actions said they came out because the got our SDS/MDS news blast.
About a dozen SDS/MDS warriors came out and worked the crowd as a team. Some holding the banner,some passing out memes guns [ picket signs],some passing out literature, some gathering contact info.Every body talking to and engaging other protesters.
We passed out around 350 leaflets ,saturating the crowd, with 2 separate versions of MDS/SDS leaflet on the latest news and analysis of the 'Occupy"movement. 'Move On' was also leafleting for this coming Saturdays big Oakland 'Jobs Not Cuts" march from Laney to "Oscar Grant Plaza".
As usual several oldsters confessed they were in SDS 'back in the day' and were so happy to see it back in action.
Walnut Creek Police were not hostile. They had no reason to be. Tho Diablo & Main is a very busy downtown intersection and we had protesters on all 4 corners and up and down the street. Everybody stayed out of the street and crossed the streets according to the lights. Even in Booshy Walnut Creek the motorists loud and continuous honking showed surprising popular support. 5 or 6 news outfits were out covering the action with their camera crews .Nobody planed any tent city or actual 'Occupation". The action finished up around sunset. We gathered up the remains of our picket signs. [over a dozen people asked if they could keep theirs] and about 8 of us marched down to the local pub for cold beer and snacks. We discussed the dynamics of the action. So we talked politics. The bar bouncer asked about MDS ,because of our T shirts he said he dug what we had done today and took a leaflet and gave us the power sign. All & all it was a good day.
We are thinking about following up with a public forum on 'Occupy Wall Street' as a way to bring in to closer association the new contacts we made.

Occupy Contra Costa

Occupy Richmond, California
2011-10-13 In support of national Occupy Wall Street Actions
Initial Gathering: 4:00 pm Thursday on 11th street just North of Macdonald (Behind Richmond Spokes and Richmond Progressive Alliance offices)
5:00 pm - march through City (down Macdonald to the Parkway and back up Barrett) letting people know what's going on and inviting them to join, and arrive at abut 6:30 pm at Civic Center Plaza for extended presence (with possible breakout groups going to the banks at Macdonald and San Pablo).
Current plan is to stay until Saturday afternoon

Occupy Oakland!
The Oakland General Assembly decided on October 4th that the people of Oakland will occupy Frank Ogawa Plaza at the corner of 14th and Broadway on Monday, October 10th starting at 4pm in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, the many occupations underway across the country, and Indigenous Resistance Day.
Bilingual graphics have been created to pass around to help get the word out about the occupation. Organizers announced that they "expect to have workshops, food, music, childcare, a library and much more. Come ready to spend the night or just swing by to say hello. Let's do this Oakland style!"
Over 500 people gathered on the first day, with around 50 tents set up overnight, including one tent occupied by Oakland city council member Desley Brooks. The plaza has been dubbed "Oscar Grant Plaza" by Occupiers.

Note from an "Occupy Oakland!" participant:
As usual the corporate media underestimated the crowd last night. Why? For one thing when the crowd gathered for a ''General Assembly'' in the City Hall Amphitheater almost all of the approx. 850 seats were filled and another 150-200 people were milling around.
If you include maybe another 100 people who had left by then and others who arrived i think approx. 1200 people showed up .

OCCUPY OAKLAND – wish list
Current list of needed equipment:
URGENT: MORE FOLDING TABLES! and wooden pallets.
KITCHEN COOKING SUPPLIES: forks; plates; spoons (reusable, not disposable); cups and mugs (reusable, NOT paper or styrofoam plz!); pots and pans; HUGE bowls and platters; Latex or Nitrile gloves; Baby wipes; Tongs!; Coolers; Ice
FOOD: lemons and limes; Cooking oils (veggie, canola, etc); veggie broth; potatos; Coffee; lentils; salt and pepper; Garlic; Fresh fruits & veggies [*NOTE: WE HAVE TONS OF RICE/BEANS, thank you! no more rice or beans for now.]
SUPPLIES: tents; sleeping stuff - sleeping bags, blankets, tarps; toilet paper; batteries; lights, flash lights, candles; FOLDING TABLES; buckets with lids; rain gear; garbage bags; dry, clean socks (oh so important!); large plastic containers with lids; sunscreen; White Boards; Vinegar, Gauze, Bandages; Medical Supplies; Art Supplies; Medics; Childcaretakers; Herbal First Aid; Maalox;
Medical and Childcare specifics: non-toxic paint; brushes; cardboard/paper; wheat flour; newspaper, magazines; markers/crayons; chalk; clean recyclables; scissors

Hip-Hop MC Lupe Fiasco, while undergoing his ‘Generation LASER’ Tour, made a visit to Occupy Oakland...
2011-10-13 "Lupe Fiasco Protests At Occupy Oakland Before Show At Fox Theater (VIDEO)"
On Tuesday night, Occupy Oakland got a special treat with a visit from Chicago hip-hop star Lupe Fiasco who was in town to play a show at the Fox Theater down the street, according to IndyBay.
Not only did Fiasco join the protest, he took the microphone and spoke before the people, applauding their efforts and rallying others to join them. On Tuesday afternoon, he tweeted to his fans, asking if any of the Occupy Oakland or Occupy SF protesters needed supplies. And according to IndyBay, "he came through, perhaps more than expected, with donated food, supplies, tables, tents, and a generator."
Later at his show at the Fox Theater, the rapper rallied the audience and urged his fans to show support for Occupy Wall Street by joining the Oakland protests. He then showed his love for the Bay Area, calling out "Rest in peace, Mac Dre," to a screaming crowd. "I gotta pay homage. [He was] one of the first. The first."
Fiasco then talked about how the Bay Area has influenced his music.
"The dude who really made me want to rap, that blew my mind with hip hop -- do you all know who that is?" he asked. "I'll do a little rap. The first time I heard this, I was in 6th grade." He then rapped the opening verse from the 1992 hit "187 Proof" by Hayward's Spice 1.
Check out videos of Lupe Fiasco at the Occupy Oakland protest and onstage at the Fox Theatre in the videos below, courtesy of IndyBay:

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Occupy Berkeley

Occupy San Francisco
September 23rd, 2011
TIME: Thursday, September 29 @ 3:00pm - 6:00pm
LOCATION: 555 California St. San Francisco, CA
Website: [] []
On Facebook at: []

Occupy Chico
Saturday October 1st, 2011, 10-2pm, 2nd & Wall St.
Information about the Chico Action: []
Join and Promote the Chico Movement on Facebook: []

Occupy Sacramento

Occupy Santa Cruz - General Assembly
Tuesday October 04, 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Laurel Park 301 Center St. behind Louden Nelson Community Center
Email Address: occupysantacruz [at]
PLEASE SEND OUT INVITES TO THIS EVENT SO WE CAN SPREAD THE WORD! We are doing this... and need your help. We are the 99%. And so are you.
We will gather to hold our first meeting and general assembly at 5PM on Tuesday, October 4th to bring together energy, ideas and skills/interest to help shift the movement forward in our local area. If you can't make it right at 5pm, come when you can!
Bring all ideas and information for of...ficial actions to be decided on as a group. Bring flyers, cameras, notepads/cardboard and markers! Share this everywhere to make sure everyone who would want to know, knows. We need YOU! We will make plans and decisions around the best way to peacefully protest in Santa Cruz.
In the meantime, if you have experience organizing, protesting, designing flyers, or an insane amount of passion, email us! If you want to put flyers up, or help spread the word in any other way, PLEASE do. The time is now. Let's show the big corporations that we do NOT accept their ownership of OUR Nation and show Occupy Wall Street that we support them to the end.
Santa Cruz FB Page: []
Santa Cruz Twitter Page: [!/OccupySantaCruz]

Occupy San RafaelFrom: R-- H--
To: Peace Freedom Party
Sent: Wednesday, October 12, 2011 8:35 PM
Subject: Occupy Marin - Report Back
A noon Occupy Marin rally in front of the Bank of America branch office in downtown San Rafael attracted up to 300 demonstrators . The main organizer of the event was MoveOn with help from the Marin Peace and Justice Coalition (MPJC).
The MoveOn folks wore mass printed MoveOn placards, but there were many others carrying homemade signs varying from "Capitalism Is Over- If you want it" to protests over BofA's $5 transaction fee for debit card use.
A core of local activists, mainly from the MPJC, then held a People's Assembly, which started with about 100 participants and dwindled to about 35 with MoveOn conspicuously absent.
Meryl Sundove and I came to the demonstration with posters saying "The Problem + hopey face of Mr. Obama + Not the Solution + Time for Independent Politics."
(There will be another Occupy Marin rally on Saturday, called by the MPJC and others, where we will be bringing modified posters: "The Problem + hopey face of Mr. Obama + Serves the Corporations + Time for Independent Politics.")
The Obama posters got quite a lot of attention from both the protesters and the press...both positive and negative. I was especially heartened, for instance, by the comment of a longtime Marin activist who had been imbibing the Democratic Party Kool-Aid for years that ours were the best posters in the demonstration and that he fully agreed with the sentiment.
On the other hand, some hard core MoveOn folks were somewhat hostile. This actually turned out to be a good thing, because other more rank-and-file MoveOn folks came to our rescue and engaged us in some politically productive exchanges.
Our basic "sound bite" message was that we are opposed to the undue influence of corporations in American politics, Mr. Obama serves the corporations, and the solution is an independent politics. We also handed out a one-page "Tax the Rich" leaflet. While most people politely took the leaflet, which included contact information for the PFP, it was not nearly as effective as the posters.
Both Meryl and I like to avoid confrontation, so carrying such an inflammatory poster about Obama into the midst of a MoveOn crowd was not personally comfortable. But it did get people's attention and it did precipitate good political discussions. We asked some of our friends at the demonstration whether the anti-Obama poster was too inflammatory and sectarian and whether there were better ways for getting our politics across. All of the political friends we asked affirmed what we did.
But we would like to hear what our comrades in the PFP would advise and what has been your experience in trying to appeal to people who agree with us on most all of the issues but still feel they need to support the Democratic Party.
In solidarity, R-- H--

Occupy Chico- Day 3Occupy Chico 10/11/11
Yesterday was a success. Media coverage from Enterprise Record and Channel 7. We had to 41 occupiers yesterday, today our numbers are down to four and dwindling due to life obligations. We are here to occupy in solidarity in order to do this we need warm bodies at all times. Come Occupy with us for any amount to time you have; in solidarity; people united will not be divided. Interested in donating goods or joining a committee to support our efforts, check out our website:, become a member then look under committees.
We can do this together.

Occupy Chico- Day 5

Central Plaza
Thursday Morning
10/13/11, marks the fifth day of Chico Occupation. We have had great progress in our general assembly meetings. Committees are forming solidly, food and monetary donations are coming regularly.
News from GA 10/12/11- Daily Demonstrations at 5:30pm
Saturday Demonstration- Noon, March at 12:30
More Information to Come.
Short-term Goal: Recruitment of community- education about what the occupation movement is about.
It is fantastic that our numbers are growing, 100+ people attend the occupation on 10/12/11, up to 15 people over night. 3-8am is in need of rolling occupiers to come in so that fellow occupiers can rest. If you can help with committees please sign-up through our website or join us at the occupation.
OC has been in conversation with the City of Chico City Council, Chico Police Department, and Code Enforcement. It is very important for concerned community members to write letters of support to our local officials and the media. Help OC gain access to permits to form an encampment by informing those with the power to waive ordinances to your personal support of the movement.
OC is in need of: warm bodies, cots, bullhorns, coffee in the morning and at night, high-protein foods, canopies, whiteboards, trash bags and sandwich bags.
United we stand. Thank you for all the support thus far, we need everyone to make this movement possible.

Occupy Los AngelesIT'S OFFICIAL: "Occupy LA" begins Occupation on October 1st at City Hall!
Saturday, October 1 at 10:00am - December 31 at 11:30pm
LA City Hall [200 North Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA]
At Occupy LA's General Assembly meeting on 9/25, we have voted and decided on the official occupation date and location!!!
10am: March from Pershing Square to LA City Hall
12pm: Occupation begins at LA City Hall
There will be groups at both Pershing Square and LA City Hall before the march to welcome occupiers.
Bring your sleeping bags, tents, food, hygiene products, flashlights, anything else you can think of to sustain occupying overnights, and most importantly, BRING YOUR SIGNS!
"We are the 99%"
"Occupy LA"
Whatever signs you'd like, get creative!
~Occupy LA
About Occupy LA:
We are in solidarity with #OccupyWallStreet and the other occupations and actions happening across the nation and the world. We are the 99% that demand a world that works through democracy, not corporatocracy. We will not be silent. Join us. #OccupyLA
2011-10-01 "Afternoon With Occupy LA"
On the first of October I drove to downtown LA to join the Occupy LA protest at city hall. I got there around 1:30 and found close to one thousand people. There seemed to be a lot of the sort of people that I would see at other protests. People from the Answer Coalition, and Revolution Books were there. There were teamsters signs, although I did not see any teamsters, and there were members of the Dockworkers Union there. I ran into the local IWW group and various young anarchists were in small grouplets wearing bandanas and seeming to be planning some direct action, the way anarchists are prone to do. I met Lisa Green from the Green Party and she said LA and San Fernando Valley chapters had come to the march that morning from Pershing Square to City Hall. She said that there had been about twice as many people earlier, which would have meant that there had been close to two thousand people at the height of the demonstration.
This group seemed distinctly younger than at most recent protests. I spoke with some people working at the Volunteer table, they said they were from the finance committee, and they were concerned with making sure that all funds gathered and expended were accounted for. But they were also not going to announce how much money they had because they did not want the authorities to know. I asked what I could do and they said go to the General Assembly at 7:30 in the evening and that if the other committees needed someone then I could ask to join. Unfortunately I would not be able to wait around all day. I had to leave after a couple of hours.
I wandered around looking at what was going on around City Hall. The demonstrators were filling up the entire west side (Main Street) and north side (Temple Street) of City Hall Park. They were also filling up the south side of the park. There I met Officer George Villegaras, who was the official liaison between the city and the protestors. He said that the park was open to the public between 6 am and 10 pm. After 10 pm the protestors would have to go home or sleep on the sidewalk as long as they didn't block passage. I had seen homeless people on San Julian Street sleeping on the sidewalk. It would be somewhat ironic that people would do the same around city hall, a case of the chickens coming home to roost.
The scene was friendly and relaxed. The police presence was limited to a few liaison officers. The people were talking, listening to poetry, dancing to congas, performing yoga exercises, or just walking around reading the signs and enjoying the hot early fall afternoon. It must have been in the upper-eighties out, and the sun was intense. I listened in on the Demands Committee as they took turns offering up their ideas. It was a group of about fifteen, a young bearded Marxist was explaining that Capitalism does not help working people but extracts wealth from them. I wondered what the political level of the final demands would be.
I got in a short dialogue with the Wobblies and an ILWU member. The ILWU guy was talking about the battle they were having up in Washington State. I mentioned that I had heard about it. I said why doesn't the ILWU shut down the entire west coast, since the dockworkers controlled the imports coming into the ports from overseas. That would get the corporate bosses to pay attention. One of the Wobblies spoke about organizing the short haul truckers. We all agreed that the protest was a good idea and needed more union representation.
The Water Corps guy was there handing out free bottles and cups of water. They normally are in the skid row area (San Julian Street), handing out water to the homeless. I walked past a hot dog push cart vendor and wondered where Food Not Bombs was. Michael Hubman, from Water Corps, said the city was making it hard to share or serve food and that Food Not Bombs was in his coalition to abolish the `safe cities initiative'. I saw a Truther handing out 911 stuff, but luckily there was only one guy, not a mob of them. There were a group of people with "V is for Vendetta" masks.
I read slogans on signs, "Power to the People," "The Revolution Will Not Be Privatized," "This is the start of the People's New World," a Teamster sign "Our Communities, Our Jobs," an Answer Coalition sign "We Work, They Profit, Dismantle Wall Street," there was a sticker "Support Zombie Banking," with a cool logo of a green and black zombie with a dollar sign. I don't know who printed it but there was a logo, an "S" with a circle around it. The sticker was big, round and also said "Greed, Selfishness, Excess, Indulgence, Gluttony" on it very cool. The best sign was the "99%" sign. As people liked to point out, we are the vast majority, the people who are suffering in this economy. The crowd was mixed racially and seemed to be attracting a new generation of young people who were concerned about the political economy and the direction of the country.
Occupy Los Angeles plans to stay at city hall for 2 weeks or more. They have medical committees and an outreach committee as well as the finance and Demands committee. They also alluded to a committee that was negotiating with the city to be able to camp on the site. I saw tents going up in the background of the Ten o'clock night news on Fox eleven.
Contact #occupyla [] []

2011-10-02 "The Arab Spring Comes to Los Angeles! #OccupyLA"Thousands of people marched from Pershing Sq to the Los Angeles City Hall this afternoon. The shear numbers have forced the LAPD to backoff of their hardline attitude and allow us to occupy both the lawn and the sidewalk on all sides of city hall. Even the march was made without a city permit, the police stopped traffic so that the march could move efficiently through the downtown city streets. At the General Assembly last night the decision had been made to march down Broadway, normally filled with shoppers on a Saturday, rather than the normally empty financial district. The reception of the shoppers on Broadway was fantastic and the honking of passing cars has never stopped since we arrive at city hall hours ago.
Since the marchers arrived at city hall, it has been one grand celebration. Many more have joined their ranks. Vietnam veteran Ron Kovic spoke and so did Marcy Winograd and many others. Dozens of pizzas where delivered and passed around as many ate their first meal of the occupation. Water was declared the official soft drink of the revolution. Anons in Guy Fawkes masks carried a sign with saying “No Wat but Class War.” Now folks are gathering on the South lawn listening to poetry readings as a trumpet plays softly in the background. Soon they will be having the first General Assembly.
The city council is now said to be “99%” in support of Occupy Los Angeles but it remains to be seen how the LAPD responses after scheduled activities end at 10:30pm and people begin to bed down because nothing has been set for sleeping arrangements.
So stay tuned for updates.
Saturday morning, people gather in Pershing Sq.
It took more than seven minutes for marchers to leave Pershing Sq.

Occupy LA - day 1, marchers arrive at City Hall
Occupy Los Angeles, day 1 South Lawn of City Hall
Sitting on the South Lawn
Occupy Los Angeles, day 1 North Lawn of City Hall
Occupy Los Angeles, day 1 Poetry Reading

Occupy Los Angeles @ City Hall
Anonymous @ Occupy LA
Piggie speaks at Occupy Los Angeles
Night falls on Day One of Occupy LA

Here are - as of 2011-10-03 - all the cities around the world where actions are organized or being organized (in most cases) as part of this global protest movement a mere 2 weeks after it started in NYC - Please go at [] to access all the links to each of those places. Pretty ASTOUNDING isn't and we ain't see nothing yet!....

USA - MIDWEST - Illinois - Occupy Chicago - Occupy Springfield, IL - Indiana - Occupy Columbus, IN - Occupy Evansville - Occupy Indiana - Occupy Indianapolis - Iowa - Occupy Iowa - Kansas - Occupy Wichita - Michigan - Occupy Grand Rapids - Occupy Michigan - Minnesota - Occupy Minnesota - Missouri - Occupy Columbia, MO - Occupy Joplin, MO - Occupy Kansas City - Occupy St. Louis - Nebraska - Occupy Omaha - North Dakota - Occupy Fargo-Moorhead - Ohio - Occupy Cincinnati - Occupy Cleveland - Occupy Columbus, OH - Occupy Dayton - Occupy Toledo, OH - Occupy Youngstown - Oklahoma - Occupy OKC - Occupy OSU (Stillwater) - Occupy Tulsa - Wisconsin - Occupy Madison - Occupy Wisconsin - NORTHEAST - Connecticut - Occupy Hartford, CT - Occupy New Haven - District of Columbia - Occupy D.C. - Maine - Occupy Maine - Maryland - Occupy Baltimore - Massachusetts - Occupy Boston - New Jersey - Occupy New Jersey - New York - Occupy Albany - Occupy Binghamton - Occupy Ithaca - Occupy Rochester - Occupy Utica, NY - Pennsylvania - Occupy Allentown, PA - Occupy Harrisburg, PA - Occupy Philadelphia - Occupy Pittsburgh - Rhode Island - Occupy Providence, RI - Vermont - Occupy Vermont - West Virginia - Occupy Huntington, WV - Occupy Morgantown, WV - Occupy Wheeling, WV - SOUTHEAST - Alabama - Occupy Auburn - Occupy Birmingham, AL - Occupy Mobile - Arkansas - Occupy Arkansas - Florida - Occupy Daytona Beach - Occupy Fort Lauderdale - Occupy Gainesville - Occupy Jacksonville, FL - Occupy Miami - Occupy Ocala - Occupy Orlando - Occupy Pensacola - Occupy Sarasota - Occupy Tallahassee - Occupy Tampa - Georgia - Occupy Atlanta - Occupy Columbus, GA - Occupy Savannah - Kentucky - Occupy Lexington, KY - Occupy Louisville - Louisiana - Occupy New Orleans - Mississippi - Occupy Mississippi - North Carolina - Occupy Asheville - Occupy Charlotte - Occupy Durham - Occupy Greensboro - Occupy Raleigh, NC - Occupy Winston Salem - South Carolina - Occupy Columbia, SC - Occupy Florence, SC - Tennessee - Occupy Clarksville, TN - Occupy Knoxville - Occupy Memphis - Occupy Nashville - Virginia - Occupy Norfolk, VA - Occupy Richmond, VA - SOUTHWEST - Arizona - Occupy Phoenix - Occupy Tucson - New Mexico - Occupy Albuquerque - Occupy Santa Fe - Texas - Occupy Austin - Occupy Dallas - Occupy El Paso - Occupy Houston - Occupy McAllen, TX - Occupy San Antonio - WEST - California - Occupy Arcata - Occupy Berkeley - Occupy Chico, CA - Occupy Fresno - Occupy Humboldt (HSU) - Occupy Long Beach - Occupy Los Angeles - Occupy Merced - Occupy Modesto - Occupy Napa - Occupy Riverside - Occupy Sacramento - Occupy San Diego - Occupy San Francisco - Occupy San Jose - Occupy Santa Ana - Occupy Santa Barbara - Occupy Santa Cruz - Occupy Ventura - Colorado - Occupy Colorado Springs - Occupy Denver - Hawaii - Occupy Hilo - Occupy Kona - Occupy Oahu - Idaho - Occupy Boise - Occupy Idaho Falls - Montana - Occupy Montana - Nevada - Occupy Las Vegas - Occupy Reno - Oregon - Occupy Ashland, OR - Occupy Eugene - Occupy Portland - Occupy Salem - Utah - Occupy Salt Lake City - Washington - Occupy Olympia - Occupy Seattle - Occupy Spokane - INTERNATIONAL - Asia - Occupy Tokyo - Australia - Occupy Adelaide - Occupy Brisbane - Occupy Melbourne - Occupy Perth - Occupy Sydney - Canada - Occupy Calgary - Occupy Montreal - Occupy Newfoundland - Occupy Nova Scotia - Occupy Ottawa - Occupy Toronto Market Exchange - Occupy Vancouver - Occupy Victoria - Europe - Occupy Cologne - Occupy Cork, Ireland - Occupy Den Haag, NL - Occupy Denmark - Occupy Finland - Occupy Frankfurt - Occupy Hamburg - Occupy Ljlubljana, Slovenia - Occupy Manchester - Occupy Norwich - Occupy Prague - Occupy Stockholm - Occupy the London Stock Exchange - Mexico - Occupy Tijuana

Check also Cities with Active or Planned Occupations []

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