Monday, October 31, 2011

Occupy Oakland: Solidarity & Support from "East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy"

Occupy Movement: Statement of Solidarity & Calendar of Support from "East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy (EBASE)" [1814 Franklin Street - Suite 325 Oakland, CA 94612] [510.893.7106][]:Just like you, EBASE has been working hard for the 99% -- the underrepresented, the underemployed, and the underestimated!  And now, just like you, we are recommitted, re-energized, and re-inspired to continue this important, critical, and crucial work for a better Oakland, East Bay, and Nation. EBASE asks that you join us THIS WEEK: 

• TOMORROW, November 1st:  SWAGN 4 Justice, 4:30pm Oscar Grant/Frank Ogawa Plaza [].
Rally organized by the youth leaders of Urban Peace Movement, who are a core partner of the Revive Oakland! coalition for good jobs [].

• WEDNESDAY, November 2nd:  General Strike & Day of Action
EBASE will have staff and allies at all of the following actions. Please come and join us for ONE or ALL! 
 Meet up with us by the Steps of City Hall for most of the following actions:
o 9AM  OCCUPY THE BANKS! Foreclose on the 1% (BANK #1)
 Meet at Oscar Grant/Frank Ogawa Plaza for General Strike convergence & 9:55am "I Will Survive...Capitalism" flash mob. 10:05am Morning March and Bank actions downtown.
o 12PM OCCUPY THE BANKS! Foreclose on the 1% (BANK #2)
 Reconvene at Oscar Grant/Frank Ogawa Plaza for General Strike convergence #2; food provided by local community food justice groups! 12:30-4pm Afternoon March and more Bank actions (different targets than morning) - the banks are kicking us out of our homes so we're MOVING IN on them!
o 12PM Family Bike/Stroller Brigades #1, 3PM Family Bike/Stroller Brigades #2
 Join Movement Generation and Oakland parents & families as they too stand in solidarity with the Occupy Movement. []
o 4:30PM Community and Labor BBQ
 The Alameda Labor Council will be sponsoring a cook-out for the entire Occupy Oakland community in Oscar Grant/Frank Ogawa Plaza from 4:30-8pm.
o 5PM:  Occupy Oakland convergence at Oscar Grant/Frank Ogawa Plaza

o 11AM:  Solidarity action against the G20 with the California Nurses Association and Occupy San Francisco; 101 Market St
 o 5:30PM:  Join EBASE, partners & Allies at the special Oakland City Council Meeting. 
This council meeting will discuss Occupy Oakland, the violent police actions, and the tragic injury of Scott Olson on October 18th, as well as the on-going issues that Wall Street greed and corporation cause for our communities.  The meeting will be at City Hall.

Stay tuned & Click here for the city website and for more details about this meeting. 
Want to help volunteer to support this work, roll out with us this week, or have more questions?
 Please contact Rui Bing Zheng, EBASE Team Member
510.893.7106 X 315 or email:

Statement of Solidarity -
EBASE stands in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement. We identify with the hopes, frustrations, and vision of the community that is Occupy Oakland.  We join with our neighbors to keep focused on the fight to end the inequity that Wall Street and corporations impose on Oaklanders, working families, and people of color. Since last week’s violent eviction EBASE has:
       • Demanded Mayor Quan stop the police repression of Occupy Oakland
       • Rejected the police brutality suffered by Oaklanders 
       • Continued to support  youth-led convenings that lift up the good jobs that Oakland needs 
 EBASE was founded 12 years ago on the principles of bringing labor, community, and faith together to fight the inequality and inequity in Oakland and the East Bay.  The collective power of the more than 100 organizations that have been partners in the past campaigns have brought real positive economic change to working people of color. 
We have learned that when we take action, we cannot be stopped.
EBASE has been building a better and beautiful vision through our shared struggles, campaigns, and fights over the past 12 years. Today, EBASE envisions:
       • a people’s port that can lead by creating cleaner air and good jobs for Oaklanders.  
       • a city that has empowered working people, who can afford to work and live in communities that are beautiful, clean, and safe. 
       • a city with government that is accountable and accessible to the people. 
 For too long Oakland, as a city, has been known for the wrong reasons: viscous police brutality, inefficient and mismanaged government, huge budget problems, broken promises to its residents, and for some of the highest rates of unemployment in the nation. EBASE, like you, knows the true Oakland is a land of opportunity, with a world-class port, in a region that has creative and dynamic people who support each other and have established high expectations of employers, government and ourselves.
Stand with us as we stand with you!
In solidarity, EBASE

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