Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Dear sisters and brothers,
You are invited to a People’s Assembly on Sat., November 5 at Hostos Community College in the South Bronx.
The Assembly will take place from 12 noon - 4pm at the College’s Savoy Manor, located at 149th Street and Walton Ave., one block west of the 149th St. & Grand Concourse subway station. (# 2, 4, 5, subway)
The November 5th Assembly will serve as a counter-meeting to the G-20 Summit in France in the first week of November. The G-20 will be dominated by leaders representing the super-rich of the world, including President Obama, as well as the most powerful central bankers and financial officials in the world. The main agenda item for the G-20 Summit will be agreeing on what new, horrific austerity measures are to be taken to bail out the big banks of Europe, and shore up the global capitalist financial system on the backs of the poor and working-class people of the planet.
The Assembly will also be a timely opportunity for trade unionist, community and student activists, as well as veteran activists who have been in the trenches, fighting racism; or for the rights of immigrant workers; or workers rights; or the rights of the homeless; or against budget cuts and for jobs for the unemployed, to come together to assess the Occupy Wall Street movement, and plan how it can be built on by the many who may not have been involved at its beginning.
To be sure, as the OWS movement has grown, its weaknesses have come into sharper focus. Is OWS capable of evolving from a social base dominated by whites, to a broader social base that genuinely encompasses the Black, Latina/o, Asian, Arab and Indigenous communities?
Will it develop a strong and independent, working class-centered orientation with an understanding that inequality based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and class are realities that must be confronted as part of the process of forging real solidarity amongst the 99%?
At the same time, all of us have been inspired by the occupations; indeed, many of us have already been working to spread them, and to defend them against police repression.
Moreover, the impact that OWS has had on the labor movement is a clear sign that the occupations have opened up political space for larger sections of the working class and the poor to take initiative. Imagine the workers who are now thinking about the possibility of occupying their work place to fight layoffs and cutbacks. Imagine the students who are now thinking about occupying their campuses to fight austerity. Are the unemployed workers now wondering what could be occupied to dramatize the need for a real jobs?
It is with all of this in mind that we welcome all to participate in the People’s Assembly. A new front in the struggle has been opened. Will there be a second or third front? It may very well be up to you.

The People’s Assembly is co-sponsored by: Bail Out The People Movement • South Bronx Community Congress • Labor-Community Forum • Peoples Organization For Progress • Haiti Liberte’ • BAYAN USA • May 1 Workers & Immigrant Rights Coalition

Endorsed by: Wilfredo Pagan, President, District 12 PA Presidents’ Council • Ramon Jimenez, Bronx Freedom Party • Charles Jenkins, Executive Bd of TWU Local 100 and VP NY-CBTU • Ed Figueroa, Co-Chair of Latino Caucus, SEIU Local 32BJ • Teresa Gutierrez, Deputy Sec General of International Migrants Alliance • Larry Hales, New Yorkers Against the Budget Cuts • Sara Flounders, United National Antiwar Coalition • Charlie Twist, Ass’t Shop Steward, NALC Branch 36 • Fred Fret, Shop Steward, DC37 Local 374* – NY Botanical Gardens • Brenda Stokely, Million Worker March Movement-East Coast… and many, many others

 Bail Out the People Movement
 Solidarity Center
 55 W. 17th St. #5C
 New York, NY 10011

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