Thursday, October 27, 2011

2011-10-27 "How Occupy Withstood Police Action"
I’ve been visiting Occupy SF every chance I get, over the last couple weeks. Last night was a victory for the fledgling camp.
Occupy SF remains in Justin Herman Plaza today ( - after help from Occupy Oakland (which has retaken the plaza they were gassed out of earlier in the week - removing chain-linked fences, and are now occupying again, peacefully), at least a thousand citizens who showed up to defend the camp, public defenders, and SF mayoral candidates, who arrived on the scene at midnight, when the police planned to break up the camp.
The protesters were diligent in spreading the message to remain peaceful and calm. They were prepared with gas masks and medicine, linked arm-in-arm.
The SFPD were spotted, gearing up in multiple vehicles with SWAT gear and handing out flyers to surrounding businesses, preparing them for ‘increased police action.’
However, the media attention and political personas showing up at the plaza made them think twice.
Today, the SFPD claim it was simply a ‘training exercise.’
From everything I saw myself, and heard about, that is total bullshit. They also closed off BART, coming into SF from Oakland, to try and cutoff Occupy Oakland from joining SF in solidarity. However, the people took to the streets and marched across the Bay Bridge anyway.
Technology like Twitter and other forms of social media help us all bear witness to the reality of the growing movement that’s happening all around us. In accurate fashion. I am thankful to be able to share in this movement, with information filtered through sources other than ‘mainstream’ media.
Last nite was an inarguable example of the ongoing threat to and disregard of our constitutional rights.
It was also a shining demonstration of the power of peace and solidarity. When enough is enough, and we keep it up, the Power of the People can effectively oppose forces of injustice. And, hopefully, as it has in the past, contribute to real world change.
I’m hoping those who complain about the methods or alleged concerns of these groups ALL ACROSS THE COUNTRY AND THE WORLD, will realize how myopic their fear, anger, or anxiety truly are. Whether people agree with the movement or not, we should all know everyone has a place alongside those who are already a part of this. Left and right. Citizens and law enforcement. Men and women. Everyone.
It’s not about fighting for the right of a small group to sleep outside. It’s about fighting for the right of millions to sleep inside. It’s showing the common man cannot be crossed indefinitely by the 1% in blatantly disrespectful, criminal ways. We are demonstrating our limits. And our infinite strength.
‘Never doubt a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.’ - Margaret Mead

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