Monday, October 10, 2011

Community Fascism in Vallejo

The following extract from an article about the Benicia community election shows that the editors of the Vallejo Corporate newspaper classify common-sense sustainability policy makers as "leftists", as like a "communist".
This perplexing attitude shows how far into fascist ideology the editors are, the insanity and damaging mind-set against anything pro-life.

2011-10-10 "Outcome of Benicia mayoral race could change city's balance of power" by Tony Burchyns from "Vallejo Times Herald"
BENICIA -- Whether the Nov. 8 election changes the balance of power on the City Council may have more to do with who becomes mayor than who wins the council race.
If second-term Councilman Alan Schwartzman unseats incumbent Mayor Elizabeth Patterson, three -- not two -- seats would be up for grabs. If that happens, some feel the five-person council could move more to the center, especially on environmental issues.
But if Patterson wins another term, along with incumbent Councilman Tom Campbell, the political make-up could stay about the same, or even move further to the left.
Economic development and maintaining a balanced budget are key issues facing the city. Plans already are under way for fixing roads and broadband infrastructure in the industrial park, but how to pay for those efforts remains unclear. No candidate has offered a clear-cut solution.
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