Monday, October 24, 2011

2011-10-24 "We are the 99%" from ""

Japan was a blast, a whirlwind, the experience of one month packed into two weeks []. I wrote a blog about it here.

After landing and dropping off my shit, I went straight to Occupy Vancouver [], where I've been loitering and cranking out reports for the Vancouver Media Co-op []. They are linked below.
1.Run on the Banks []
2. Tom Morello []
3. The issue of indigenous land []
4. Consensus []
5. Infrastructure Infrastructure []
So you can't plan or predict revolution. I have a ton of shit to do, but this movement needs all the attention I can give it. I'll be taking care of shipping orders this week, but thanks for your patience.
 All for now, going back to the occupation.

This week []:
1. Worldwide Occupations
 2. Romanarchists fight back
 3. Storming Athens
 4. Chile’s Paco Assault Unit
 5. Support the G20 prisoners
 6. The new code of the streets
 7. Japan’s anti-nuke movement

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