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Occupy Ozcat!!! Occupy Vallejo!! Vallejo Occupy for Liberty?

Vallejo now has 3 different Occupy movements... "Occupy Vallejo", "Vallejo Occupy for Liberty", and now "Occupy Ozcat 89.5fm KZCT":
2011-11-26 "Top o' the morning" from "Vallejo Times-Herald":

December 10, 2011 at 6:00pm until December 17, 2011 at 5:00am
"A fundraising drive to keep free speech and music alive in the Bay!"
 We are facing "FORECLOSURE" at Vallejo's first and only FM Station.
 Stand in solidarity with OCCUPY OZCAT, Radio 89.5 FM KZCT and The Occupy Movement!
 Join us as WE fight foreclosure at 1104 Georgia St. in Vallejo, California and provide an opportunity for the Occupy Wall Street movement to take over the Airwaves here at Ozcat!
 Bay Area Occupy Movements, Artist, Performers, Musicians and Community leaders are encouraged to come by and Occupy OZCAT!
 We are accepting your much needed DONATIONS in any size $1 and beyond. Everything counts! CALL 707.652.5775 TO DONATE!!!!
 Dec 9, 2011 Occupy Oakland's Ragga-Rapper Ras Ceylon with special guest TBA
 DEC. 10th VALLEJO’s OWN CADAZONE~ CD Release Party! “Hood Funk 3” Join us for a Night of Homegrown Hip Hop and Reggae Vibes as Ozcat Radio Broadcast Live on 89.5FM. Cadazone will be joined by local favorite's Skunk Funk Soundsystem. This night will also feature Aria De Jardins who toured with KRS-ONE. Cadazone will be joined by Rappers Resolution and Major Blaine as well.
 DEC. 14th World Music Wednesday Night: Live Broadcast
 Come celebrate Trevor Lyon's 2011 Release,"1st Degree" hosted by Ozcat Radio 89.5FM and Broadcast Live featuring Ras Indio from Belize, Ms.Lacy, and Ancient Mystic. Sponsored by Stiky Tips and Indigenous Productions
 DEC 16th Occupy Ozcat Vallejo Powered by Universal B-boy Clothing
 2v2 B-boy/B-girl battle CASH PRIZE $200
 Vendors: Universal Bboy Clothing , ILLAmentals, and Social Villains
 DJ Mighty DJ Delrokz (All Tribes SF Zulu Nation/UBC)
 Dj Chuy (El Supreme Kartel), DJ FlashbackDJ, meONE
 DULO DULO Videomagazine
 All proceeds will help Ozcat stay in the fight to keep Free Radio alive in the Bay Area!
 $5 or sliding scale. 1104 Georgia St. Vallejo, California Starts@ 8pm~until we DROP!

Tonight is the night! We got Dr. Who and Cody White from Apex, Primitive Science, and Mizumo records headlining at 89.5FMOzcat Radio. Plus all Dionysus resident DJ's will be present droppin' bombs from 9 to 3am. Please be sure to join us and help support the Northbay underground as well as get down!
 1104 Georgia St. Vallejo Ca
 5$/sliding scale/donation at the door, everything goes to doing this again
 9pm to 3am
 All ages

The following messages were sent publicly to a variety of media outlets and Occupy organizers across the Northbay, and shows how a group called “Occupy for Liberty” preempted anybody else organizing as an “Occupy” gathering in Vallejo, and was hostile against anybody who did not adhere to a political philosophy similar to that of the “Libertarian Party”, engaging in thought-control over their membership.
After liquidating from their membership anyone associating with labor unions or "leftists", the "Vallejo Occupy for Liberty" participants proceeded to stop organizing, while their self-styled "leadership" made a claim on a "" contact network established by another "Occupy Vallejo" organizer, instituting a spooktacular spectacle of snitchery and thievery... by the end of the whole process, which took only 2 months, "Vallejo Occupy for Liberty" succeeded in not organizing anything, their job done for as an organization, they disrupted rationale and order in the sustaining and organizing of an "Occupy Vallejo" movement... but I digress.
Later, "Occupy Vallejo" continued to organize a General Assembly for the 99% of Vallejo with participation by Labor Unions and all types of regular folks. No record of this phase in organizing exists by virtue of their committment to security against the kind of attacks sustained by the Occupy gatherings in Diablo Valley [].

2011-11-19 “OWS in Vallejo-- contact list” message from G.M. to organizers for “Occupy Concord”, “Vallejo Occupy for Liberty”, “Occupy Napa”, “Occupy Richmond”:
 Dear OWS in Vallejo:
 So great to see you all today at OWS in Vallejo!  ;-)   Glad that the weather cooperated too.
 Attached is a very initial contact list I just put for our incipient self-organizing group.  As we grow larger, we will have to think of creative and effective ways to keep it up to date with minimal work on anyone's part.   Frank and Ambika were creating a contact list too--- which is great. We'll collaborate soon, so as be as efficient as possible.
 Today, we seemed to agree that the farmers market is a much more strategic place for us to build our movement.  Even though there is much more traffic on Sonoma Bld. and Georgia, the center of the market seems to be better for our (still) fairly small group.  It was also thought that having some hand-out(s) to give out would be good.
 Loved to connect with the Vallejo Community Radio folks as they are a wonderful resource for outreach.  A friend learned about today's event through a newspaper (a forget which one)--- so, anyone with any connections to the media... hey, feel free to find a way for them to publish something about our Saturdays, at 10:00AM at Vallejo's Farmers Market Occupy Wall Street in Vallejo.
 Let's collaborate to double or triple (or more!) our group for higher impact of our cause.
 I'll gladly play secretary role for the time being--- but, soon enough we may be able to rotate that role so that nothing is centralized on anyone.  That is the great power of OWS--- we are all leaders and no one has control over the entire group.
 My strong suggestion is that we commit to non-violence and collaboration in public (and not!)  Heated arguments (as opposed to exchange of opposing perspectives) and conflicts will hinder our ability to grow... and we definitely want to grow larger and stronger, right?!!!    ;-)
In solidarity, G.M., Ed.D.
 2011-11-20 “Re: OWS in Vallejo-- contact list” message from “Vallejo Occupy for Liberty” organizer Christine Brown [] to organizers for “Occupy Concord”, “Occupy Vallejo”, “Occupy Napa”, “Occupy Richmond”:
 First of all, it is Occupy for Liberty.  Our group documents are found on our site, and I will add them to this message.  I am the administrator. It is my job to do the work and I have a committee-we are not going to change or rotate roles.  We operate extremely efficiently.  Occupy Vallejo is an offshoot of O4L- I am an administrator along with Cam Richards and Paul Wiggins.
 Our platform includes the legalization of marijuana. we stand firm on this issue and I have 8 co-administrators on the Occupy for Liberty site, including Lord Andrew Barnham, who is oversees administrator. We have over 1000 members and are worldwide.  Vallejo Occupy for Liberty has over 100 members.  Right now, we are efficient as possible. I took on administrative duties when we had 8 members and have built this group from scratch.
 G.M., we are not OWS- we are Occupy for Liberty:
 This group has been formed to show the world what is really happening as our rights are being eroded.
As Justice Learned Hand once said, "Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women; when it dies there, no constitution, no law, no court can even do much to help it. While it lies there it needs no constitution, no law, no court to save it."
 The objective of our group is :
 1. We believe that we have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and should not have to defend these rights against the police and/or the government The justice must have been reflecting on our "certain inalienable rights" which is "rightful liberty" in which each member of our society has without exception.
 2. We will work together with respect and integrity.
 3. We are here to promote equality, civility towards others and peace.
 4. We are here to make sure no one should have to go to jail or be subjected to police brutality for attending a political protest.
 5. We believe everyone has the right to a job, food, medical care and a decent home.
 6. We are here to support each other in the various Occupy movements.
 7. We find relief from some of the worst diseases like cancer and MS with natural properties of the cannabis plant. Therefore it fits under the "Pursuit of Happiness" & under the concept of "Liberty" in that having good health is within our liberty and pursuit covered in the Constitution and as such protected as a "rightful liberty unobstructed" by any agency of the government. Cannabis kills cancer don't let your government kill your liberty to survive.
 8. Therefore, we believe in the legalization of industrial hemp and marijuana in order to create jobs and be used medicinally and/or recreationally.
 9. We believe that the collective information and technology that has been and will be created and discovered by humanity should be free to every individual for their personal use and for the progress of the human race as long as it does not directly or intentionally harm any individual or group of individuals
 [additional sent later in the hour:]
 I apologize cause I slipped up in my last coment re OWS.  We are an adjunct to OWS, such as Occupy oakland. 
 G.M. was condescending to me, we are a well-established group -and I mistated the last sentence.
 [signed] Christine Macukas
 2011-11-20 “Re: OWS in Vallejo-- contact list” message from “Occupy Vallejo” organizer M. to organizers for “Occupy Concord”, “Vallejo Occupy for Liberty”, “Occupy Napa”, “Occupy Richmond”:
 i appreciete G.M.’s organizational skills, and I welcome her help. We all can figure out a way to work together. Perhaps should have a meeting, to establish roles and duties that each one of us can volunteer to perform.
 [signed] M.C.
 2011-11-20 “Re: OWS in Vallejo-- contact list” message from “Vallejo Occupy for Liberty” organizer Christine Brown [] to organizers for “Occupy Concord”, “Occupy Vallejo”, “Occupy Napa”, “Occupy Richmond”:
We are working together. We already have our roles and duties established on the higher level, and are working to create levels of leadership based on a sliding scale within in OUR groups. You [G.M.] and [M.C.] are nothing but trolls trying to break up the ranks within our solidarity. We do not need your help nor do we ask for it.  You were not there when it was born, and you certainly will have no say on how this baby is raised.
 I have forwarded this to some of the people who are very important within this group.
 It is always your choice to stand with whom ever you want to stand with. We respect all of your views and opinions and respect that all need to find their way in this movement
But I WILL NOT STAND with [M.C.] and [G.M.]
 [signed] Christine Macukas R.N./ Julianna Kohley secretarial muse
 2011-11-20 “Re: OWS in Vallejo-- contact list” message from “Occupy Vallejo” organizer M.C. to organizers for “Occupy Concord”, “Vallejo Occupy for Liberty”, “Occupy Napa”, “Occupy Richmond”:
Wow. I had no idea, I put out the first Occupy invite that their was already a group started. I am truly sorry to cause such hostility that was not my intention. I just wanted to part of the OWS movement in my hometown of 40+ years. It makes me sad that you saying that I am unwanted. I just thought I could help in any way needed. I have valuable connections with media and international Unions that could help facilitate trips to DC, etc. I deeply apologize if I have offended anyone.
The people that I have spoken too at the protests that I have attended, seem to share my frustrations with the political process, I assumed that I was welcome by The group. I TAKE GREAT OFFENSE BY THE "Troll" comment. I am nobody's troll. I am a proud United Steel Worker, recording secretary, and Women of Steel Coordinator of my Local Union. I just wanted help and be involved in a local Occupy movement. I will continue to invite people to stand with me to fight Corporate Greed. 
 [signed] M.C.
 2011-11-20-2300 “SOLIDARITY APPEAL TO OCCUPY VALLEJO” message from “Occupy Concord” organizer FRH to organizers for “Occupy Vallejo”, “Vallejo Occupy for Liberty”, “Occupy Napa”, “Occupy Richmond”:
Brothers & Sisters of the Occupy Vallejo Movement,
 Hi. This is Frank from  the MDS [Movement 4 a democratic Society] & "Occupy Concord".
 We met you folks after our Northbay MDS meeting on Sat. Some of our members were excited to meet other social justice activists in the Vallejo area. We already have a relationship to Ozcat Radio thru Northbay MDS members.
 I have noticed the internal conflict with in this group as soon as I started getting the E-mails.
 I think I can speak for MDS/SDS when I say that this divisiveness is not helpful, particularly in a small and isolated new group.
 We in the 99% must find creative ways to work together; sometimes we will have to agree to disagree.
 If we don't find ways to be inclusive and open, we will never be large and strong enough to win against the organized power and wealth of the 1% and thus we will be defeated before we start.
 Our strength will be in our unity.
 In MDS/SDS we have a saying, "Unite & Fight, Don't Divide & Hide".
 Please sisters and brothers let’s find a way to get beyond proprietary squabbles and avoid name calling.
 There should be plenty of room in our movement for members of the 99% with love for different  progressive issues, we need to be tolerant of each other.
 MDS/SDS really wants to work with you folks and help to build an open, inclusive, democratic, grass roots, growing “Occupy Vallejo" movement that can establish solidarity relationships with the other "occupy” movements we are working with in Concord, Antioch, Richmond, Oakland, Martinez, Napa & Berkeley. 
 We would like to offer our services in anyway possible to work thru this problem and re-establish some kind of unity in the group. 
 We have several activists in Vallejo that have been organizing around OWS type issues for years.
 Perhaps we could help mediate this dispute and resolve this conflict.
 Then we could get on to the main issue of organizing the 99% in a United Front.
 Please let us know if we can be of any help? is there a Vallejo meeting planned?
 Today at the Concord General Assembly we decided to organize a 2nd "Occupy Concord" Rally & March on Sat., Dec.17 @ noon @ Todos Santos Plaza.
 We hope "Occupy Vallejo" can come out to speak and 'represent' on that day , perhaps that could be a project that could bring some working unity to the group ?
[signed] FRH
   Occupy Concord, activist
     Diablo Valley MDS
     Diablo Valley College SDS, community advisor
     Oscar Grant Committee, founding member
     Former DVC Student Body President [1996]
     Retired Teamster # 283, shop steward [Detroit]


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