Friday, November 4, 2011

2011-11-04 "East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy speaks out at Oakland City Council meeting, More Ways to Support the Occupy Movement"
Last night, EBASE and the Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice joined over 100 people who spoke out at a special meeting of the Oakland City Council about Occupy Oakland. We gave shout outs to the local businesses that we patronize and asked our elected leaders to refocus on the beautiful and inspiring moments of Wednesday’s General Strike and Day of Action, like the children’s brigade. We urged the City Council to address the violence and blight in our neighborhoods, not just in the plaza. We countered the city presentation that focused on a very few individuals, and urged City Council to also scrutinize the banks and big bosses, and the wage theft that happens every day. We told the City Council that Occupy Oakland is much bigger than Oakland – it’s a national and global movement – and this is a moment of invitation to lead with us to solve the problems in our community. With all eyes on Oakland, let’s be a model. The City Council will continue discussion about Occupy Oakland at its next meeting on November 15th.
For more, read this article in the Huffington Post and watch the news video [].

Saturday, November 5th  - National  Day of Action against Banks to Make Wall Street Pay
 Across the country, grassroots activist and community organizations are taking to the streets to hold Wall Street accountable. We'll demonstrate that we refuse to support their businesses if they do not support us and America by paying their fair share. 

Join 67 SueƱos [], which gives voice to undocumented youth, as they rally at the site of Occupy Oakland in Frank Ogawa/Oscar Grant Plaza at 10 a.m., then march at 11 a.m. to Wells Fargo Bank at 1221 Broadway. Wells Fargo Bank profits off detention centers for immigrants at the same time that it supports, through donations to candidates and lobbyists, harsh anti-immigrant legislation that fills those centers. (Source: Huffington Post [])
Participate in Bank Transfer Day. Move your money by closing your account at a bank that supports Wall Street and moving your money to a local credit union or community bank.

Join EBASE in supporting local business in Oakland, especially in downtown.  Oakland’s small businesses are the 99%.  We encourage small businesses to finds ways to support the Occupy Movement as well.  More good jobs in Oakland means that more Oaklanders can support our local small business.  Let’s work together and show the world that Oakland is a model city for community action and mutual support.

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