Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2011-11-30 "Reviving Community at Occupy Eureka, Nov 30 - Dec 3" from "Occupy Eureka"
This is a call out for you to participate in the resurrection of Occupy Eureka! Pass it on!
Three days of community action in front of the courthouse, transforming the spot into a vibrant space of dialogue, food sharing, protest, workshops, music, and people power.
Beginning at 1:00pm on Wednesday, November 30th, and for three days and nights, we will be building our numbers, reviving our spirits, and learning together in rebellion. As we empower ourselves in the local Occupy Wall Street movement, we move toward taking control of our own lives and creating self-determined communities. The defenders of the 1% have tried to wipe out Occupy Eureka, even to the point of taking our canopies and our signs. But there is power in numbers, and we're calling for a LARGE PEOPLE PRESENCE in the name of dignity, civil rights, community cooperation, and a livable future. Beginning at 1pm on Wednesday (Nov 30th) join us to re-create the Scott Olsen Social Center. That will kick off three days, and we need you!
The Scott Olsen Social Center was established at Occupy Eureka, in strength, persistence and solidarity, after the second big police raid on November 14th. We're bringing the Center back. Please bring reading materials, information, and literature from whatever struggles or activities you are connected with. Outside of the Social Center, feel free to set up your own table with literature, fliers, displays, and use the space to share information, art, or anything.

We could have a community 'debate' about the Occupy movement and what it means.
* Every night, there will be dinner and discussion about 6:00pm and a General Assembly to follow, 7:00pm.
* Every night, from 10:00pm to 1:00am, there will be a Candlelight Vigil for Dignity
* Every night, LATE, there will be movies and games.
Wednesday (Nov 30th, anniversary of shutting down 1999 WTO meetings):
* 1:00pm Re-Building the Scott Olsen Action Center
* 6:00pm Dinner & Discussion (General Assembly, 7:00pm)
* 10:00pm – 1:00am Nightly Candlelight Vigil for Dignity
* 2:00am Projected Movies! (with Hot Coffee, Hot Tea & Hot Chocolate)
* Games and music all night, until daylight
Thursday (Dec 1st):
* Sunrise Ceremony
* Potluck Breakfast
* 1:00pm Poster and Banner-Making , Chalk Art on the Concrete!
* Lunch
* 6:00pm Dinner & Discussion (General Assembly, 7:00pm)
* 10:00pm – 1:00am Nightly Candlelight Vigil for Dignity
* 2:00pm Movies, Music, Games, and of course, Hot Beverages
On Thursday and Friday, there are opportunities for Workshops. Some workshops offered so far are first aid (dealing with an emergency situation in a crowd), principles of non-violence, copwatch basics, and direct action organizing & legal strategizing. This space is open for whatever workshop or presentation you might want to share.
* We are going to play Live Pieces Chess in front of the courthouse steps!
* There is equipment for a dance party one of those nights!

* Street musicians, bands, DJ's, and ALL musicians encouraged to come and play!
* Amplified music welcome from 5pm to 10pm. All other music welcome 24/7.
* We need people to bring chairs, tables, and food. We need volunteer cooks for lunches and dinners and everyone to potluck when you can!
* Bring your own cup, spork, and bowl.

* Candles
* Sidewalk chalk
* WARM CLOTHES and BLANKETS. It gets cold out there, but WE WILL OCCUPY!
* Documentaries or entertaining movies for nighttime projections
* Markers, paints, banner material, paint brushes, cardboard
* Hot Beverages
 Can you imagine the whole front of the courthouse like a huge community bazaar, with chairs, tables, info, music, and INSPIRED PEOPLE?!  We have imagined it. Please show up for a concentrated effort and community revival from Wednesday to Saturday.
In Solidarity and Persistence,
With big Hope,
Occupy Eureka

Occupy Eureka is a non-violent space.
 We ask that people keep Occupy Eureka a welcoming place, free of sexism, racism, homophobia, classism, etc. We also ask that participants refrain from behavior or use of substances that could compromise the action.

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