Sunday, November 6, 2011

2nd Anarchist General Assembly, hosted by "UA in the Bay"

2nd Bay Area Anarchist General Assembly!
Date: Sunday, Nov. 6th, 2011
Time: 12 – 5, Potluck to follow!
Location: The Holdout (2313 San Pablo Ave, Oakland CA)
This is the second of a series of regional anarchist general assemblies in the bay area. It will be held in Oakland, CA on November 6th. The goal of this assembly is to serve the needs of anarchist individuals and projects across the bay area by:
-sharing tactics and knowledge among different struggles/projects in order
to build a more intelligent, effective, cohesive movement;
-attempting to increase capacity for existing groups;
-strengthen organizational coordination between groups;
-in the process, hopefully generate new projects.
The assembly will complement the work of the Anarchist Salon, Anarchist Study Group, and other spaces where anti-authoritarians meet. It will have an active project, organizing and action related focus.
The assembly will not be a decision-making body; it will not create platforms or manifestos.
-Presentations (1 hr): 15 minute presentations by anarchist groups about the current work they are doing. (Free school, Holdout, Clinic Defense and one other)
 -A short break
-Discussions (2.5 hrs): Facilitated breakout discussions that will center on the occupation and our role/work in them as anarchists)
-Potluck BBQ – bring some food for everyone to share! There will be some food provided. This time is largely social time.
 We're asking anyone who is in agreement with the following basic anarchist principles to attend:
- A rejection of all forms of hierarchy, including capitalism, patriarchy, white supremacy, heterosexism, and party based politics.
- Support for organizing on a non-hierarchical basis that promotes autonomy, solidarity, and the agency of those most affected by each decision.
- Working actively to build relationships and institutions that are based on equality, self-determination, and sustainability.
The assembly will be a safer space, people who exhibit oppressive behavior will be asked to leave.
The structure we’ve come up with is not rigid and participants will be encouraged to give feedback and help organize future assemblies. We strive to be transparent and accountable in the way we set up this event.
We want this assembly to directly benefit anarchist individuals and groups in the region. We want to hear your thoughts, suggestions, wild ideas, critiques, questions, or concerns. Send us an email at
UAINTHEBAY(at)GMAIL.COM to start a dialogue.

In solidarity,
UA in the Bay

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