Monday, November 21, 2011

2011-11-21 "Occupy the Machine" video from ""

Good Morning Slaves!
My newest fuckin sedition is called: Occupy the Machine
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Last week's episode was re-blogged [] by a bunch of hysterical right wingers and I can only hope that they promote my show some more! Taking a bit of a break this week to hang with my family, but wanted to thank all the folks who donated. The winter fundraiser is still going, so you still have a chance to grab some of the thank you gifts I'm offering [].
 Out for now.

This week:
1. Occupy movement under attack
 2. Waking up to the role of the police
 3. Bloomberg’s real message
 4. Anonymous strikes at the 1%
 5. McGill students fight back
 6. George Wright still free
 7. Mc Sole
 8. Occupy the Machine
 The dope track at the beginning of the show is ‘Stormtroopers’ by Resident Anti-Hero

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