Monday, November 7, 2011

2011-11-07 "Supporting Oakland's 99%" from "East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy"
What an amazing week!  Last Wednesday, EBASE and our allies marched in solidarity with Occupy Oakland’s General Strike and participated in a historic day of action.  We are inspired by the rallying call of the 99% and the peaceful actions happening across the nation (read our solidarity statement here []).

Connecting with the 99% about concrete change -
• This weekend, EBASE and Oakland Rising [] completed our 3-week long voter engagement campaign and talked with over 8,000 voters in Oakand’s flatlands about supporting a tax on the richest 1% in California to reform our broken tax system and ensure that everyone pays their fair share.  The campaign was part of a statewide effort with California Calls [] to connect with over 100,000 voters in the state in November.  EBASE and Oakland Rising also engaged voters in the Oakland Army Base redevelopment project, which could bring thousands of good jobs to Oakland over the long-term.
 • Last Tuesday, Urban Peace Movement [] and Revive Oakland! [] were “swagn for justice” with 300 youth and allies gathered in Oscar Grant/Frank Ogawa Plaza for a concert and rally that called for good jobs at the Oakland Army Base and featured talented youth leaders from Urban Peace Movement.  Check out full coverage of the concert and rally here [] (scroll down to Nov. 1 - 4:30 pm). 

Making Banks Pay -
 Even before Bank Transfer Day on November 5th, 650,000 Americans joined credit unions last month - more than in all of 2010 combined [].  Oakland added to these figures over the past weekend with actions by:
• Colorful Mamas of the 99%. "We believe that the money needs to go from the 1 percent to all of us to pay for schools, health care, putting food on the table and our kids' future," protester Mimi Ho (also a former EBASE board member), carrying her baby, told the crowd after closing her Wells Fargo account. Click here for a news article [].
 • 67 Sueños. Undocumented youth and allies with 67 Sueños took direct action to expose the connection between Wells Fargo Bank and immigrant detention centers. Click here to see the video []. 

Advocating for the Change We Want to See -
 Last Thursday, EBASE and the Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice spoke out at the Oakland City Council special meeting on Occupy Oakland to address the violence and blight in our neighborhoods, not just in the plaza, and to scrutinize the banks and big bosses. We urged City Council to view Occupy Oakland as an opportunity to unite and be a model of change for a national and global movement.  See this news clip for coverage of the meeting [].

 Stay tuned to stay involved.
 In Solidarity,

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