Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2011-03-30 “Reyes plans academic shuffle for SCC” by Vonique Stricklen from "Solano Tempest" newspaper
A plan to shift and combine academic disciplines while reducing deans is being pushed forward in the face of a looming budget deficit at Solano Community College.
After a month of revision and feedback J. Arturo Reyes, executive vice president of academic and student affairs, will present his draft proposed reorganization plan to Solano Community College's Superintendent and President Jowel C. Laguerre.
The plan for reorganization was expedited in light of Gov. Jerry Brown's plan to balance the state's budget. According to Reyes, the reorganization will create efficiency within the academic departments that could possibly contribute positively to the SCC's budget deficit.
The plan proposes that certain disciplines will be shifted and combined into different departments with similar structures for better continuity and communication. Nursing, for example, requires massive reporting and compliance issues in addition to different budgets and grants.
By putting such career and technical education courses under one dean, Reyes foresees "richer communication" among the departments.
"I think it's going to mean that the dialogue and the conversation is going to be more meaningful to the people put in that place," Reyes said. "At this college in the past we have had difficulty with our ability to monitor those type of things."
Reyes had brought on several constituents and formed an advisory committee while drafting the reorganization plan. The committee members include Senate President Thomas Watkins, Susanna Crawford, Emily Blair, Cynthia Simon, Sheryl Scott, Debbie Latrel Williams, and President of ASCC Mary Parmer.
The proposal has been reviewed at various levels at SCC for feedback as far up as the faculty Senate.
"We're trying to be open; we're trying to be transparent," Reyes said.
Laguerre will review and eventually determine how the proposal is to be interpreted. From there the proposal will go on to the board of trustees.
The plan should help SCC meet its spending goals and reduce its expenditures, Reyes said.
The reorganization may be implemented May 2011, Reyes said.

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