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2011-03-28 "What is really happening in the Bayview Hunters Point with the residents in peril?" by Francisco Da Costa, Director of "Environmental Justice Advocacy"
The Bayview Hunters Point (BVHP) has been home to many Samoans, Blacks, Whites, Native Americans, Latinos, Asians, others for last sixty years, plus. Most of those who made their homes in the BVHP were attached in one way or the other to the U.S. Navy and the various operations - linked to World War II; mostly - the building and repair of war ships. The Bayview Hunters Point also provided a lot of employees to the City and county of San Francisco, the Hospitality Services - and most worked hard and owned their homes.
The population of San Francisco is about 816,000 and we San Franciscans are mostly content with our City and County of San Francisco.
Some drab SF City leaders will talk about affordable housing and when the time comes - they mostly want to have these affordable housing in the Bayview Hunters Point.
In the past many of the affordable housing, mostly cheap, poorly built have been built on what is better know as "Brown Fields".
Case in point the cheap affordable housing by Aurelious Walker - of the True Hope Church - by Candlestick Point. Built on land prone to liquefaction and flooding - but what is more - contaminated.
The Hunters Point Shipyard is very toxic from the various experiments and the very toxic elements left by the U.S. Navy. Early in the 1950s - the U.S. Navy experimented with Depleted Uranium - the same depleted Uranium used to make bombs and ammunition.
Animals used in experiments in the Bikini Island experiments; all of them linked to Atomic bombs. Large animals, exposed to large amount of radiation - were buried all over the Hunters Point Shipyard. There is a document named the Final Historical Radiological Assessment Report - that is a must read and can be found in the SF Main Library but also in the Library on 3rd Street by Revere. There is nothing like being educated on issues - and the worst enemies you can have on your side - is utter ignorance and arrogance.
In recent years a Rogue Developer, Lennar - bombarded the entire Bayview Hunters Point with toxic dust, dangerous particulates, Asbestos friables, and of course the radiological contamination that is very well documented and know the world over.
One Atomic Bomb left the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and was dropped over Japan - our legacy of the adverse impacts done to the innocent people of Japan.
Today, mostly Black sell outs - think they can cooperated with the U.S. Navy and the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - to receive some little money and sell out the community. These vermin want to facilitate in the Early Transfer of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. These fools have NO understanding of the facts and trust the lying U.S. Navy at the expense of selling out the constituents of the Bayview Hunters Point.
Of course the U.S. has to pay retribution and the U.S. Navy is mandated to clean up the entire Shipyard to Residential Standards or at least to the highest level possible.
All stated in Proposition P that passed by 87% in the year 2000. This mandate has yet to be followed first by the U.S. Navy that thinks it is above the law. The City and County of San Francisco that has been pandering to the U.S. Navy, the SF Redevelopment Agency, and to Rogue Developers like Lennar that want to develop contaminated land to make money and foster GREED.
Caught in the mix are the Samoans, the Blacks, poor Whites, Latinos, Native American, Asians - those that live in Public Housing and those that chose to buy homes and make the Bayview Hunters Point - their home.
70% of the people in the Bayview Hunters Point own their home. The rest rent - and most of those that rent live in Public Housing or Affordable Housing such as Northridge Housing managed by the John Stewart Property Management. Others in the thousands by Apartment Investment Management Company (AIMCO).
You can google the two rascal companies and learn a lot. John Stewart was once fired from the i infamous Fanny Mae and has his finger - all over the Tenderloin and the Single Residential Occupancy (SROs) units, Treasure Island and affordable housing there, the Presidio of San Francisco. He made his money a long time ago - managing the infamous Geneva Towers and those that are old enough can tell you horror stories about the John Stewart Company.
The demographics of the Bayview Hunters Point have drastically changed. Today, African Americans make about 25% of the entire population, with Asians are about 35%, Latino 20%, Whites 10%, and the rest shared by Native Americans and others.
More and more Blacks are leaving the Bayview Hunters Point because they are not given opportunities.
The sell outs Blacks have not read - two documents :
1. The Unfinished Agenda - that predicted what is happen now.
2. The Out-Migration - a document by some sell outs - about the current diaspora.
However, at all the meetings linked with the BVHP Project Area Committee, the Citizens Advisory Committee, and now the fake Facilitation going on with the U.S. Navy - mostly Blacks are carrying on the damage and selling out the community.
All of what is happening in the Bayview Hunters Point is done by design.
There are EVIL people the likes of the Pacific Heights Mafia, others at City Hall, fake, shallow Representatives that call themselves Supervisors - but, work for the MACHINE - who continue to harm the community at large in the Bayview Hunters Point and San Francisco in general.
Missing, in the equation are the Polynesians - mostly the Samoans who played an important role but were used - in any and every way possible to the detriment of the Ploynesians nay the Samoan community.
Many of the Polynesians chose to live in Public Housing in deplorable conditions - hoping against hope they would be helped. Today, in droves they have been evicted and no one - says a word about this injustice.
I have worked hard to help the Samoans - I cannot say that of the Tongan and others that belong as a whole to the Polynesian community. I have kept good relations with the decent Samoan pastors, the Matias that matter, and have some good support among those Samoans that matter.
One Pastor that I trust is Alex Toeaina - he may not know how much I respect him - but I do keep him in the loop and it was God that brought him to me - I wish I had met him a long time ago - but God has His way - and I have to accept what I get in the fight against the forces of EVIL.
The many Samoans and Tongans who are my good friends - are an asset in this fight against injustice. Recently, I shared some good experiences with my friends from Rapa Nui and the many Tongans and Samoans, Native Americans and others that participated in a protest in front of the Chileans Consulate.
San Francisco City Hall has chosen some Samoan Leaders to give them some grants and use them. The Samoan leaders, that are decent know the crooked ones that have sold them out. As I said for now I have Pastor Alex Toeania and All Islanders Gathering As One (AIGA1) to back me up.
The Samoans in San Francisco mostly those that live in Public Housing - be it Potrero Hill, Sunnydale, Hunters View, Oakdale, by Alemany Public Housing - know they have been promised much - and have been deceived.
Some of them have know this for some time now - but, it is left to the leadership to do something. That is all I can say - as the final salvo to the imminent disaster that is waiting to happen - much like an approaching TSUNAMI.
This City and County of San Francisco with our sordid San Francisco Supervisors - especially those represent the residents who live in Public Housing - are shallow, inept, and have chosen to do nothing about the on going poor rehabilitation, future one to one housing, health and safety issues, and a host of other Quality of Life Issues - that these jerks promised to take care of - but now are hiding behind their soiled desks at City Hall.
They all will be exposed in due time.
The present dire Economic situation does not help much. God in his infinite wisdom - because of the dire economic situation got rid of the SF Redevelopment Agency and come July, 2011 they will be DEAD. That is non existent and one of the best actions Jerry Brown could have done as the Governor of the Great State of California.
HOPE SF is dead too - and Property Managers and developers - like the John Stewart Company, the Bridge Developers, and Mercy Housing have all been exposed and most of them caught with their pants down and skirts down; and their hands in the cookie jar.
Never, ever try to fool the innocent and the poor - have compassion, and if you folks that try to use the poor think you will succeed I have news for you. You will drown in the CESSPOOL of your own making - and in drowning and being disgraced - remember, you all scumbags brought it on yourselves.
The same hold good for Angelo King, Doris Vincent, Veronica Hunnicutt, Aurelious Walker, the many other sell outs that sold out the Bayview Hunters Point community - adversely impacting our Elders, our children - decent people who put their faith in Community Of Opportunity and a thug like Dwayne Jones. The many other ploys and machinations - created by the SF Redevelopment Agency that is now DEAD. All of you have blood on your hands.
Remember, Marcia Rosen, Jesse Blout, Michael Cohen, Tiffany Bohee, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Sophie Maxwell, Linda Richardson, and a host of other minions of those that did evil and thought they would succeed.
The blood of the Elders and the children that you all have adversely impacted - in upon you and your children.
It is not too late to educate yourselves on issues and fight for what is right - I say this to the people who are decent. The likes of Lynne Brown, Espanola Jackson, Marlene Tran, Pastor Ernest Jackson, Jarone Brown, Jamo Muhammad, Michael Boyd, Bob Simpson, Maurice Campbell, Maurice Tatum (aka Suleiman), Alicia Swartz, Eric Brooks, Joshua Arce, Leon Mohammad, Franzo King, Christopher Mohammad, Tony Kelly, and a few others that may not want me to mention their names.
One thing I know for sure - with God on your side you always win - it may take some time but if you pray, do good, you will WIN.

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