Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2011-03-16 "Editorial: Apathy eating away at SCC" by Anthony Peters from "Solano Tempest" newspaper
There is a disease that is currently spreading throughout the campus of Solano Community College, a cancer that is in danger of completely destroying the college from the inside out.
That malignant tumor goes by the name of Apathy.
Apathy, for whatever reason, is running rampant. From students on up to the faculty, it is as if all parties do not care about the future of Solano.
Right now, the administration is kicking around ideas that include cutting 200 classes.
200 classes, do you have any idea how many people will not be able to take the classes they need to transfer to a four-year university? 1,000 students.
Let me say that one more time so that maybe it will sink in. 1,000 students.
If you want to play Russian roulette with your future and gamble that it will not be you that won't be able to get your classes then go ahead and sit there and do nothing.
For everybody else, we need to start standing up for our future.
We need to let the faculty and administrations know that we aren't going to sit here and let them throw away our future because our parent's generation lied to us.
Last fall, England raised tuition and the students let their voices be heard.
They took to the streets 50,000 strong and in some cases, took their anger out on some buildings.
It may not be the most responsible way to demonstrate your anger but at least they did something.
Right now on the campus of Solano, nobody is doing anything.
Maybe it will always be that way, but for the majority of us that are here to better ourselves we need to take this opportunity to stand up for our future.

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