Wednesday, March 2, 2011

2011-03-02 "ASSC freezes SCC students' funding" by Tessa Terrill from "Tempest" newspaper
Not only is SCC working to pinch pennies, but the organizations within the school are also taking action to save money. According to Jennifer Sandoval, ASSC vice president, ASSC recently passed a motion to freeze funding requests.
Every fall and spring semester, ASSC invites clubs, campus organizations, and divisions to apply for funding requests. These requests have provided funds for things like a new skeletal and heart model for the science department's tutoring center and one student's trip to a National Society of Black Engineers conference, which led to a new club on campus with the same name.
Public Relations Representative Kelsey Moran-Richardson said that in the past, $30,000 a year was devoted to Funding Requests. Two years ago, ASSC reduced it to $20,000 due to decreasing revenue. Now, they have frozen the funds until further notice.
Vice President of ASSC Jennifer Sandoval said, "Like the college, we are doing everything to try and conserve money, deciding what is more beneficial to students at Solano."
The reason for the freeze is a drop in ID card and vending machine revenue for ASSC, according to ASSC treasurer Lillian Nelson.
Moran-Richardson says that the funds should be unfrozen by fall 2011, but there are no guarantees.

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