Friday, March 4, 2011

***For Immediate Release—March 4, 2011***
Angela Davis Closes Week of Action against Gang Injunctions at City Hall
Students March, Hundreds Gather in Continued Opposition
What: Rally
When: Friday, March 4th, 4:00-6:00pm
Where: Oakland City Hall, 14th and Broadway
OAKLAND, CA. A week of action against Gang Injunctions will culminate in a large rally at Oakland City Hall with hundreds of community members from across the Bay Area demonstrating against gang injunctions and advocating for community-based solutions to violence. Community members leading the fight against the North Oakland and proposed Fruitvale injunctions will be joined by artists, musicians, and civil rights veteran, Professor Angela Y. Davis at Frank Ogawa Plaza. Students from Oakland schools will begin marching several hours earlier from Fruitvale to City Hall to draw attention to their opposition to the injunctions.
“Wherever injunctions have been unleashed, they don’t work. We are gathering to demand empowering education, meaningful work training, access to healthcare, and community-based approaches to resolving conflict in our neighborhoods. These are the things that will make Oakland a safe and sustainable community,” says Sagnicthe Salazar, Fruitvale Resident and youth worker.
The broad-based opposition comes even as the Oakland City Council reviews new information about the effectiveness of injunctions and heated court proceedings continue challenge the Fruitvale injunction.

Press Contact: Isaac Ontiveros
Communications Director, Critical Resistance
ph. 510.444.0484
c. 510.517.6612

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