Wednesday, March 2, 2011

2011-03-02 NVC-SDS action against cuts to education!

Alix Shantz, President of the ASNVC Student Union

 Eduardo Beanes

 Elaine Tejada

 NVC-SDS facilitator Guillermo H.

 "Fight like and Egyptian" sign from DVC-SDS, showing solidarity

 "Fund Education"

Black Student Union President James Halliday
 Felon Fam spitting some rhymes


 Kat Arneson spoke out the rapid changes carried out by the new "business-frinedly" administration which has gutted the audio-visual courses she was enrolled in. The facilities used by her were gutted in the middle of the semester, facilities which were valuable to the industry, as only 2 California colleges had such equipment at their facilities.

 Rise Up against Fee Hikes

 Support Education

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