Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Radically Independent Radio Show in Santa Cruz County

"The Propaganda Hour"
Hosted by Savva Vassiliev, the "Propaganda Hour" is broadcast every Saturday at Noon on 540 AM to Monterey and Santa Cruz counties, or streaming online at [].
Previous show topics include 9/11, Egypt & health-care with funnyman Ramsey Moore and Election Reform & Ron Paul with Christina Tobin.
Previous guests include Mark Hinkle, Wayne Allyn Root, Lawrence Samuels along with upcoming guests like Ed Clark and Steve Kubby.
Help support another alternative politics radio show by advertising your business: 75 ads for every hundred dollars, up to 300 commercials for 400 dollars,
You won't find that offer anywhere else!
The radio station is the most popular Liberal (and Libertarian) radio station in all of Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties with up to 5,000 local listeners and even more that can listen online from anywhere.
Savva Vassiliev is the Vice-Chair of the Monterey County Libertarian Party and organizer for the "Libertarian-Progressive Coalition", and can be contacted at:

Past episode archive sample:
* [] 4.4 MB
* [] 12.1 MB
* [] 5.7 MB

"You're not supposed to be so blind with patriotism that you can't face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who says it." ~Malcolm X

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