Friday, February 11, 2011

San Francisco civil rights

2011-02-11 "SF Protests Over Demolishment Of Park Merced Working Class Housing" by Labor Video Project
Capitalist developers with the support of corrupt members of the SF Board of Supervisors are seeking to demolish over 1000 rent controlled units in Park Merced mostly housing working class workers and retired workers.
This frontal attack on working class residents is also being funded by the corporate controlled CSU and San Francisco State College.
Developers who are supported by the San Francisco State University Corporate trustees are seeking to destroy over 1500 rent controlled units.
Margaret Leahy, a professor at San Francisco State University and '68 SF State Striker is one of the residents who might be thrown out of her home if this passes at the San Francisco Board Of Supervisors.
She and other opponents of this attack on working class housing spoke before a hearing on 2/10/2011 at SF City Hall. The destruction of working class housing is taking place under Democratic mayors and a Democratic controlled board of supervisors.
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