Monday, February 7, 2011

2/7 SF Speak-Out: Stop Union Busting, Concession Bargaining, Privatization, & Outsourcing Defend SF Public Workers And Public Services

Stop Union Busting, Concession Bargaining, Privatization, & Outsourcing
Defend SF Public Workers And Public Services

Monday February 7, 2011 1:30 PM
San Francisco Civil Service Commission Rm 400
San Francisco City Hall Polk and McAllister, San Francisco
Hundreds of San Francisco workers and their supporters will be converging on SF City Hall on Monday February 4, 2011 at 2:00 PM to speak-out and protest
the blatant union busting attack on 26,000 San Francisco workers. Former Democratic Party anti-labor mayor Newsom and his handpicked replacement Ed Lee are illegally seeking to destroy city wide bumping rights. The corrupt Department of Human Resources has ordered the San Francisco Civil Service Commission to begin to set up rules to eliminate city wide seniority despite the fact that it is against the rules of the San Francisco City Charter which declares that the Mayor and his agents cannot order city department to eliminate the merit and civil service seniority.
Unfortunately, SF city workers unions along with the SF Labor Council unanimously voted to endorse and back union buster Gavin Newsom at the very time his Department of Human Resources was conspiring to destroy the civil service system and seniority rights for thousands of city workers and after Newsom had threatened to lay off 17,000 city workers in order to intimidate and coerce concessions from city workers. He and the city bosses are also seeking to destroy the public worker pensions and healthcare benefits for not only all city workers but retirees as well. This support for these open union busters must end if labor is going to start to protect itself.
This charter amendment was passed to protect San Francisco from nepotism and corruption in the civil service system yet these corporateers and privatizers are seeking to destroy the civil service and merit system so they can contract out/outsource city services to their corporate pals, relatives and the billionaires like Larry Ellison.
San Francisco city workers from all unions will be speaking out about this sneak attack on city workers and the need to protect city wide seniority from this assault.
Join them and fight the concessionary bargaining, give-back campaigns and political and racist attacks on SF TWU 250 A Muni drivers and all SF City workers by these privatizers and union union busters.
The city and the MTA have framed up SF TWU 250 A bus driver Dorian Maxwell who went to OHSA over health and safety problems on the busses and have also targeted IFPTE Local 21 Planners in order to intimidate and terrorize all city workers and allow the destruction of the merit system and privatization/Outsourcing of city services.
Also Support the March 2, 2011 Day Of Action To Defend Public Education and Public Services-Unite The 1.5 Million Public Workers Of California
It is time to call a halt to these attacks on public workers, public services and public education.
Statement By SF City Workers United
Endorsed by United Public Workers For Action

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