Friday, February 25, 2011

2011-02-25 "Arcata Endeavor REFUSES to Give Food Boxes to HOUSELESS PEOPLE"  by peopleproject
John Shelter and crew have, once again, further degraded the integrity and services of the Arcata Endeavor, the only food bank/pantry in Arcata. People who cannot PROVE THAT THEY HAVE A RESIDENCE in Arcata cannot get a food box. Do the funders know that homeless people are banned from receiving food? Do the community donors who donate food and money know that homeless people will get NOTHING from those donations?
The poverty pimps have got to go. The mission of the food endeavor is to feed hungry people. This is disgraceful.
Check out the website: []
And notice that in the “Community Resources” page, the Arcata Endeavor is advertising the link for online Sun Valley Floral Farms Job Applications!
The poverty pimps have got to go. People getting fat while refusing to share with hungry people?!
Everyone deserves to eat.

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