Tuesday, February 1, 2011

In Response to the OPD's Murder of Martin Flenaugh
On Wednesday January 26th, Oakland Police shot and killed 19 year-old Martin Flenaugh near San Leandro Blvd in response to a report of shots being fired. This has been yet another murder of a young member of our oppressed Oakland community. “Marty”, Raheim Brown, along with “Jody” Woodfox, Derrick Jones, Lovell Mixon, and Oscar Grant to name a few, are not just names you read about in the news. They are connected to us through family and community yet we are killed off and then passed off as some violent thugs by society. We are being murdered and arrested in our own streets by racist police officers in gang injunctions and RICO Acts. But when these vigilantes form up to target us they are rewarded with the receipt of a paid leave of absence. Where is the accountability in that? The police are not judge, jury, and executioner. Close members of “Marty’s” family and community are going to be organizing a vigil and rally next Friday after his funeral to honor his life and protest his wrongful death. Thanks for all your support.

Raustean~All Family No Friends and Eddie~40 Thieves

Rally and Vigil for Martin Flenaugh
Friday Feb. 4th, 6pm @ Frank Ogawa Plaza
14th and Broadway
Oakland, California

This Event is Open to the Public
Once Again, this is scheduled to be a PEACEFUL Vigil and Rally to Honor "Marty's" Life and Protest His Wrongful Death.
PS- If You are Part of a Social Justice Organization, Please Endorse this Event and Bring Art, Banners, Candles, Speakers and Performers. Thanks.

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